You may have noticed that I haven't taken my pregnancy ticker down, or that I haven't updated my header, or that I haven't added the girls to the sidebar. Or maybe you're wondering why I haven't shared their birth story... I guess it's because I'm in denial. I wasn't ready to be done being pregnant, I wasn't ready that day. I didn't get to say goodbye to my beautiful baby baby belly, to feel those last moments of movement, to feel the "it's time" feeling and be happy and excited. I didn't get to take a last belly picture. Instead I was scared, I was in pain, I was worried, I wasn't ready! I feel cheated and robbed of precious time for me and my girls. It wasn't supposed to be like this... but it is... and I have to move forward. I don't want to be sad, I want to be happy and celebrate the birth of our DAUGHTERS!

So... I'm taking down the ticker, updating my profile, adding their picture to the side... and making a new header.

Any ideas on what it should say? 4 Little Men & twins?


  1. How about 4 little men and 2 little ladies?

  2. Four Little Men and Two Dolls? (because they are such little dolls!)

  3. 6 pack of love.
    4 little men and darling twins.
    Handsome and Sassy.

  4. I have no ideas for titles!
    Can't wait to see your girls on the side too!

    It's that 'cheated' feeling.
    And after reading the previous posts about the pain you're in... I didn't realize it was so bad. I'm glad you wrote about it. Still praying for you to heal quickly! Feeling any better this week?

  5. 4 lads and 2 little ladies

    (I like the letter "L")


  6. 4 little Men and twin Girls!!!

  7. 4 Little Men and 2 Little Ladies for sure!!

  8. I like the 4 Little Men and 2 Little Ladies

    Feel better :) Im sure only time will make the 'cheated' feeling fade. I cant imagine because I know that feeling of enjoying every last moment of having them inside you still... Its beautiful. But they're here now.and they're perfect ...

  9. 5 Men, 3 Girls?

    im counting ur hub and u :-)

  10. I kinda like the idea of it saying something about "6 Little" something.....I know; not to creative but I like it. "4 Lads & 2 Ladies" is really cute too!

  11. I vote for 4 little men and 2 little ladies.

  12. 4 little men and 2 young ladies

    too many 'little' is too cutesy, imo.

  13. Half Dozen of Lovin'
    Lovin' by the Half Dozen!

    I also have a story of being "cheated". I had my daughter as a Senior in HS and thought that I would surely have at least one or two more in my twenties. Well, due to severe endometriosis, that did not happen. I feel "cheated" in that I didn't "really" live and experience all the pregnancy happy moments that you described. I just thought I'd have more.
    But...our stories still have the same outcome! Beautiful, healthy girls!!! YA US!!

  14. How 'bout...

    Little Men & Little Women

    4 Laddies & 2 Lassies

    6 Little People

    House of 6 & Pics

    Six & Pix

    ...just some thoughts. :-)

    Hope you're continuing to feel better every day. Keep trusting in Him who gives to us all liberally! (Read James 1) :-)

  15. 4 Little Men & 2 Little Princesses

  16. A few more thoughts...

    Lovin' my Half Dozen
    The Great 8
    4 Little Men & 2 Little Women (another in honor of Alcott)

  17. How about "4 Little Men and Twins, by the way." It's catchy!


  18. I like 4 little men and 2 princess'

  19. I am amazed by your grace you have the right to be sad and angry- heck, I get furious reading your posts- you have been robbed. My first inclination is always -I hope they have a good lawyer, that seems to be our mentality in America,but truly- I know no amount of money will ever be enough to give you back the ability to babywear your newborns- to NOT have to choose between being diagnosed and being able to feed your babies breastmilk- so much- the LEAST that could happen is that you don't have to spend your own money on an ajustable bed to be able to FUNCTION. Praying for you all. :)

  20. How 'bout "Six Little Blessings?" I love the word "blessings" to describe children, since the U.S. culture is so NOT treating children as blessings.

