You asked it... part V

It's that time again! Aren't you excited!!!

How old were you when you married your husband? Are you to the same age?

A: I met my husband when I was 14, he was 16. We were together for 6 months before he moved with his family to another state 8 hours away. We continued to date long distance for the next 3 years. My senior year of highschool he moved into the same town and we were married a month before I 'officially' graduated from highschool. I had finished school early so I wasn't 'in' highschool. I was newly 18 and he was just shy of turning 20. We always knew we wanted to be together forever... despite lots of obsticals and ney-sayers we made it. *grin* And we couldn't be happier!

Q: Any recommendations on good cookware? especially stove top? I just got some new stuff as a gift, but am having trouble figuring out if it is actually a safe choice or not.....

A: Ohhhh.... I would LOVE to have some super fabulous cookware. But I don't. We just use stainless steel pots and pans and *gasp* caphlon skillets. I know that non-stick is HORRIBLE for you but we just haven't switched over to cast iron yet. Can't do everything right all the time. *grin* As for stove top... we have a flat stove top and love it, but I don't know if one is BETTER than the other.

Q:We do organic fruits & veggies, natural meats ect. but i can't seem to train myself to eat healthy snacks and unprocessed foods... do you have any healthy snack suggestions?

A: We LOVE snacks... around here the norm is eat every 2 hours. We have lots of favorite snacks, here are a few...

*hummus with veggies peppers.carrots.pita bread are are favs but you could use any veggie you want.

*chips & salsa, guacamole, black bean dip. We only buy organic NON GMO corn chips

*FRUIT FRUIT FRUIT... We love fruit anytime. We go through so much fruit it's crazy. We buy regular bananas, pineapple, oranges & grapefruit. Organic apples, peaches, nectarines, plums, pears, apricots & strawberries. And we buy organic frozen blueberries, they are much cheaper this way and we go through them SO FAST it's the only way we can afford them.

*Ezekiel english muffins with peanut butter and agave

*Apples and peanut butter

*salmon (we buy packets of wild Alaskan salmon) with a little bit of safflower mayo, organic mustard & dill pickles OR with mayo, apples & celery. Either one we love to dip with rice crackers or on Ezekiel bread

*Dried fruit & nuts... mixed together or separate. Our favorites fruits are apricots, cranberries, raisins, mango, bananas & pineapple. We buy them all unsulfered and unsweetened. Our favorite nuts are almonds, peanuts, macadame, sunflower, cashews, pecans & sometimes Brazilian nuts. We try to buy them all raw but some are harder to find than others. Trader Joes is a great place for fruit and nuts. We also add the nuts and dried fruit to salads & cereal.

*the boys love to snack on cereal too... we avoid cereal with sugar or similar, we buy a lot of plain cereals... bran flakes, Ezekiel, granola, rice, shredded wheat, ect. We avoid corn and soy as well. We add dried fruits, frozen blueberries, bananas or whatever we want and then to sweeten we use agave or sometimes honey.

*We don't buy regular chips but for a treat we'll buy sweet potato chips. They're GOOD!

*We enjoy making our own sorbets with frozen fruit & coconut milk and I'll buy the boys Popsicles as a special treat but I try to avoid food coloring and dextrose, ect.

*MY favorite treat is frozen fruit (mango, pineapple, blueberries, raspberries, black berries) over Ezekiel or granola and top with organic coconut milk and agave or honey. IT'S AWESOME!

*oh and we buy spelt pretzels... they're yummy!

I'm sure there is more... i'll update or post if I think of more.

Q: I just read your blog regarding giving up TV. Is it something your hubby was on board with as well? Because I would love to keep the TV off, but I don't think he'd go for it. We have a 10 month old he isn't too attached to the TV. He loves his Barney, but that's about it. Hoe do you suggest I confront and handle the confrontation I KNOW I will get from my hubby? I figure if I at least keep it off while I am home alone with him, it's better than nothing right?

A: Switching off the TV wasn't that hard for us because both my husband and I don't want TV. We don't have cable so there ISN'T anything to watch except movies. I think if your husband is NOT interested in giving up TV maybe you could compromise. Ask him to pick his favorite 2 shows or maybe just ask him to limit his TV until after the kids are in bed. I like to watch my *gasp* soap on the computer once a week just to keep caught up and hubby and I was a few shows on the laptop in bed occasionally. We aren't weekly watchers... it's more like when we're in the mood we'll catch up on a show. If you hubby is really not going for it, you'll have to decide if it's a battle you want to fight or now. Personally I wouldn't... I would just try to influence him the best I could and cut the TV off during the day. At least there are some boundaries. If your kids grow up NOT watching TV all day they will likely not be interested in it even if Dad does watch in the evening.

Q: Do you do any dairy? And if not, what do you do about calcium?

A: We try to avoid dairy and don't buy any except occasionally a block of cheese for a specific meal.
Calcium is found in many natural sources including vegetable sources.

Eggs, salmon, and tuna are rich sources of calcium. Beans are all rich sources of calcium and provide 60 mg – 250 mg of calcium. There is also calcium in grains such as oatmeal & others.

Lots of veggies have calcium... kale, turnip greens, mustard greens, broccoli, spinach, okra, cucumber... most DARK GREEN veggies have calcium. Half a cup of each of these vegetables provides up to 110 mg of calcium. Blackstrap molasses is high in calcium. 1 tablespoon of blackstrap molasses is 180 mg of calcium.

Q: what are your thoughts on "juice plus"?

