my house is spotless, except when it's not picked up
my bathrooms sparkle, except after boys use it
I make a nutritious meal every night, except when we eat out
my children are not loud, except when they raise their voices
my laundry is always done, except when we wear clothes
my children obey the first time, except when they don't listen
the dishes are always clean, except when we use them
my toddler is potty trained, except when he wears a diaper
my spelling and grammar is perfect, except when I don't double check it
my children don't eat sugar, except when we have treats
we always use cloth diapers, except when we use disposables
my children cloths always match, except when they don't
my children always go to bed on time, except when they stay up late
we don't watch TV, except when we watch a movie
my children don't break dishes, except when they drop them
my children put their toys away, except when they leave them out
we read a bible story everyday, except when I forget
I never say anything wrong, except when I misspeak
I am never late, except when we're running behind
I am never stressed, except when I have too much to do
my marriage is perfect, except when I don't make it a priority
my children never act out in public, except when they are being unruly
there is no chaos in our house, except when we are home
I am put together everyday, except when I don't take a shower
my hair looks perfect, except when I have a bad hair day
my babies sleep through the night, except when they wake up to eat
my windows are clean, except when little fingers touch them
I always finish my to-do list each day, except when I don't get it done
I am not selfish, except when I put myself first

I live my life for Jesus
I love my family
I am a sinner
I am not perfect
I am a regular mama
I can not do it all on my own
I am learning everyday
I do not know everything
I am just like you
I am Brittany

And to Mrs/Mr. Anonymous...
please stop being malicious
if you do not have anything nice to say
please do not say anything at all
I will continue to delete any malicious and hateful comments
there is no place for them here

If anyone has something to say, questioning and disagreement that can be respectfully expressed in comments is more than okay. I will take constructive criticism, I will debate, but I will not do so if you are malicious or hateful.

And now... can you guess what the above picture is?


  1. HOney I don't know who the people are that you refer to, but I have read your blog for awhile, and I love you without knowing you. You are real-amazing and your fam is great. Keep it real in Christ. Blessings, Vic

  2. It's not even my blog and I 2nd that!

    Haters are not welcome here!

    Keep the good stuff coming Brittany!

  3. Hi, I have been reading your blog and praying for your family for a couple of months now and I admire you!

    I dont know who is being ugly, but who ever you are, GO AWAY!!! There is no reason to tear down ANYONE! My grandmother taught me at a very early age that if you could not say anything nice, dont say anything at all!!!

    Brittany, keep up what you are doing...I love this last post!

  4. I am sorry you are getting mean comments! Hopefully the good ones will cancel out the bad! I love your blog and think you are an amazing mother and person...and I don't even know you. :)

  5. I love your list. Totally true..that is real life and you are a real person. No clue why someone would spread their hate here! Love the blog and thanks for checking mine out :)

  6. Love this post!!!! No Rude comments coming from Alexandra's Mommy!! We love your blog and wait for your posts!

    I have no idea what that picture is!! Any clues?!

  7. Awww, maaaan! I'm so disappointed; I thought I had a friend who was "perfect-er" than me! :-)

    Way to defend your real self! Love ya.

  8. You mean you're not perfect like the rest of us?! {Smile} Amen, sister. We're all simply living life and doing a whole lot of bumbling around.

  9. Great post..loved it. I have no idea what that picture is, can't wait to find out!

  10. This is the funniest post!! I love reading your blog and I can't imagine someone saying bad things about it....they are just losers!!!

  11. great post...you rock!! I want to copy and paste the first portion to my own blog :)

  12. I don't understand why someone would leave you any nasty comments. This seems so childish, and ridiculous to me, as I have never seen anything bad or inappropriate on your blog. Keep your head up, I love reading your post. :)

  13. I truly cannot fathom anyone being malicious to you...you are such a wonderful and amazing woman and such a wonderful example of Christian values...I am so sorry that this has happened to you...I am saying a prayer right now for Mr./Mrs. Anonymous that they will find the Lord and change their ways.

  14. Perhaps you should add:

    I know I am strong, except when others prove I'm stronger

    For Anonymous?

