more real life...

what I DON'T like about our room... the fact that we are in the front of the house and while I feel the sun and the breeze I also hear the cars. We live downtown in a college town and it defiantly has it's perks but the busy road isn't one of them...

what makes this room uniquely me... these beautiful boys that grace our room through out the day. Every night we read books on our bed and they normally end up wrestling and bouncing around. It's OUR bedroom but it's our upstairs family room too.

What i wear at night... I LOVE nightgowns and cami's. I've never been a t-shirt-pants kind of girl. I guess I hardly ever wear dresses during the day so It's nice to feel a little dressed up at night.

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  1. No T-shirts and such to bed? now we know why you have so many kids- lol.

    Your photgraphs are very good- I love the one of your son's feet (the under bed view.)

  2. LOL, I like your choice of sleepwear.

  3. Love all the great photos! the one of ozzie is just precious.

  4. Your pics are cool. Love the hot pink lace on your jammies. Nice bedroom...thanks for letting me snoop.

  5. This is really great! I wish I would have joined in from the start!

    Fun taking a peak at your "real life" : )

  6. I love love love your bedroom. It is so very chic, and if I may say, so very me. Even though I didn't know that until just now. :-)

    Love your aunt's paintings. Love your open under the bed (said the girl who has to have a bed skirt!)


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