clue, thank you & more

Thank you so much for all of your kind and encouraging comments... there are FAR MORE wonderful readers out there than there are haters. {mostly likely only one}

So many of you were inspired and touched by my 'poem'... all I can say is... You know when thoughts just flow from your mind and you write them down in a hurry not fully knowing exactly what you're writing. That's what it was... I was inspired by God to be real. To debunk the ever growing myth that us mamas are perfect. That are houses are always clean, our children are always well behaved and that we look perfect too. And somehow we let that define who we are and our 'worthiness' as mamas, wives, friends and women. If we were all perfect we would have no need to grow, no need to strengthen our relationship with God. Perfection is a wall that we build around us, shutting down all of our relationships, and the kicker is most of us try to be perfect so we will be 'liked' more. Anyway...

oh and Permission Granted... to republish this post.
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ah, and now to the "what the heck is that" picture... 2 of you got it but the rest of you were mighty stumped so I thought I would throw out 2 more pictures. The 1st picture is of the same thing and the 2nd one was taken at the same time, different 'thing', but I thought it might shed some light.

Have fun!


  1. I have no idea- but I couldn't resist being the first to comment ;) Love your blog!

  2. ok totally think it's the outside car mirror..."...closer than they appear"...delurking to have a guess!

  3. Yeah, I think Amie is right but the second I think is a street light/street sign :)

    wow! you're over 500 followers! :D

  4. Street sign and car lights? Not sure ha ha that seems to simple of an answer!

    Love those pictures! Your girls are so adorable!

  5. I am guessing a license plate!! Not sure if that is it but what the hay!

  6. It looks like you can see the word 'happy' in the first one - but other than guessing Christmas lights, I have no idea what it is.

  7. still have no clue! It almost looks like you were looking through a pinhole with the lens and moving it around!

  8. I totally agree with Amie!

  9. I am going to stay with my original guess of the License plate maybe in the rain.

  10. Looks like a Stop light or stop lights to me, I am thinking it is more than one since you have all 3 colors at once. Thanks for the fun!!

  11. that ones a stop light. not sure about the other one.

  12. rear-view mirror!

    closer than tHEY appeAR

    and stop lights/break lights

    (I have never commented before, but I have been reading for a little while now, and I am not a hater!)


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