Brain Spill

Random thoughts floating around in my head.... 'my' computer is out of commission. The entire picture drive was accidental deleted so hubby is spending hours recovering. We do have a back up but it's from September.

Anyway... so sorry I missed Random Picture Challenge today .er. yesterday. I'll be back next Saturday for sure! I should have just listed it without my picture but that didn't seem like much fun! ha!

I wanted to mention how thankful I am to all of the commenter's lately who have been respectful and kind even when disagreeing or giving advice. It is SO much nicer than all of the nastiness! I DO NOT know it all and I enjoy hearing what you all have to stay and learning along the way.

Oh and the lady who said she had a matching dress in another color... I couldn't contact you because there was no email or blog link. Please email me at I would LOVE to borrow-buy-have your dress for our girls! Too cute!

I have now tried 3 of the recipes that you all suggested.... I did NOT however take any pictures and now i'm kicking myself. I am working on a recipe post and i'll be trying more of your recipes this week... the 3 we tried were all awesome! You guys rock!

I am going to make a point to take a picture or have someone take a picture of me wearing both of the girls in the meeup and maya wrap. It IS quite a sight! :) It's very easy to wear and quite comfortable too.... but it does draw a lot of attention. At least no one will touch them when i'm 'wearing' them. {grin}

This is silly... but if you think of it would you please pray for our heat. A few months ago it quit and we had some work done on it but didn't get it all fixed because of cost. We just have to keep the fan on all the time instead of auto. But this week the fan has been turning off.... so we know it's on it's last leg. We really need to make it a little bit further before we can afford to fix it.

We had parent teacher conferences this week.... the boys are doing so well in school. They get their brains from their daddy. {grin} We talked with one of their teachers {that we've known for 2 years} about homeschooling next year. It was so nice to talk to a public school teacher about homeschool and get her insight on the real deal of public school. We'll see... it's still not decided.

I'm working on a "you asked it" Q & A post.... if you have a question leave a comment here and i'll try to include it in this upcoming post. It's been a while so i think i've lost some of your questions in my way to full email folder. {grin}

okay... i know my brain could spill so much more but i MUST sleep now. I'm still up because hubby is working on the computer saving my pictures and I don't go to sleep without him. But I think i'm going to have to head to bed before I fall over in my chair. ha!


  1. Burning the (almost) midnight oil here too. :)

    No heat is no fun. Not a silly prayer request at all! I'll pray before I go to bed...which is going to happen as soon as I hit "publish" My coffee buzz is about gone and we have an early morning.

    Also praying that your pictures can be recovered! At least that's something you don't have to pay for! Praise God for smart husbands!

    'night friend!

  2. Sending warm hugs and prayers for fans and heat.

  3. Oh Brittany...I so know how you feel. This past October we were having our basement developed and the electricians tripped the power on our main floor and fried my iMac with all our pictures on it. I hadn't backed up in months. (bad I know) Do you know everything but the hard drive needed to be replaced. Pictures and files were totally fine - I owe someone above a big one. :}

    Good luck on the photo retrieval and praying for the heat !

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't go to bed with the hubs! ;) Unless of course he's at tonight...hence the reason I'm up so late. boo! I will say a prayer for your heat!!

  5. good luck with the puter britt!


  6. I've been a public school first grade teacher for 14 years... that's spent $2900 a month sending her 4 boys to a private school until this year.

    I started homeschooling...

    it's been the single best decision I've ever made for my boys, for our family.

    My only regret, is that I waited so long to embrace doing it!

    LOVE IT...

  7. Praying for you heat!.........Actually, I'm also praying that spring comes fast, because then you wouldn't need the heat anymore!

    I'd love to hear what the teacher had to say about homeschooling.. I would love to homeschool my children (so far it's just a 2 year old)....I've got 2-3 years to find a way to stay home!

    Good luck with the computer, that's never fun~

  8. Thank goodness for computer savvy hubbies!

    About once every week I remember that I need to burn all my picture files to a CD or put them on a USB stick for safer keeping. Have I done it yet? No. I think your computer problems has just re-prioritized that decision.

    Sorry for your bad luck this week. Computer and heat! We've had heater problems exactly like that but somehow ours always keeps on kicking once fixed. I DREAD the day when it really goes for the last time. At least we live in the deep South and our cold is no where near your cold!

    Hope your Sunday is better!

