this time...

2 years ago...
I was getting in bed, with the feeling that it would be the night.
We had black bean soup, fruit salad and cookies for dinner
Grayson, Vance, Gavin and I played Life on the dining room table
Dad was working late {2am late}
I tucked all the kids in bed
went downstairs to close up
sat down and prayed
came upstairs and told Grayson that I would probably have the baby that night
then i feel asleep
i woke up having strong contraction and knew it was time
i called my mom
got ready
waited for Paul
and then went off to the hospital
not knowing if we were having another boy or a girl
the excitement, the joy, the memories
2 years ago my life changed
Ozzie Nolan was born
It is one of the best days of my life
I am so in love with My Ozzie... I can not believe he is going to be 2 tomorrow.
blink, blink and we're here!
time slow down, you're going way to fast...
i was not ready for this milestone to pass even though i knew it wouldn't last
I hope i've cherished every moment and remember all the smiles

I LOVE you little Z!!!!!


  1. I so know how you feel. My sweet Josh is going to be 2 on the 22nd. I just can't believe it.


  2. How sweet your tribute was to little Ozzie...I know what you little girl will be 2 in less than a month!

  3. We all love Ozzie Nolan too!

    Happy Birthday!!

    If you have an extra 4.35 seconds, and can spare an extra prayer for a 2-year-old twin...please go here:


    | peace |

  4. He is just such a beautiful little man!
    Happy Birthday, Ozzie!

  5. Happy Birthday sweet Ozzie!

    I'm so with you on the time slowing down thing....yikes!

  6. happy happy birthday little man!!

  7. Happy Birthday Ozzie :)

  8. Happy 2nd Birthday Ozzie! I love 2!!

    It really does seem like a blink....

  9. Happy Birthday Ozzie!!

    I only just started reading your blog about the time the twins were born (just before? after? it all runs together when you play catch up) and I even *I* can't believe he's turning 2! I can't imagine how you feel.

  10. Aww! I love this! My 'lil Noah benjamin will be two in 6 days. It's mind blowing how fast it goes! This is SUCH a fun stage. :) My husband laughs at me because I tend to say that at every satge our boys go through. Well - except 3. I have struggled a bit with that middle child hitting a VERY stubborn streak at 3. :)

  11. Happy Birthday sweet Ozzie!

    I'm missing all your wonderful pictures Brittany :) where are they? What, you have 6 children and no time? I can't emagine that :)

  12. I love that you remember what you ate for dinner!

    Happy birthday to your littlest man! Birthdays are bittersweet for the mamas, aren't they? Blessing to you today too.

  13. Your lucky, you still have the twins. My little 2 year old is it. So I'm always wishing for one more rocking him to sleep. I love it when he is sleeping in my arms all snuggled up and comfy. I know it won't last forever.

    So with all of that said, HAPPY BIRTHDAY OZZIE!!

  14. Oh how fast they grow up. I know the feeling of time passing too fast. My Phabian will be 4 in March and my baby MJ will be 3 in April. I have a hard time saying that much less thinking about it. I hope lil Ozzie has a great birthday!

  15. I hate the way time goes by so fast! It seems like yesterday when my twins were born, and in January they will be 4! And my little baby is already 6 months!! What happened??? Happy Birthday tomorrow Ozzie!! You sure are a cutie

  16. ok, I just realized tomorrow is now today...sorry bout that

  17. Awwe, I can totally relate to the blink , blink. I had a realization that before I know it my boys will be married and move away with their wives and I will no longer be the #1 lady in their lives! Im a little ahead of myself - yes. But the thought still devastated me. So yes. Time please slow down!

    Happy birthday Ozzie :)

  18. Happy Birthday to your adorable little man!

  19. I wish we could slow time down too. Way too fast!! Happy Birthday to your cutie!!

  20. oh happy day:) happy 2nd birthday lil buddy:)

  21. Happy birthday to your little guy! He's adorable.

    It does go by too fast, doesn't it?

  22. Happy Birthday Ozzie!! congrats on the potty training success as well!

  23. Happy Day, sweet little boy!

  24. Happy Birthday Ozzie!!! :) hope your day is great big boy!

  25. Ooooh! I"m gonna cry...Happy almost birthday, Ozzie sweetheart! Here's a hug from your Shelly xoxoxo

  26. Oh, wait! You posted this yesterday...Happy Birthday TODAY, Ozzie!

  27. Awww happy birthday little man

  28. Happy Birthday to Ozzie! I love remembering each one of my births and the day leading up to it!

  29. Happy Birthday to your sweetie!
    I love the pic of Ozzie and Ava on Shelly's site. So cute!

    If time decides to slow down could you send him my way so I can put in my request also?? I'd love to throw some snow your way. We've got many inches covering us up and more on the way today. Brrr. It's cold here though. I'd take the snow but not this below zero stuff. Yuck!

    Hope you enjoy your blessed day!!

  30. I feel the same way with each birthday of the kids. I just can't get over how time flies by and then other times seems to go so slowly. Enjoy those babies because one day they will be turning two as well...shudder!

  31. Happy Birthday Ozzie!

    And using the potty!

  32. I hope Ozzie had a great birthday!!


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