    I continue to pray for your health and recovery. I'm sorry things didn't work out the way you wanted, but God knows your heart and will help you through this. But then, you know that. :-)

  21. What about 4 Little Men + 2 Gorgeous Girls = 1 Happy Mama???

  22. Mine is similar to leys (and others), but my first thought was 4 little men & 2 tiny ladies. Or you could do a spin on Lords & Ladies... um... Snips, snails, sugar and spice... shorts & frocks... caps & bonnets... pintucks & frills... *shrug* I guess it depends on the angle you're looking for. :)

  23. You have a bunch of great choices. I really like the 4 Little Men and 2 Little Ladies. But also love the one someone wrote about Lovin' in Half a Dozen if I quoted it right. Hope you come up with something really cute!

  24. Eight is Great!

    The Great Eight


    Four and Two

    Two Fer

  25. How bout "Six small wonders" "six little wonders"
    I don't know. I had a hard tiime coming up with my own title! mine is:
    The Crazy Bus
    dirty feet, sticky faces, and good clean fun!
    Does that help at all?

  26. Ok. How about 4 Little Men and 2 Matching Girls (or Ladies).

  27. how about
    4 Little Men and Twin Ladies?

  28. Four Little Men and Two Pink Princesses. I don't know - but I like Princess. Four Little Men and Two Pink Tutu's.

    Good luck.

    And I am sorry your last day of being pregnant wasn't what you envisioned. It's a shame.

  29. 4 little men and two sweethearts

    I know, I tried :) They are adorable!!!

  30. how about 4+2= LOVE,
    or quiver of 6,
    or 4 b's and 2 g's

  31. I love 4 little men and twins tittle. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and have been praying for you and your family. My husband and I have a 2 year old daughter and are expecting twin girls. We were planing on having a home birth but at our 19 week sonogram we found out that our babies are conjoined. So we went from our nice home birth with little intervention to a full on planned c section with I'm sure dozens of people in there. God had other plans for our family, and for the birth of our babies. We are just so thankful that God chose to give us these babies and not someone who wouldn't take care of them. Our prayer is that God is glorified through their lives and ours. You can check out the full story of little Melody and Madison on our blog at

    Your babies and boys are so cute. Congrats! Take it one day at a time and try to enjoy every moment even through the pain.
    Vanessa D

  32. Four Little Men, Two Twin Girls, One Happy Family

    I can imagine you do feel cheated. It might take time to grieve the loss - and I think it's really important that you do grieve. But to also rejoice (which I know you are already!) - you are a beautiful, together, wonderful family of eight! And I am so happy for you!


  33. My mind started going the 8 route that others have taken..."Isn't 8 great?!"

    Lots of cute ideas have already been put out there though!

    Sorry you feel cheated, I think it is understandable. Whenever things don't go how we expect or how we envisioned...especially something as important as a birth or a DOUBLE can hit hard, no matter how much we tell ourselves to move on and count our blessings. =)

    My "denial" is that to this day I still mourn the fact that I wasn't able to breastfeed our son. He's 17 months, healthy, happy, he is fine, but I still get bummed when I think of that little change in my vision of parenthood.

    I love the girls' names by the way! They are so darling. All 6 are very beautiful. Congrast Momma!

  34. I can totally see why you would be reluctant to make those changes and I am SO sorry that the girls' arrival didn't happen the way you'd hoped... but... they are here now and you ALL deserve to move on and enjoy the beauty that is your life! : )

    Continued prayers for healing...

  35. I am so sorry you feel cheated and can SO relate to your pain. I have felt cheated from day one of my twin pregnancy. I try to count my blessings even though sometimes it's hard just to get through the day. Your beautiful girls are home. They are healthy. And I will pray you recover soon too. What I have learned in the past 7 months is that I do not have control of anything and God's plan is already in motion...I am just along for the ride. Congratulations again! It's a beautiful family.


  36. Aw, Britt, you deserved to have the proper bye-bye belly farewell, and the entrance of your GIRLS that you dreamed. So sorry for this.