  9. I'm a teacher, I work in a public school district...and I daydream about homeschooling all the time! :) I don't have kids of my own yet, but I would love to homeschool if God blesses me with children. I think homeschooling is fantastic, and can be the best choice for a family. I'll pray for you to have wisdom and make the best choice for your family.

  10. Oh man. I am VERY sorry about your computer. Thank God your husband is amazing with computers! It still stinks though...

    I'll be praying for your heat. I don't think it's silly to ask for prayer for that... this is the real life stuff that we can all come together on :)

    Hope you were able to get some good rest last night. I don't go to bed without Daniel either. Except on rare occasions... and I never sleep well until I know he's next to me.


  11. Sorry to hear about your loss of photos. At least you have a back up. Right now if our computer crashed we'd be without any photos. *Note to self....BACK THINGS UP!!! Thanks for that.

    I really hope your heat lasts a little longer. Last year we rented a 100 year old home while the heater wasn't as old as the home it did not work as well as it should and for that we woke up many times freezing but b/c we were only renting we didn't pay to have it fixed and the land lord wasn't to swift on fixing it either.

    stay warm.

  12. Thanks so much for visiting my blog...and the comment, very kind of you...
    Thats my little Grandson - one of 3 that I cant wait to see when I go home for my holiday.

    I cant believe you have 6 children, I thought my son with his 3 had a lot.
    They all so lovely, love their names and the twin girls, what a blessing.

    Am following your blog now so you will see lots more of me here.

  13. I hope your hubby is able to get all your pictures totally devastating!

    We'll be praying for your heat too. It's not a silly request at all! :)

    My question is I've been wondering about the day they twins were born. I'm not sure if you ever explained exactly what happened with the accident. How is that going by the way? How are you doing?

  14. Brittany:
    I have some first hand knowledge of the home-school issue. I myself was homeschooled from K-5 through 12th. I am the most hardcore against it you will ever meet. I live in an area where there is a large amount of home-schooling parents and I have friends that home-school as well. I have two daughters that attend a private school. Just a few things. No matter how hard I see someone try.. it always lacks the discipline and structure of a regular school. Things come up in life and often it gets pushed aside because the other kids are sick or this or that comes up. I think it is a good tool to help teach children responsibility which helps later in life when you will not be there to “make” them get out and go to work ect. I also think its a good thing for a child to have some time independent of their parents. These are just my thoughts and since I "was" home-schooled I think I have a perspective other parents may not. Most people who think homeschooling is great were not homeschooled themselves and therefore lack a certain perspective. Now I’m sure there may be parents that home school the right way… I just don’t know them.
    Thanks for your blog. I really enjoy it.


  15. How can you homeschool while you have younger children at home who need your attention?

  16. Hi Brittany!
    I have been reading your precious blog for some time. I so enjoy it! I too am a school teacher but I have family that home school their children. Don't let anybody discourage you and go with your heart. God will lead you in the right direction and give you peace. My cousin did it with 5 young children. She did her research on curriculum, made connections with other homeschooling moms in the area to do extra curricular activities and they traded off. One mom had a specialty in science, one in spanish...etc. When her older children were either at their social gatherings or their other special classes, she would devote her time to her little ones and I also helped when I could. My cousin eventually sent her younger children to public school because she wanted them to be a part of the community and the school district that they were a part of had an excellent reputation. All that said, you can see their are many choices and they are all excellent. Do your research, pray and God will give you guidance. You know your children best and know what would benefit them the most. I wish that I lived near you! I would love to help. Thank you for sharing with us. I wish you well and I can't wait to see more postings on your beautiful children.

  17. I have four children six and under we homeschool and it is so rewarding. There are days when you feel overwhelmed, but God will get you through that. They are so many Godly, wondeful curriculums out there that can make it very simple to get started. Check with your states local homeschool group in FL we have the FPEA that is super. Good luck.

  18. Oh girl...I totally relate about the heat... we had an ice storm several weeks ago here in Kentucky that was terrible and we were without power for 4 mom was without for 13...and many longer than that...I can do without lights but cannot do without heat...OMG Praying that your furnace holds out a bit longer till y'all can afford to have it fixed....

    So sorry to hear about your computer...I lost pics and all my music once and was devastated...I wish my husband was computer savvy...we are both

    For your Q and A post...I would like to ask...and you may have answered this in previous post, but I am sorta new to your blog...