A: We've never taken juice plus but my father does and I have heard very good things about it. It is a supplement so you can't just take those... you also need to try to eat all those veggies. It's just nice to have the added benefit especially now days when it's so hard to get all the nutrients out of the veggies and fruit we buy at the store.

Q:Do you own a t.v.?

A: We do own a TV... we have one in the front room (our family room). It is in a locked TV cabinet and we only use it to watch occasional movies or play Nintendo. Which right now is higher than normal. *grin*

Q: Are you going to have the twins names match, start with the same letter, rhyme, 4 letters each ect?

A: I don't really know... I don't want to them to start with the same letter or to sound very similar. I just want them to flow together. Like a first and middle name would. We'll just have to wait and see! *grin*

Q: After some point in time, will you post all the names that you are willing to choose from, from the list of names given above or will you just eventually post the names that you have chosen for your babies?

A: Nope... and really... even if I did... the chances of the babies being named off of the list are very slim. We have always had a list and NEVER named our boys off of it. You'll hear their names soon enough... only 6-8 more weeks. Yippeee!

Q: Why don't you read and comment on my blog? Okay... no one really asked me this but I thought I would say....

I wish I COULD read ALL of your blogs and leave comments. There just ISN'T enough time in the day. I try to keep up on blogs but it's hard, as I'm sure you all know. I have a few I keep up on and I do add some new ones to the list occasionally. When you comment I'll click on your name and look at your blog. I try to say Hi and keep in touch when I can but it's just hard. I'm sure most of you understand. Please don't have your feelings hurt if I don't check out your blog. I really wish I could read them all! :)

any more questions?? *grin* Keep me busy on 'couch' rest.


  1. Wow! Thanks for all the q and a on organics.. we are just starting to dabble a little and it was great to see all of the snack ideas. Oh, what in the world will my kids do w/o Goldfish? I guess they will survive! :o)

  2. I love these question and answer posts! It was fun to get to know you a little bit as I am new to your blog. Are all your boys home all day with you for the summer? Or do you have a break with a day camp or VBS or other activity?

  3. We eat SO MUCH fruit around here. A lady actually laughed at me at the grocery store (I know. So nice) when she saw the amount of fruit we had. One more reason I LOVE summer! Yay fruit!

  4. I love hummus and am so mad that I didn't get any at the store this week! ARG!

    Wow, you did get a lot of baby name comments! Good luck choosing when you see their sweet faces!

  5. I have a question!!!
    Did you cloth diaper your babies? And do you plan on cloth diapering the twins?
    I'm looking into it right now with my baby and we bought our first I'm intrigued. :)

  6. Thank you for taking the time to answer all the question! I look forward to see picture of you new little one's and hearing the names!

  7. Hi there! I haven't commented lately, but I am still checking in to see how you are doing! :) You look ADORABLE, girl!!!!
    Thanks for the Q&A and advice! I, too, am soooo anxious to see pics and hear the names of those little ones!!! Soooo exciting!!!! :)) Oh, I also must add that I can't wait to find out the "sex" of the little ones also!!!!!!!!!!!! :))

    I had one question for ya! I just wondered about your extended families. Do they live near you?? Are you close w/both families, etc. Do you and hubby have siblings? Just curious! :))

    Take care! Love reading your blog!!!

  8. YAY! Good questions (and answers)!
    Ok, I do have a question (along the same lines as hubby and the tv). I would love love love to go organic, and I'm slowly making it there. My husband, though, isn't really interested in giving up his processed foods, nor is he interested in eating meals without meat (I don't really cook red meat, which means he requires chicken pretty much every day) ever (seriously). Any thoughts on how to nudge him along? I hate to do it by myself, cause I want him to be healthy, and I know that once we have kids, they'll eat better if both of us eat well.
    Wow... long comment. The end.

  9. So how long have you and your husband been married???

  10. I was actually shocked that you did come to my blog!I feel so special! Seeing how many people read your blog, me being one of them, you seem like this far off celeberty that lets us have a glimpse into your life! I know you are just a normal person like us all, but.....I still feel special that you comented on mine.
    I can't wait to see your beautiful babies, and see what they are and whay you name them. Are your boys excited for the new arrivals?

  11. Here is a question for ya. Have you done anything to prepare your boys for the upcoming new arrivals? Such as discussions or books to prep them for changes in the household, etc.

  12. I've visited a few times. So glad to hear everything is going so well!

    I'd like to know what supplements you take while pregnant. I'm a vegetarian too and am preparing for baby #3. Thanks!

  13. Do you have a grocery budget? We love all of the stuff you eat, but have to eat it sparingly...the good stuff can get expensive! We try and eat healthy, natural, creative, tasty....but it's difficult to stay within the confines of a budget. Do you do Costco or Sams Club? If so, do you find it saves you $?

  14. i have two questions

    what is your religion and was is your feeling about it?

    and also where do you buy your childrens clothing they look so cute!

    I cant wait to see your beautiful babies have a happy and healthy rest of your pregnacy! :)

  15. i have a question what is your daily rutine or schudule?

  16. I like when you do these posts :)

  17. Love the Q & A post! Thanks for sharing.

    Do you have a grocery budget? If so do you mind sharing what it is (don't worry i won't be offended if you don't want to share) How do you plan meals? How often do you got grocery shopping (when not on bed rest) and do you take the boys?

    Just wondering,

  18. Oh I forgot to ask if you could do a post sometime (or maybe just email me if you don't want to do a whole blog about it - pretty please!) on how you do you own web design/layout. Is it hard? Could I do one for my blog? I love your by the way!



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