I LOVE Frogs

No really, I do. I collected them {not the slimy ones, fake ones} as a kid and I still have a few little frogs hidden on the dresser in my closet. Now you all think i'm a weird... they're really cool and artsy, but yeah, I'm probably weird anyway! {grin}

Anyway, back to my main point here...

See the little froggy over on the sidebar?! Yeah...I know it looks familiar, but it's different, trust me!

Introducing 4 Little Men & twins "Rockin' Friends"- a bloggie fun way to recognize you, the readers, and a chance to show your hot mama {and a few dads} faces all over my blog! {grin} This widget was created especially for 4 Little Men & Twins by The Blog Frog (however, it will eventually be available to everyone).

"Rockin' Friends" are people who link their blog to mine. A partial list of what blogs link to mine was created by The Blog Frog (they have a robot that crawls the web and tries to connect blogs together). Therefore, some of you may find that your blog is already in this database so you may already be our Rockin' Friend. (If you don't want to be on this list, click on "Visit the community", then you will see a link that says "Remove my blog".)

To become our Rockin' Friend, first add a link to this blog somewhere on your blog's sidebar. (If you already link to 4 Little Men and Twins, you don't need to add the link again, just go on to the next step.) Then, go to the widget on this blog and click "become a Rockin' Friend." Enter your blog address in the box and click submit. The widget will then go to your blog (behind the scenes) and verify that you have a working link.

The next time you or one of your friends uses the link on your blog, your picture {this is your hot mama apperance} and a link to your blog will appear on my blog! If you hover over your name, once you've become one of our Rockin' Friends, your blogger profile (If you have one) will be displayed as well. The widget displays the last 7 "referrals" from supporters. Even when someone else clicks to my blog from your blog, your photo and blog will appear. (You can only appear at the top of the list once per computer each day.)

You can also click on "Visit the community of Rockin' Friends.." to get to know each other better and interact with other readers of this blog.
What a fun way to get connected, isn't that what blog land is all about!! {grin}

If you have questions about the widget please email rustin@theblogfrog.com (not me!) and he will answer them.

Now help me welcome the new Blog Frog to my blog and become one of 4 Little Men and Twins 'Rockin Friends!


  1. Looks good Brit! Getting mine set up today is on my list. Can't think of a good name yet though...was thinking Friends in the Forest??? Sometimes I think I go too far with my "theme" :)

  2. I collected frogs for a long time.. from my high school days until a few years ago when I gave up and didn't have anywhere for them all and sold it all in a yard sale. Just something about frogs isn't there? Love your blog... haven't gotten around to adding the link to ours yet, but am a faithful reader!

  3. I want one...I am a BlogFrog member too???

  4. Thanks...I got myself all signed up.

    I collected deer for years - but I still think frogs are cuter!


  5. I love the frog...and I collect frogs too. Not indoor ones. They require dusting. The outdoor kind that look oh-so-cute in my gardens.

  6. Sounds interesting and very involved (behind the scenes!). Thanks for sharing.

  7. Pretty neat idea Brittany!

    I'm there! :-)

  8. I love frogs too...well not the real kind...or even the fake kind. Hmmm...maybe I'm repressing it. ;)

    I've enjoyed the froggy-thingy too!


  9. I actually tried this out yesterday after seeing it on your blog. But I don't think wordpress will allow you to add the widget because I can NOT get it to show up on my blog... even though on BlogFrog shows all my "peeps" on my homepage with them. Hmmmm... suggestions anyone?

  10. have a son who collects frogs and everyone loves to get him one that they think he does not have. Now if he has it he is good about passing it on to one of the little ones who like frogs as well but if doesnt have it it goes straight into his collection.


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