weekly wrap

it's only been FOREVER since I've put up a weekly wrap... I guess I don't have much else to say these days so I'll just tell you what we've been up to.

Monday we met with another lawyer, complete dud!! So after we wasted our morning there we had to go and to the police station and sign a release on the car and take it to the impound lot so the insurance company could come and take our car. The car is totaled... huge surprise... NOT!!

Tuesday I went to the chiro again... it's a weekly date now. {grin} Ribs... owwwwww!

Wednesday we went to meet with ANOTHER lawyer... went much better but I think we're going to find someone else still. Something just kept bothering me, finally I figured out that we need to talk with a female lawyer. The men just DON'T GET IT! Labor, pushing, broken chest, you didn't want your pregnancy to end quickly, what!?! Yeah!

Thursday my wonderful friend Shelly came over to visit and see the GIRLS! We've been non-stop on the go for the last 3 weeks. It was really nice to sit and visit and watch Ava & Ozzie play. They are SO cute! Ava melted my heart with her little "I love you's" Come on Ozzie... it's YOUR turn! {grin}

Today... oh today... it's rainy... i'm tired. Grayson and Vance are at school, Gavin in at preschool. We had to cancel the girls 3 week check up because we STILL do not have insurance numbers for them and they aren't showing up in the system. At least they don't really NEED to be seen. Our pedi hasn't seen Ozzie since he was 2 weeks old. Oh and our ONE old copper plumping pipe has decided to back up today. But it's okay... it only effects the washing machine, laundry sink, kitchen sink, dishwasher, and downstairs toilet... NO BIG DEAL! HA!

I NEED sleep... I NEED to be comfortable and it's not happening... at least not yet. My HUGE blanket heating pad came in the mail yesterday. YEAH!

Oh speaking of mail.. I LOVE mail.. a few of you have put HUGE smiles on my face lately. There was even a mystery gift! I took some pictures and i'll be posting soon. I must know who sent that rockin' awesome gift!

*** and I do have more pictures, they're just on my camera right now***


  1. Brittany,
    I agree with you on the female lawyer thing. I feel the same way with the OB/GYN. Nothing against male doctors but they can study all they want and get all the hands on experience they need but they just don't "get it" like a woman when it comes to pregnancy and birth. Good luck on finding a great lawyer and your girls are absolutely beautiful!

  2. I am so glad to read your post today, you sound like you have a smile on your face today..I really hope things are getting better for you and they will.
    Gos bless you and the family.

  3. Oh, I do hope you get comfy and rest soon! Need pics!


  4. Your in my thoughts daily. Wish we lived closer and I would come over and help ya out. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. I've been a long time reader, first time comment leaver...all of your children are simply beautiful! We have three daughters ages 13, 8 & almost 9 months...no little boys yet and perhaps never but that's okay. I pray that you find someone who understands all of the pain and personal heartache that you've been through involving your accident and I do believe that a woman would understand so much better. A woman/mother just knows. I pray that you find your strength and forge ahead with God's plan for you! And lastly, I love your blog title as is but since those gorgeous girls are now here 4 little men & pink twins sounds good! -No claims to be writer here...just a business degree owner :)


  6. You know what I hear in your post? Progress. Are you feeling any better? You *sound* better, though frustrated, and plumbing problems sure can cause that. I married a plumber so I wouldn't ever have to worry about it. Well, truth be told, he wasn't a plumber when I married him; I'm just being silly. :-)

    Amen on avoiding the pediatrician. We've been fortunate to find two who aren't maniacal about vaccinations, but we still don't like them.

    Hugs to you today. I wish I could say I sent you a rockin' gift, but finances don't allow right now. I do pray for you regularly, so I KNOW that counts for something.

    Blessings to you today.

  7. how does it feel to say, "the girls?"

    well hopefully you'll be able to say, " i got some good rest"
    really soon mama!

  8. I hope you are feeling better, and that the huge heating pad helps! I never knew!

    Really, who needs a washing machine, sink, dishwasher or one less toilet? Especially when you're a family of 8. ; )

    Take care!

