laundry tips and WINNER

.Some of my favorite laundry tips you shared.
{some I already do and some are new}

wash everything in cold water

white vinegar -- natural disinfectant & softener
perfect for diapers, towels, anything {grin}

sunlight - natures bleach!

pull clothes out of the dryer and lay flat if not folding right away

keep on top of laundry...
one load a day
set a timer

soak whites in a tub of water and detergent {and peroxide} for min. 12 hours
{tried this LOVE it... my new favorite trick!}

family closet
{I SO wish I had an area to do this!}

clean your dryer vent!

wash jeans and towels separately -- they cause wear when washed with other clothes

teach your kids how to help and eventually be in charge of their laundry

use the clothes line
{SO glad it's warm enough now!}

wool dryer balls
{I'm going to have to find some of those!}

tally mark - or dot as we do it - those clothes!
oldest gets 1 dot, then 2 dots, then 3 dots and so on.

less you own, less you wash
{so true!}

make your own soap
{I used to do this -- I have a favorite natural soap we use -- i'll be sharing shortly}

hydrogen peroxide for blood stains -- or spit on it as someone suggested!

there were lots of laundry basket ideas too!

and one that no one mentioned that I LOVE...

boiling water - it gets out any fruit, veggie stains


now on to that winner before the girls wake up!



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Alicia O. and the gang

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and have no fear {not that you would or anything}
I have LOTS more giveaways in the works!

You WON'T want to miss out!


now go do some laundry!


  1. Thanks for the tips- they will likely come in useful next year when I leave home. My mother taught me to soak badly stained garments in cold water before washing but you've given me some new things to try!

  2. great tips...I like your dot method!

    I love the girls having al fresco breakfast..cute braclets...I'm heavily into etsy browsing....

    congrats to alicia!!

    and the laundry is already underway...I'm feeding my babies and it would be driving me crazy sitting here for this length of time if I knew the washing machines weren't doing their biz

    susan :):)

  3. Dryer balls are SUPER easy to make! Follow this link and just throw them in while you do hot water loads. They'll felt while everything else gets clean!
    I use Fisherman's Wool from Lion's Brand and get 5 balls or so from each skein. They run about $5.50 a skein and come in nice creams or tans so you dont have to worry about bleeding colors.

  4. I wish I had a family closet too! It would make putting clothes away so much easier ;)!

  5. Hi!! I've been following your blog for a while now, but I'm pretty shy when it comes to commenting.

    But I have a quesiton...What is a family closet?? I'm looking for a way to make my life a little more organized, and maybe that would help??

    Hope you're enjoying the beautiful weather!!!


  6. What is the dot method? I haven't ever had of that before. There are some great tips in there...thanks


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