Talk to me people...

I have been meaning to put this up all week but i'm slow! {grin} Rustin over at the super cool Blog Frog has a new community forum and i'm lovin' it! I just added the 'widget' to the top of my sidebar... not sure where i'm going to put it. I really need 2 sidebars but i'm so dreading redoing my blog right now. SO not a priority! Anyway!

Go check it out! Rustin already posted a question... I'd love to hear what you all have to say. And feel free to post any question you'd like! Sounds like a lot of fun!

I am SERIOUSLY missing my pictures. They ARE being recovered but it's taking a while. My camera is full and I can't unload it until the recovery is done. Ahhhh... so I can not take pictures, view pictures, oh what should I do with myself. Ha! You're all going to be on picture overload once I get back to business. {grin}

Thanks everyone for their homeschooling info... I'm going to do a whole post on that because I would LOVE to hear what you all have to say! How cool is blogland! LOVE IT!

off to watch a movie with hubby while cuddling with our beautiful baby girls and eat some yummy chocolate that we made today! Life is good... oh so good!

hopefully i'll be back with pictures tomorrow! 'till then... go check out the 'Rockin Forum' and get chatty!


  1. I've left you a couple of comments and not sure if you've responded. Don't want to pester you, but I thought I would ask one more time then quit bugging you.

    I am the editor of Serious.Life Magazine. We publish content from blogs we like, and we really like yours. Are you interested in being part of the magazine? If yes, please email me directly:

    The Feb issue had over 600,000 page views. I hope to hear from you.


  2. Love the idea of having an area to chat! Sounds fun! I bet you are dieing without being able to use your camera! You need more memory cards!

  3. Brittany,
    I am sure that you try hard not to dwell on it too much, but how are you feeling lately? Since you are wearing both babies, does that mean you are starting to not be as sore, or are you just doing it despite being sore because you aren't one to let that stop you. :) I think about you and wonder how you are feeling a lot. Let me know.

  4. Hello Brittany,

    I really enjoy your blog, although I am just a recent discoverer of it! :) You are an amazing person; I marvel at your energy, creativity, photography, positive attitude, and beautiful family. What a blessing children are. Have a lovely day. PS. Thanks for your photo tips.

  5. Tell P.Daddy to step it up - I really need my favorite twin baby fix! Heh. I'm about 90% sure we're going to hs next year too.

  6. Yes- photos. We all live for photos!
    Don't make me drive to your house, just to see those babies! haha. :)

    Have a great week!

  7. I didn't comment on your last post so I thought I would do it here. We homeschool. I have a gr 5, gr 4, and a kindergarten student, along with a 2 year old. We love it. I love being a part of our kids' day. It's great to hear that you were able to talk to a public school teacher about homeschool without judgement.

  8. i'm excited about your homeschooling post. i plan on homeschooling our kiddos. and love hearing the advice and resources others use!! :0) oh and i'd like to see a pic of you wearing both twins. i'm just putting all mhy comments into one post comment. sorry. :0)


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