    As for the title, cute suggestions above... Sticking with the beginning, 4 Little Men seems to be a good start. After all, they were your first little guys. What could go after that? You've GOT to mention that they are twins, so ... yeah, I guess that leaves you where you began. Some help I am... ;)

  37. Hi there

    Congrats on yuor healthy full-term baby girls. I too have twin girls but mine are now 7.5!!! I also have 2 little men. For your title I also like the idea of 4 little men and 2 little ladies/princesses. I didn't like my girls being referred to as "the twins" as I was so big on the individuality thing. JMO. My girls are the same though and don't like the label of 'twins". I was also robbed of the birth I planned as I had preterm labor and dilated by 26 weeks. We were living in the US as expats, so no family and hubby at work ALL day and travelling and there I was on FULL hospital bedrest on MAG Sulfate for 9 weeks!!! AAGGGHH My worst nightmare- I so get your ripped off feeling- I too had it and probably still do a little!

    Enjoy your babies as soon they will be big girls.

    Take care
    Perth, Australia

  38. just so glad that you're all doing so well...

    ps.. don't let him rob you of one happy thought, one happy moment! Nope, not even one!

    God is in control every moment, and HIS perfect plan is that you continue to bring Him glory through your story!
    Take every thought captive and revel in His goodness and mercy!

    downhere... don't forget to check out that song.

  39. I immedialty thought of 4 little men and 2 little ladies also, and saw many other`s thought so too.
    I hope you can move on and enjoy this time with you beautiful healthy babies. AND SUE THE CRAP OUT OF THE GUY THAT HIT YOU!

  40. I don't blame you for feeling jipped. It was rough. And it doesn't help that you are still in pain. I'm still saying my prayers for you. :)

    A new title? How about:

    4 + 2 = Love


    Perfectly 6


  41. 4 little men and 2 darling daughers

  42. Oh my gosh! I didn't see that someone already suggested 4+2=Love. Oops! I guess we think alike.

    I also really liked the "Lovin' my half dozen". Very cute.

  43. 43 little men and 2 beauiful ladies!

  44. I think you should keep the numerals in the title.

    4 little men & 2 twins to boot!!

    I have 5 little ones ages 10 and under, and I have never played up my pregnancies or delivery plans or homecomings. I downplayed it as just part of life. What I am saying is that I cheated myself of those extra joys and attentions, thinking they were just frivolous and silly. I'm sorry I didn't enjoy it more along the way, but don't place too much importance on those little things. Your girls and hub and 4 little boys are what matter, and they are with you at home and in your heart every moment!!! Even if things did not go as planned, you can't focus on that. Cry, dry off, and smile at the joy around you!

    (Don't think me insensitive to your injuries and physical pain, that is a totally separate issue. I'm only addressing the emotional right now. I know, it's hard to be rational and logical when you are so fatigued and the hormones are flowing and you're in pain!)

    God bless you all, Lauren

  45. Sorry it's been so hard. It will never be what you imagined or hoped for but it can get better in time.
    As for names I assumed you'd make it rhyme.
    Has anyone suggested or have you considered
    '4 Little Men & Little Girl Twins' ?

  46. I like 4 little men and two lovely ladies!

    You have been through so much this last month and you have every right to feel that way about your daughters' birth. I'm sorry that it didn't work out the way you planned.

    Thanks for the pictures of your gorgeous little girls. I love their names!

    Hope you feel better soon!


  47. You have every right to feel somewhat cheated/robbed/denied. Something was taken from you against your will and unexpectedly. Thankfully for you, the outcome was two healthy, precious babes that were safe and sound! :)
    Don't be so hard on yourself. I was talking to my chiropractor, who is also a doula, about trying to process my last birth and the expectations I did or did not meet in myself. She told me that it takes some women up to a year to really "process" their births and what happened. Yours was very traumatic and you need to take the time to process it ~ and then give those sweet bundles of love lots of kisses'! :)

  48. Take it down when you're ready. Enjoy it while you still want to. :)

  49. I know that cheated feeling and how it gnaws at you, and all that happened to me was a sudden induction that eventually led to a c-section. Acknowledge that it wasn't "fair" and could have been different, and then let go of those feelings as much as you can. The girls are so beautiful and they just look like a photographer's dream! Tiny, perfect, matching babies...

