Weekly Wrap

it's been a while since I've done a weekly wrap... I like doing them so I can look back and see what I was doing and whatnot.

This week... I feel like a cross between a bobble head and a babbling monkey. Nice image huh! {grin}

It's been a flurry of activity, not sure if I can even remember what I've done this week.

Paul worked 4 out of 5 days this week... it's not a permanent job, only a contract 'project' job. Not sure when it will end. He's still looking for more projects. Thinking that might be the way to go.

Ozzie has been using the potty for weeks now, getting better all the time. He stays dry almost every night but is wet at nap time. It's a lot of work potty training but it will be worth it!!

I saw Dr. Jen this week {chiropractor} my bones are healing but my body is at war. More on that in a separate post. While we were there I had to take Ozzie to the bathroom twice. I HATE public bathrooms!!!

I was a pack mule a few times this week... I had to pick up Gavin from school and in order to do that I had to carry 2 infant seats and Ozzie across a parking lot, into the building, down the stairs, down the hall and back up again. I ended up wearing Ozzie in the pouch sling and carry a car seat on each arm. Not sure which was worse the pain in my back or the stares and comments. {grin} I really need to get a picture of me doing this... just for the memory.

I'm working REALLY hard on a new bedtime routine and it's actually working! YEAH! For years we've been reading together {all of us} and it was just getting to chaotic and stressful so I've split the kids up. Seems to be working so far!

We've also been making a big effort to do one on one things with the kids. Even if it's just running to the store or out to the barn, even cleaning up the kitchen I've assigned one child per night so we can spend some time together. Seems to be going well.

I've had a headache almost every morning for the last few weeks... Dr. Jen is helping me figure it out. I really have to take my health more seriously. I can't care for my children if I'm not doing well. {more on this in another post too}

there is snow outside, I LOVE snow, it makes me happy! Wishing for lots more!!!

We're only doing 50/50 with the cloth diapers - it's hard to keep up!

We have homegroup tonight... haven't been since the babies were born. The boys are excited!

Okay, my 'break' is up, 3 sleeping kids and I need to get something done!!!

peace out!


  1. WoW! I'm tired just reading all that.

    Thanks for sharing and take care!

  2. That sounds so exhausting. Yipes.
    It is so hard to take care of your health when you are such a busy mother. I only have half the kids you do and I know how difficult it can be. I don't even know when you sleep!
    Thanks for the update! Take care of you! :)

  3. sounds like you are crazy busy but loving every minute of it. We have three boys and my husband & I make a point of doing one on one things with them as well. They love individual time even if it is running to the store to pick up milk!

  4. Any potty training tips? I'm working on Ella right now and she is starting to get better but we are still far away from "big girl undies" It IS tons of work but I know the finished result will be well worth it not to mention cheaper! Would love to hear any advice you have since you have done it four times now =)

  5. You do have you hands full! God will bless you :)
    What is homegroup? Is that like bible study?

  6. potty training - the best and toughtest!
    bedtime routine - a daily lifesaver and a must in our house.

    Take care of yourself so you can take care of those beautiful babies!

  7. I really like this posting idea, hope you don't mind but I think I may do something similar. Mine of course will not be nearly as eventful as yours thought ;)

  8. I liked this idea so I posted my Weekly Wrap too! Visit at www.lifeofstambaugh.blogspot.com!

  9. Eew, yes, public restrooms with newly pottying toddlers is not on my list of favorite things.

  10. What a busy week! I bet you are glad it's the weekend!

    I hope you feel better soon. I get bad migraines so I know what it's like.

  11. Sounds busy...but it sounds good. It sounds like motherhood has returned in full force and you have returned with it! Isn't it amazing how some days feel so great and others feel so...not great!

  12. Peace out, rock star mama...
    Happy Weekend to you and your growing biceps. Oof.

  13. ya know I only have half the kids as you but I often need moments to myself(which is hard to get while nursing a baby) and when our twins were babies I was a mess alot of times! I'm not saying you are, but I know it can be sooo overwhelming. I only live probably 30 minutes from you so if ya need anything give me a shout!

  14. Dates are good....that's what we call one on one with each child in our family. Sometimes it involves grocery shopping alone with mom or dad, or running an errand; or it can get as involved as going to have a meal with a parent or to a local amusement park. My children treasure them, and they look forward to them; and so do we. They are good....time consuming...but good. Keep it up.
    Those infant car seats always wore me out, and I only had to carry one at a time.

  15. if you are getting headaches - drink more water - seriously - gallons of ti!

  16. Maybe try water aerobics. I have been seeing a chiro twice weekly for old injuries and other issues for eight years and couldn't skip or I "felt it". A couple of months ago I started taking a water aerobics class from 1 - 3 times per week and I haven't had an adjustment in 3 weeks and feel great. Exercise in the water relaxes you and I have actually felt pops similar to what I would feel during an adjustment. I will still go as needed but I'm not reliant on it like I was. Good luck!


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