Holy baby names!

Okay… how in the heck did I get SO BLESSED to have SO MANY wonderful readers. You guys just totally blew me away. THANK YOU so much. You all truly lift my spirits and fill my couch time with your sweet, fun & entertaining comments. I have had so much fun reading through all the awesome name ideas. I MIGHT just have a list to take to the hospital now.

Now… I REALLY hate to disappoint but I won’t be sharing our list. Naming our babies is something VERY special to me and hubby and we truly will not pick out any names before we see our precious new babies. All of our boys have sort of ‘told’ us their names, just by looking at them and holding them you can tell what names fit and which ones don’t. So… it doesn’t really matter how many times I find that I like. It’s finding the name that fit our babies perfectly that really matters.

I WILL tell you that I have found a few VERY special names that will for sure be considerations and they were in the top 1000 in 1915. *grin*

I’m kind of on a picture strike because my big beautiful belly is really getting in the way. Oh yeah… and not being able to get up. But I am going to break the strike… I will… I will!


  1. Awwwwwww, man.....

    Here I was, all excited. Yay! A new post from Brittany! I bet she got tons and tons of baby names and is going to share some of her favs with us!!

    Shot DOWN. *giggle* But I totally understand why, and respect you highly for that!

    Baby naming is such a personal thing. We didn't share our names before the boys were born either--it's just THAT important!

    I'll say this--you got a LOT to work with! Good luck compiling the list. Stay on that couch! :-)

  2. It is amazing how each child just looks like their name. We found that out in a big way with Judah. He was suppose to be Moses (that was BEFORE Gwyneth Paltrow named her son that!!) but I'm telling you what... he was NOT a Moses. He was Judah without a doubt.

    I'm so excited to see what your babies names will be. I know for sure they will be just perfect.


  3. Crud. I was so busy, I didn't get to suggest any. :(

    Whatever names you choose, will be perfect! :)

  4. I just knew you weren't going to share. ;)
    We usually take a list of names to the hospital with us and then pick from the list once we see the little fella too.

  5. A lot of prayer went into naming our babies. Naming a baby is so special and fun. We named our last baby girl, Claire (which means bright or clear) Eliana (eh-lee-AH-nah) which means, "My God has answered". She was surprise blessing to us during a hard time in our lives. It seemed only fitting that her name should have such meaning. And, it totally suites who she is.

    Anyway, I know you will pick beautiful names that just fit each baby perfectly. I can't wait to hear them. :)

  6. can't wait to hear your final selections. :-)

  7. I refrained from posting baby names...you got SO many!!!
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with when they arrive too :):)

  8. I thought I would add to the list. Here are my kids names.

    Lukas James
    Ava June
    Stella Mae
    Grayson William

    If we have more I really love the name Willa for a little girl. I also like Wren for a girl. For a boy I like August.

    I am praying for your babies to be here at just the right time!

    Blessings, Heidi P. (long time reader)

  9. I didn't suggest any names either, cause you got so many great ideas I just couldn't think of anymore!

    I don't blame you one bit for waiting to tell your name choices.
    Good luck picking something perfect, can't wait to hear who these litttle blessings are!

  10. THE SUSPENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  11. Competely agree with not sharing your chosen favorites. We (hubby and I) already have some of our top favorites but those names don't leave the safety of our house. ;)

  12. you may have posted about this before, i'm sorta new... but i was wondering if you are considering giving them similar names (or at least starting with the same letter) since they are identical twins? like colin and carl, or evan and erik? just curious!

  13. WOW! Looking at all of these creative names makes me want to have more!! haha
    I COMPLETELY agree and admire you not to share your ideas or name your children until you meet them. Plus with as many fans as you have people will not be able to help themselves in sharing their opinions on the ones you might be thinking of. But once those precious ones are here than people are supportive no matter what!

  14. My youngest boy is Truman, I think that was very popular in 1915 - at least at that time my grandfather whom he is named after was about 15 years old. We stressed so hard naming Tru, but it fits him perfectly!

  15. I just found this webpage that you might be interested in, it offers not so traditional name combinations for twins specifically, and the reasons why they are special.


  16. congrats on your new little ones. I found your blog through Amanda :) I will keep you and the babies in my prayers!

  17. Break the strike, break the strike, break the strike...
    I really enjoy looking at all the pics you take.
    Hope you're having a good day.

  18. You are so allowed! Can not wait until the babies are born!!!

  19. Coming back to the baby names. I was just thinking that your first baby is a "g" and then your third baby is a "g" so staying with the flow. The twin delivered should be a "g" and the second twin not a "g". Then it would sync with the way the boys are named already. Just a thought. Also, wondering if you could say a prayer tonight for my bff over at it's a corny life. She is in the hospital today after her weekly check up. Her cervix has shortened to a require a monitoring stay and she will have the FNN test (same test you didnt want to take) tomorrow. I know you can relate to how she must be feeling. Thanks. ML


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