    I enjoy your blog. Clearly others do as well.

  15. Great post...I knew immediately as I started to read it where it was going. Good for you!

    Have no idea what the pic is...clues??

  16. I am at a complete loss of words - someone is saying mean things to or about you? Maybe we should pray for them? Let's all pray for Anonymous! He/she probably needs to feel the Lords love.
    - the picture, hhmm the black hole that you sent anonymous to? really no idea.

  17. there you go britney, call 'em out on their rudeness! so dumb when people think they are so powerful by being mean anonymously on a blog. seriously...we are not in jr high school!

    keep at it... :-)

  18. Great post.

    Is that a traffic signal? With a neon sign behind it?

  19. That was a beautiful post, Brittany!! Oh, the haters. What burns me is when they won't leave a blog link. I have NO problem with someone disagreeing with me, but I do delete if they are going to be cowardly and hide behind an anonymous name!!! And there is no need for malicious talk. But fun debate is always welcome, for me at least. Anyway, just wanted to say I thought your "poem" was beautiful!!

  20. I really like your approach to this particular subject. Very well written! I am sorry people have to drive by and be mean and nasty. I will continue praying for your family and the people who are so venomous!

  21. I found your blog from some friends of mine the Delgados and I love seeing what you come up with next. I can't believe someone would find the time to have nothing but negative things to say. You keep it up girl and don't let them steal your joy. As for the picture I have no idea.

  22. I can't guess what the picture is, but I love what you wrote. It is SO true.

  23. Ya know...what I want to know if why do people think they have the right to go around judging people they don't know??? And as someone said it was cowardly being "anonymous" They shouldn't be reading your blog if they don't like it...nosey people!! Hope your week goes well!!!

  24. Brilliant, Brittany. Brilliant and beautiful.


  25. Love it.

    Brittany, trolls live under bridges, and that's where we should leave 'em. Telling them not to post is just fruitless. When they have a chance to crawl out from their little bridges, they will. Just ignore and delete. Any mention gives them more motivation.

    Hugs to you. :)

  26. I love your creativity with words here! Awesome and true. :)
    The picture has me super stumped... ;)

  27. I really like this post a lot. We are not perfect and it's ok!

  28. Maybe you could take it as a compliment, you're only getting hateful comments because your blog is popular enough to get that many visitors! I you know there are so many more people who love your blog than hate it!

  29. Hey you, Dont get discouraged. There are always those who will be jealous of what they dont have. As you know, I have followed for quite some time now, and never ever have you given me a reason to do anything but love you. Your the best, and anyone who says otherwise is just evil.

    Love and Prayers,


  30. i love your blog...please don't be discouraged by what some may say. keep on being yourself. that's why i keep reading your blog...b/c you are real! you & your family are beautiful.

  31. Good Morning, I love what you had to say. Good Job. People who are coming here to say mean things, I have a great idea for you.. STAY AWAY!!! no one makes you come to this terrific site.
    Ok. My guess is You went to one of the poor souls in KY's homes where they have no electric and took this picture at midnight last night!!!! I hope they get the electric back soon.
    Have a Terrific Day!
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  32. I've been lurking and reading for a while now, and I think that anyone childish enough to leave an anonymous negative comment is clearly just way too bored. I only observe that you're doing an excellent job of living, parenting, and blogging. Though if Anonymous is quite sure they have the "perfect" thing figured out, they're welcome to come give me lessons because I certainly haven't.
    The pic is in the side rear-view mirror of the truck? "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear?

  33. I totally agree/ can relate to your post. It made me laugh so hard. That is how life around here is. I am not perfect either! Thank you for sharing!!!
    Oh, I love your blog by the way!

  34. i will totally steal this poem:) so true!!!!
    and i think that you did a good job on "answering" that anonymous writer!

    i hope that things go well and that "dad" has still some work to do:)


  35. Why people feel the need to be mean and hateful is beyond me. I hope they leave you alone!

  36. I don't know what people think when they just can't keep their mouth shut and are out to hurt people. Here at the Holsey triplets we love you. Keep up the good work. I think all of us that read you would love to copy and paste to our own blog.

