He's doing it....

Ozzie... he's using the potty!!! 3 times today already and he's so proud of himself! We've never had night wetters so we'll see how it goes at night. I would LOVE to {only} have 2 in diapers. {grin}


It's been busy busy crazy crazy around here...

Wednesday was Mom's group, Dr. Jen {chiro}, and then some store hopping with my dear friend Shelly. We left {Shelly, myself & the twins} at around 6:30pm and got home at 2am. Holy batman! Shelly had her list and I had mine {return at Kohl's and groceries AND DIAPERS at Meijers} Since we were getting food we decided to go their last. This would have worked perfectly had we not spent too long at the other stores and let the girls leak through their last bum genius diapers, causing a HUGE mess. It was an adventure to say the least! Want to do it again Shelly!?! ha!

Thursday, Friday, Saturday... i'm not sure what we did but we did something! We finally have the tree done, stockings up, some Christmas decorations up, laundry caught up, and a whole lot more.

I haven't taken any pictures for almost 2 weeks.... VERY unlike me. I'm ready to start fresh this week!

hope you're all having a wonderful weekend and would you wish some snow this way... PLEASE!


  1. How old is Ozzie and any tricks on potty training?!

  2. Way to go Ozzie! What is he wearing during the day then? Are you prompting him or did he say he needed to go on his own?

    Julia does GREAT if she doesn't wear anything on the bottom. That's too cold around here these days so potty training has taken a back seat. I'm hoping for some babyleggs for Christmas so we don't lose anymore ground than we already have.

    Isn't it fun to do all that mundane shopping with a friend? A girlfriend and I go Christmas shopping together every year to get the little things we have left on our lists. We make a day of it.

    I'll share some of our snow with you. :)

  3. YAY Ozzie!!! Hoping for snow for you guys and love the fact that Ozzie is a big boy now!!!

  4. yay Ozzie! Congrats! :)

    And... no snow...are you kidding me? lol

  5. That's great news about the diapers! It sounds like you are slowly, but surely getting everything together. Hang in there!!!

    Now go take some pic-cha's sister!

  6. Wishing you snow, but not ice, and everything else that's nice.

  7. Yay Ozzie!! We hope to be there with Tommy someday, but are no longer holding our breaths that it will be any time soon.

    Wouldn't snow be nice, all we have had is rain lately...rain and cold...I would rather just have snow!!

    Congrats on the potty training successes!!

  8. Wishing you snow! Blowing (some of)it your way. : )
    As I type it's snowing...

    Good job Ozzie!

    Sounds like a really fun clean up while you were shopping!

  9. Yay for Ozzie! That's so rad.

    He must feel the need to give you a break on the laundry! :)

  10. That is great news about Ozzie. I haven't even tried to work with my two year old. We have too many things going on that I'm not sure if he could take the overload.

    I'm jealous you got your shopping done. I haven't even bought one gift yet. Time is running out isn't it? LOL

    We got 3 inches of snow Tuesday and the boys got a snow day Wed. They were bouncing off the walls until midnight.

    Where do you live? Or which state?

    Take care and have a wonderful Sunday.

  11. Yay, Ozzie! Isn't that so wonderful?? One baby out of diapers soon soon...:)

    Praying for you and your family.... we are in the same jobless boat...it really makes me remember other's that are too. I have been praying for you and your family since your post about it.

    Hugs.. Amy

  12. YAY!!! Ozzie!
    Snow wishes and fairies sent you way...I would love for them to drop by here as well!

    Quick question about the Bum Genius diapers...do you use the S,M,L sizes or the One Size ones. How many diapers do you recommend for 1 baby. I was thinking at least 12 to 18 depending on how much laundry I wanted to have to do per day.

  13. I will do my best to send some of our snow your way! :)

  14. good going for using the potty....and good luck with snow...I cannot believe you did such a long shopping trip...the very thought of it exhausts me!!!!

    but I'm sure it was great fun especially the leaky diaper bit!!

    Susan :):)

  15. ahhh.... your pictures make me smile!

  16. yea for Ozzie :) I'm going to get serious with Abe after Christmas and I'm so not looking forward to it. But he is pretty ready.

  17. Yeah for Ozzie and you! It is a busy time of year!

  18. Yeah, yeah, let's do it again and take the toddlers with us, too! *wink* No, actually it was fun (except for the screaming, wet-bottomed daughters of yours!) :-)

  19. Yay - that's awesome Ozzie! : )


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