WOW! I had no idea that many of you would actually comment! And my oh my.... you are all SO SWEET. You seriously had me grinning from ear to ear for over an hour while I was going through the comments. I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful, awesome women to share our life story with.

What a FUN game this has been.

And PLEASE don't feel hurt if I don't reply... if your email shows up on your comment I LOVE to respond. If not I try to visit your blog and say Hi! But sometimes I don't' get it all done. *grin*

Now on for the fun stuff... I'm FINALLY posting my "real life" post... only a little late.


  1. Thanks your reply.And visited my blog.Actually your sons - all of are- son too.I have one chıld.But I saw you,and I decide second chıld.But we lıve ın apartment.We dont have garden.All day long me and my son seat in our flat.Some day,ıf I have a lot of money,buy huge house and garden.May be,at that time,I have another chıld.Thanks your visit...I kıss you and your handsome chıld.Bye...

    p.s. : my english is ot good.I look dıctınary.If I say rong word,sorry...

    p.s.2 : Your music is beatiful.I turn on your blog,and lısten to your musıc...

  2. YAY! YOu got twice as many as you requested! That's awesome! Now I have to try this... ; )

  3. That is cool you got so many....I bet there are more people out there, they just didn't reply.
    Very cool!


Thank you for blessing me with your words!