    Do you plan on having more children?

    I know you probably get asked that all the time, but big families now a days are few and far between and I think you and your husband do such an amazing job ...your an inspiration to many...

    Hope your having a lovely sunday!


    P.S. Can't wait to see the baby wearing pic :)

  19. So sorry about your pictures! I have no pictures other than hard copies from all of 2007! I have learned my lesson about backing up data!

    I am on the fence about homeschooling. Although the older my kids get the more I am considering it. Right now my three-year-old is in a great preschool but I am really concerned about what to do when kindergarten comes around. I have tons of friends that homeschool using a program called Classical Conversations and absolutely love it! I will be praying for you about your decision! (And for your heat too!)

  20. i'd be very interested in hearing what the teacher said about homeschooling!!!!!! please do tell :)

  21. I must answer the commenter earlier who doesn't know people who do homeschool that were homeschooled themselves. I am. I was homeschooled 6th - 12th grade and I currently homeschool my oldest. While I agree with many of her points, I also see the great value in my life and my sons life for homeschooling. I DO have to say that homeschooling is not for everyone (which may be the reason there are some who have had "bad" experiences with it - my husband in fact was homeschooled ONE year by his mother who is a teacher... and that was enough for her... we in fact laugh about it now!) First and formost YOU have to do what's right for your family regardless of other people's experiences (mine inclueded). If God wants you to homeschool, private school, public school... then that's what you should do. NONE will be easy they will each have their challenges, negatives, and positives. Can't wait to see what you decide.... I hope this doesn't come across as negative about the other commenter.. I think she is doing exactly what's right for her and her family and I am doing what's right for mine... That is what makes this country a wonderful place to live in.. WE CAN CHOOSE!!!
    Hoping your computer and heat are quickly fixed!

  22. I am new to reading your blog. I enjoy it and am encouraged by it. I have four children (ages 6,5,3,1) and I homeschool. I enjoy it and so do my children. My best advice about homeschooling is that is doesnt have to nor should it look like a school. Flexability is beautiful. I was also wondering if you are going to have more children? Children are a blessing from the Lord and I love seeing your big family. I hope I am blessed to have more. Gods richest blessings on your beautiful family!

  23. I am so sorry about your picture drive! I back up in 3 different places and still worry! I use a site called fotki! It is about 20 dollars a year for unlimited storage! I love it and i put all my pictures on there! Its a good thing you put a lot of your favorite pictures on your blog!

    I love how you spill your brain, i need to do that more on my blog! There are always so many thoughts going on and its a great thing to do!

    Cant wait to see the pictures of you wearing the girls!!

  24. Hi Brittany! I am going back to homeschooling this coming fall. We put our kids in public school last school year because I was still so sick from chemo, etc. We went ahead and let them go this school year and I do not like the behavior I see them coming home with. We want to be the ones teaching them the proper character, how to live their lives for Jesus, etc. Plus, the public school is way behind in what they teach. My kids are bored because they are ahead of their actual grade. It is very rewarding. I love it and can't wait to get back to it. I will pray for your heat situation. That's not silly at all.

  25. I think that if you homeschool then your children do not get their social skills with other children. they learn alot from their parents but need to learn things from other people. I think homeschooling is a way of not letting your children experience life outside of the home.

  26. I hope your hubby can get all your pics back! I would be devastated!!

  27. i know it's kinda personal.....but what religion are you? do you attend a church every week?

  28. Oh my goodness I had to laugh and read your post out loud to my husband, because this exact same thing happened to me last night. I use MAC and all of the sudden all my pictures were GONE!!! I have spent hours and have recovered some, but have also lost a lot. UGH...... I hate MAC sometimes. I have a hard drive also, but just order a larger one today now that I am doing photography.

    Man I feel your pain sister.

  29. Isn't it nice to just spill some brains (if there are any left after a full day with little ones)?!

    There are already several interesting comments about homeschooling, but just had to share briefly. I was homeschooled from age 4 (when my Mom taught me to read in a few months, my Dad believed she could teach me, ha!) and all subsequent sisters were/are homeschooled. So far we all plan to homeschool our children!

    As for "socialization", kids are WAYYYY over-socialized these days if you ask me. With homeschooling, parents are in the driver's seat in their children's lives, as far as their education, friends, health, etc. Love it!!