  37. I echo everyone else in how wonderful your blog is. I love it. =0)

    I wish I had even a guess at what the picture is. But I have absolutely no clue. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

  38. Loved this Brittany! Funny, it sounds just like my house, except I don't have six! I for one, LOVE your blog because of your honesty - I am honest on mine too - why do people read it at all if they don't like what you have to say? Or are they just looking to hurt good people? Keep writing and you're an AMAZING mother who inspires me!
    Tricia :)

  39. I so want to post this on my blog too.

    You might not have meant it to be, but I think it's inspiring.

  40. I think this is going to be the best thing I read all week. In fact, I know it's going to be the best thing I've read all week. And I'm going to share it with my MOPS group next Tuesday if that's okay with you.

  41. You GO GIRL!!! I love your blog and your words here are great :) What is wrong with some people?!?

    I have no idea on that picture, but you've peeked my curiosity! Oh...I made a quick little 'Random PC' button for you. If you want to see, email me elephantjuicedesigns@gmail.com
    my gift to you, for hosting such a fun weekly challenge :)

  42. Love your words : )
    That's how it is

    No clue on the picture!

  43. LOVE your list! (Would love to share it too!)

    I ended up having to moderate my comments after I got an extremely hateful comment (anonymous of course!). That person took it waaay too far and tried to sabotage our recent adoption.

    It ended up costing us a lot of unnecessary paperwork and a psych eval! Fortunately/sadly, I had told the agency last year when we adopted our son that a former friend just might do that :( How can people live like that? I just don't get it.

  44. No - no I can't guess cuz I'm completely clueless!!!

    Just wanted to say what a cool post you made!


  45. The picture I have no clue. As for people I just don't understand why they need to be mean. You are such an amazing mama of 6!

  46. No guesses.

    I love this post and agree wholeheartedly, those things all happen in my family, except I'm Kristin, not Brittany!

    And you forgot one, my baby(ies) never cry except when they do.

  47. I've been reading your blog (and enjoying it for the last few months). I don't know why people need to be negative, but you surely addressed it in the best way possible. Good for you!

  48. Amen sister! Love that post!

  49. Can't figure out what the picture is - spotlights?

    I'm so sorry to hear that someone has been leaving mean comments! You are a fantastic mama and I enjoy your blog and your real-ness! Keep blogging!

    I really like the random picture challenge too. And I totally get how challenging it is b/c I had a rough time last week finding a picture that fit the criteria. And I admit, I skipped over one b/c it was embarrassing! (and I LOVED the one next to it) But I guess that is part of the fun. Wasn't able to participate this week, but will next! Thanks - keep it coming!

  50. That is awful! I can't believe that there are people out there that would leave negitive comments. There is no place for that. There are some people in the world that just need to put other people down to make themselves feel better. I feel sorry for them!

  51. Wonderful post:) The picture almost looks like a time lapse photo of the moon...but that doesn't explain the letters???

  52. Good for you for making such a strong statement. And what a wonderful way to see nobody's perfect.

  53. Hello Brittany,
    I have been reading this blog for a while, but have never commented. I am still trying to get a blog going for myself and my family. Anyway, just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog. I also have 3 boys and a baby on the way. We don't know for sure what the baby is (i'm 22 wks. pregnant), but I really think it is another boy! I can't wait to see if God will ever give us a girl or not. I find things you share on this blog to be so similar to my life (maybe it is all the testosterone?! Ha!). Thanks again for sharing your life, and my guess at the pic would be that it was taken through a rear view mirror of a car--either a reflection of the moon or headlights behind you?. Just a guess? I will pray for you and your family as I send this! God Bless! Have a great day, Anya from Wisconsin.

  54. i love the post. what is with the anon comments anyways. if you wanna say something LEAVE your name. fes up to it. be man or woman enough. argh. i had a mean one awhile back. no fun. but i love your post. keep on loving jesus...

  55. haha, You must have been secretly channleing me when you wrote that post of stuff!!...us mothers of six including our twinnies need to stick together!!

    and those random nasty comments can seem so hurtful, but don't fret, you don't know them and they don't know you.....