  9. Ava & Ozzie, sounds like a good pair to me! HA!

    I will send mail, just don't have your address. How do we get that??? ; )

  10. Wow!!! it's been way too long since i have read your blog! how exciting to have twin girls! i am an identical twin! it's really a lot of fun!
    well...God bless you, your husband, and your 6 beautiful children!!!

    Serving Him in Argentina, Carissa

  11. Never a dull moment yet. Hope you are pain free soon, see a female lawyer, and enjoy your sweet children. Hang in there!!!

  12. Oh sounds like a hectic week...nothing for parents of six right???

    I can appreciate just getting in and out of the car is hard sometimes!

    Hooray for the heating pad, your plumbing problem sounds fun *not* and GOOD luck with the lawyer thing....

    Hope you have a good day
    thinking of you from many miles away...

  13. How stinky that you are still so sore. Man oh man. Sending more prayers your way!

  14. I enjoy reading your blog but you need a reality check. Coming from someone who has lost a baby shortly after birth you need to be so THANKFUL that your girls are well and with you. The fact that your pregnancy was cut slightly short is not worth wasting breath over. Put your energy into healing and loving on those babies.

  15. I've been a lurker and never posted before but I'm a female lawyer so I thought I'd pipe up. I happen to be in-house counsel for an auto insurance company so I spend all day working on cases like yours :)

    My first question is -- why are you getting a lawyer already? Have you had trouble with the other driver's insurance company? Or your own? I just wonder because ANY attorney you retain will take anywhere from 30-40% of whatever you recover. It's worth it to try to negotiate on your own with the insurer. And it's only been a few weeks -- they have to investigate the accident (although that seems straightforward), get your permission to get your medical records, then actually obtain your medical records (which can take weeks, hospitals suck at that), then evaluate your injuries, etc. --- it's a process and it seems too soon for them to be dragging their feet or be really unreasonable.

    Also -- I don't know what state or metro area you are in, and please don't take offense to this -- but insurers in general don't have much respect for chiropractors and the fact that you've been seeing one for a long time will cause any insurer to consider your case worth a little less. Yes, you obviously sustained new objective injuries like broken ribs and that has value, but the soft tissue injuries will be harder for you to prove up.

    Finally -- I completely agree that a woman may take a much more sympathetic approach to all that you went through -- but -- I have to wonder if you've not liked what you've heard so far because the extra painful labor and your PG ending soon than expected are kind of "fuzzy" damages -- objectively, a jury could say, yes, I'm sorry and that really sucks, but really, what are you out? Your babies are perfectly healthy, you were able to deliver them as planned (as in no c-section), etc. Those arguments would have to go into a "pain & suffering" category -- and juries nationwide are stingy about that.

    Feel free to ignore all of the above, just thought I'd throw in my thoughts.

  16. Where in the world is your addy? Did you post it and I missed it? I have something for your sweet girls. Wondering if I am suppose to look further at past posts for the addy?
    I do hope you are feeling better soon. Get the girl lawyer, I agree with that one for sure. I hope you get a sweet car for your replacement. Do you have one in mind? A color picked out? Good luck with your upcoming appointments. I am awaiting hurricane Ike to hit my zip code.

  17. I agree with anonymous and hillary z. Just a little confused about the non-stop negative posts since the babies were born.

    And especially confused about what you are seeing a lawyer for...

  18. I just thought I'd throw this idea out there...not that it's necessary to see your Dr...but my daughter was premature and it made me feel better knowing she was seen by him and yes it's a him and I wouldn't change my family Dr for anything..if he moved within a couple hours of us we'd actually move our kids to that clinic. So it is possible find a male Dr. I've had a few female ones too and won't go back to them. Anyway..I think you have some other issues in regards to insurance so I'm not sure if that is the reason that you can't see your Dr with the girls..but we didn't have insurnace numbers on any of our kids the first couple times they were seen because they weren't available...they were still able to be seen, the hospital and clinic just had to resubmit those dates again. So just an idea that they could possibly do that for you too. Hope that helps...your girls are such lil dollies!!