  50. I felt 'cheated' when I was made to have a scheduled c/s for the birth of my first took me a long time to work through and process all my feelings. It's just going to take you some time. At the very least your outcome was you and babies very healthy, 'good' delivery....even though it may not have been as you envisioned at least nothing really horrendous came of your accident. Broken bones will heal, your feelings may take a little longer. You seem to have wonderful support, so just keep leaning on everyone.....

    You are doing a great job, these first weeks are super hard, physically and emotionally kind to yourself...

    ~please remember to say this back to me when I am overwhelmed in the not too distant future~

    Susan :):)

  51. Our (not so) Still Life...60 fingers and 60 toes...this is how our family grows

  52. How about
    4 Little Men and some Sugar and Spice
    (as in "what are little girls made of? sugar and spice and everything nice....")

  53. You have so many great suggestions! In regard to the last comment, I like 4 Little Men and Everything Nice.

    But I lean to 4 Little Men and 2 Little Ladies, or how about 4 Little Men and a Couple of Ladies. Or keep it simple 4 Little Men Plus Two.

  54. I know that feeling Mama. That denial, that loss, that grief of loosing your pregnancy because you're not ready. I know that fear, that pain, that everything happened so differently than you had ever dreamed.

    So many will never understand because they can't. Because they see that your babies are here and they're well and they think that's all that matters. While that matters, while that's HUGE, it's not everything. I just wanted to say that I totally understand. It gets better, I promise. I'm almost 3 years out and unfortunately I can't yet tell you that those feelings go away. But they definitely become less powerful than they are now.

    Oh, and I vote 4 little men and 2 little ladies.


  55. Ladies,

    I stumbled across this blog. What a blessing to have four little men and to have been blessed with the safe, though scary, arrival of twin girls.

    While your feelings of "grief" may be very real, please consider those of us who would give anything to be grieving a less that desirable labor or pregnancy cut short. One of my twins died tragically three years ago. I would give anything to hold my little one in this lifetime.

    Ladies, I do not mention this to shame anyone, but to emphasize the fact that though motherhood has serious challenges- we are blessed beyond measure to have been charged with these little lives. May God grant us courage and compassion to carry our mission out with the little ones we are entrusted with!

  56. I vote for 4 little men and 2 little ladies!!

  57. What about "Tuxedos and Tutu's"?

  58. I was in denial after my last came the way he did. It was very traumatic and sometimes you just need time to catch up with you. Look forward to seeing the new look with those beautiful girls added. :)

  59. "Brittney's 6"

    Kinda sounds like a band!

  60. Congratulations!!! I'm sorry you are in physical pain. I will pray for you.

    So happy your girls are here and that they are healthy AND GIRLS!

    My vote goes for:

    4 Little Men & 2 Little Ladies

  61. I ment to write 4 little men and 2 beautiful ladies (not 43 little men:))

  62. I just wanted to say that I completely understand. I wasn't ready for my pregnancy to end either, and definitely not in the way that it did. I just changed my header and ticker this week. I sort of wanted to keep it up forever...

    Congratulations on the birth of your girls! I am sorry about the accident. I'm wishing you a fast recovery!

  63. 4 little men and two-wins

  64. 1... I'm backreading.. 2.. I'm sorry you feel cheated. I don't know exactly what happened, but I remember feeling the same with my first birth. And, I am sorry you are receiving negativity on this. It seems anytime we share something negative or have a complaint (and are honest about it).. people begin to tell us how horrible we are. Yet, they don't want us to only tell the good stuff, because then we seem "too perfect". Sigh. Be real, be honest... and anyone who can't appreciate it (LIFE HAS UPS AND DOWNS PEOPLE!) need to get over it and.. shouldn't read!


Thank you for blessing me with your words!