  56. I love your blog and love that you keep it real. Hang in there. :)

  57. Love the poem! What a great way to respond to jealous, hateful people!

  58. i am sorry you have had mean comments made.

    love your poem.

    and so true to life!

    i am a quiet follower.

  59. BTW, I gave you an award. See?

  60. I can only echo what everyone else has already said. Preach it sister! :)

  61. Wonderfully said! Thanks for putting yourself out there for all of blog land to see/read. Love your blog!!!

  62. So sorry someone has been rude to you... they need to keep their mouth shut if they don't have a nice way to say something. I just love your blog. Such cute kids! I am a Mama to 4 boys also!

    erin in ga.

  63. That is awesome! I love to follow your blog and just hate it when people are mean. i have 3 boys and then 3.5 month old twin girls so i relate to you a lot. Also love your pictures.

    No idea on what that photo is -- a license plate in the rain

  64. Let me at em'
    let me at em'

    How dare anyone say anything but kind words to you. Your one of the kindest people I know!!

    Love you.

  65. Jen in Brooklyn2/3/09, 9:42 PM

    Byron couldn't have said it better himself.

    I don't have kids or a marriage yet (but very close to the latter); I read you blog - and others' - to get a glimpse of life that I am eagerly awaiting. Some people watch tv, I read blogs for the funny, absurd, endearing and interesting life that lives behind each closed door. Some encourage me, some inspire me, some make me think about what I will do when I am in [your] shoes.

    And when I read your blog I just smile and laugh....

    I would like to print this out and place it in mý home, if that's ok with you. If you could let us all know if we can use it - with full credit to you!!! - please let us know.

    Keep on doing what you're doing; when people complain it usually means you're doing something right!!


    Ps - the picture? A good shot of... A surprise.

  66. Brittany all I can say is Amen!! That was a beautifully written post and I loved reading it. I can't imagine why people would be saying negative comments about your blog...you rock girl!!!! You amaze me that you have 6 young kids, write the candid, beautiful posts that you do, and take amazing pictures! I always think I wish I knew you in real life :)Here's to some encouragement to you, and to not letting those "haters" get you down. Keep smiling and doing what you're doing cause you're great at it and I love your blog!


  67. I get those bad posts on my blog too - especially if I post about a pray request - I think they have a search engine to go and put hateful things on posts that are about God - that is usually when the strike - just in real life!! I do the same as you and delete them.

  68. That's why I had to turn anon comments off on my blog for awhile. I think there are just people out there who have nothing better to do with their time than hurt others. I love you! and I thought that was a great poem!

  69. Brittany, LOVE the poem (and that is a serious compliment since I teach poetry for a living!). Who in the world could be negative on YOUR blog?!? You write the sweetest and most heartfelt posts. Apparently someone must be anonymously jealous of you and your adorable clan. Hang in there! :)

  70. Isn't it funny how the unkind words come from anonymous visitors? That always leads me to believe that they are ashamed of what they are saying. Anytime I come across a blog, where someone has left an unkind comment, I say a prayer for that anonymous commenter. Something has made them unhappy. It's not our job to judge.....they need to remember that.

  71. I read this but don't think I commented yet. Perfectly Classy, just as I knew any response from you would be. AND! SO TRUE too! : ) Great post Britt!

  72. I read this awhile ago and have been trying to think of the right words. However decided there are no right, or wrong. I just wanted to say this is beautiful!

  73. First of all, I love this.

    Second, I decided to copy/paste this into my blog and make it my own. Check it out at http://lifeofstambaugh.blogspot.com


  74. I know I am so late in my comment, but I just wanted to say how much I love this post...truly beautiful! I think you addressed the hateful comments in such a gracious way. I love your blog and can't imagine why anyone would ever want to say anything mean! :)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  75. Hey,
    I love this post! I was wondering if I could use it on my blog? or come up with a list like it? I don't like to steal off of other people's blogs, so I wanted to ask:) I just found your blog and I love it!!!! You have a wonderful family.
    Hugs, Sandy


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