  19. Oh, the fun with twins and the insurance company. "What?? You mean there are two with the same date of birth? We're getting duplicate claims from the doctor..."
    Duh, they are twins. Oh, I could go on but you know what I mean.
    Love the pictures you are putting up. And, I totally understand not wanting your pregnancy to end so soon. I was hoping for two more weeks but the discordance was too great so doc said, "Let's get them out now." So, less than 8 hours later, I was in surgery for a c-section. At least he let me go home and shower, pack and come back with hubby. I had been feeling better than I had ever felt and I just wasn't ready to let my twin belly go. I'm sympathetic for you.

  20. Brittany, I don't think you're the one who needs a reality check, your grasp seems perfect. The reality is that a very scary and painful thing happened to you and you are still suffering the physical and emotional effects of it. Yes, your babies are healthy but at the time you didn't know if that would be the case. I know first hand what an unexpected delivery can do, I still feel the effects--ALMOST FOUR YEARS LATER!

    It's sad that the one anonymous poster lost her baby but another "reality" is that as sad as that is for her it doesn't change or lessen what happened to you. Someone could tell her to be glad she ever even had a baby as some people will never experience that. That's NOT my viewpoint but as a frequenter of a women's message board, I have seen comments like that. We can't decide how others should handle their grief/frustrations and for what amount of time. It's too bad that people are fair-weathered friends; you/your blog is only great as long as you are writing what they want to read, but as soon as it's something they disagree with or can't identify with then it's "bye-bye Brittany", so much for loyal readers. But that's fine because I assure you that there are still many of of who enjoy your writings, are praying for you, are empathizing with you and are willing to support you as much as possible through this.
    I don't know what others are looking at but I see a woman who is grateful for all 6 of her precious ones but still trying to process what happened while trying to get the business end of things taken care of as quickly as possible, that seems normal to me. So never mind the negative anonymous comments, keep posting the reality of your life, if that's what helps you then blog on ! Other people don't have to comment on it and they certainly don't have to read it.
    Much love to you.

  21. Why is that negative commenters always go under 'anonymous'? That is quite cowardly.

    Back to you Brittany! I can't even imagine what you feel like physically. I know you must hurt! This is your blog and I like that you are real and not faking how you are really doing. I am sorry others can't see it. You have made three small comments about hurting in all of your posts I have read. I would be whining a heck of a lot more! You amaze me and hug those precious girls and boys!

  22. My name is Shannon, mommy to a beautiful little girl and wife to my best friend. I am anonymous #2 (the one that agreed with the 1st anon comment). I am not a coward, just don't have a blog/URL name so I didn't know how else to leave a comment. Keisha, just b/c I disagree with ALL of the negative comments these days (and if you look back at the last several posts, the pain, frustration, etc seem to be the only thing mentioned- except the photos of the girls) doesn't mean that I am no longer a loyal reader. I have and will continue to read Brittany's posts. Just entitled to my own opinion, that's all. I certainly don't expect her to fake it or sugar-coat anything and I understand her frustration and intense pain. I just agreed with the first comment in that maybe she should focus that attention on healing, moving on and loving on those babies (which I don't doubt she does every minute she can). And I'm still confused about what the lawyer is for. Is she suing someone? I don't understand the reason for this. Anyway, just thought I'd clarify...

  23. Well, Shannon thanks for your clarity nice to know you're still a reader. That being said, I stick by what I said. If Brittany wrote a years worth of "negative" posts so what, it's her blog. Some of us aren't bothered by reading about her injuries and disappointment. If it bothered me I wouldn't have the gall to tell her what she should be feeling or how she should be handling things and I wouldn't agree with "anonymous #1" that she needs a "reality check". I'd either stop reading or suck it up and wait for her to post something I liked. But that's just me.
    Oh and I didn't see where anybody said you weren't entitled to your opinion, but remember that it's a two-way street. Now I'm not gonna be going back and forth with you as that won't get us anywhere, we disagree which is fine by me, c'est la vie ! :)

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