    Casa de Amor Children's Homes
    Cochabamba, Bolivia

  30. I have been a public school teacher for 4 years (in two different districts). My plan is to home school our little one (eventually, of course... he is only 17 months old!). I have found an excellent program in California that I love, love, love, and have talked to several parents, teachers, and students who are a part of this program (I started doing my research on it as soon as I got pregnant!). I am so in love with this program and have heard NOTHING but positive feedback about it.

    It is called California Virtual Academies ( I believe...). I know you aren't in CA, but maybe they would have info on local programs in your state/town.

    Good luck!

  31. Here's my question, and I BETTER see this on your Q&A post...

    Why are you SO dang CUTE??!!

    Tee hee. :)

    You are just stinkin' adorable. We've missed seeing you at group. Hope you'll be there this week??? Is it this week??? I don't know what day it is anymore.

  32. I find it very interesting that all the very negative comments about homeschooling are from "anonymous," with the exception of "Danielle."

    We've homeschooled for six years, and we have loved it. The kids are now 12 and 14. I always smile when I hear the old "socialization" argument. I think, "Um, have you met my kids?" They are the most outgoing people. And? They can carry on an intelligent conversation with ANYONE, and look them in the eye. Kids in my own family who go to public school have this weird aversion to adults, and won't look them in the eye. Bugs me to death.

    And this is why I believe Christians should homeschool their kids:

    Deuteronomy 6:6-9 And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up. And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thine hand, and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes. And thou shalt write them upon the posts of thy house, and on thy gates.

    How in the world are we supposed to do all those things if they are in school all day, then activities all evening, like most kids in school?

    I'm writing a novel here! Okay, I'm done. :)

  33. For Q & A......What kind of Flash do you use? What would you suggest for a new photographer?

  34. Just curious...what's drawing you to homeschool?

    Can't wait to ger my hands on those girls again!

    Love you all!!!!

  35. Hi, Ive been a lurker on your blog for a long time....your photography skills are awesome! Homeschooling is such a HOT topic! Ive home schooled my kids for 8 years. We take one year at a time. Homeschooling is not easy, it takes an UNSELFISH loving parent or adult to keep it going. You need to make it your lifestyle with supporting parents for it to succeed. Look at whats in your area for charter schools and homeschooling support groups. My kids go to a charter school once a week for a community day and bring a weeks worth of assignments home. So they do all of their work at home. We have a Tutor that comes to our house once a week for math. Curriculum, tutor cost, sports & piano lessons all paid through the charter school. There are so many available options out there! Kids do not benefit from living in a classroom full of peers. I am a parent that needs outside help to make our homeschooling successful, and help is out there. Once again Ive home schooled my kids for eight years and still feel like i do not spend enough time with them. Do what is best for your family, research, make yearly goals and keep lovin on your've got a lot of boys to help make into MEN...time with them is precious
    take care,
    a friend

  36. first - i love your blog!!
    ok for Q and A...I hope this is not too personal, but you have made many mentions of not working, little to no money, going through your savings...

    With the economy the way it is now, times are hard for many people. How do you do it?? How are you supermom, take care of 6 kids, your hubby, and yourself, and find the money for groceries, electricity, house payment, etc? I would love some insight!

    Have a blessed day.

  37. I love the home schooling debates. I send my children to public school. I have often thought of home schooling because of the "over" socialization I have come across in our little suburbian school. Some of the knowledge my children come home with is enough for me to want to keep them indoors and never let them out. Very unrealistic-I know. I have seen children unable to converse that are home schooled and the same for public schooled. I have seen children that are home schooled and public schooled that have no respect for authority. I think it comes down to personality and parenting. Our schools are wonderful academically. There is no way that I could re create the learning that is happening in their class rooms. I volunteer often and see how incredibly each of my children's classrooms are. My fourth grader is doing algebra. I know many people that homeschool(10families). The one's that are a success in my mind are the extremely disciplined. I've seen some parents that are a little more care free and it shows in their children. I am afraid that I am not structured enough to ever be able to home school. I know that about myself and know that it would be more than hard to keep myself and them on task day in and day out. I used to wonder what anyone would do with the younger children while the older ones were home schooled. All of the families I know that teach at home have several children. My aunt had 8. They managed very well. They knew what was expected from them early on and I think it was fine. Good luck with your decision on this.


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