My arsenal of supplements

Each morning I fill my little dish with vitamins and supplements and take them through the day. It works, I don't forget and I never have to wonder if I've taken them all yet. Well until 7 weeks ago my pile was a mere 7 pills. NOW... it's an wopping 27 pills, 2 ounces & 3 scoops. It sure does seem like a lot to take.... BUT.... I feel SO MUCH better when I'm taking everything I need. The bulk of those pills is calcium... 16 a day... um.... I guess that's what happens when you are pregnant and nursing for 7 years, oh yeah, and pregnant with twins.

Just thought I would share... I know some of you are supplement lovers like me and others think they are a waste of money. *gasp* It's taken me years to find the best ones & the best combination.

Let me know if you have any questions about them... for those who don't think i'm loony. Ha!
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  1. That is a whole lot of pills, but I am a strong believer in supplements too, I just haven't found enough reliable information to make any decisions on which ones to take. There are so many out there that really don't do much. Do you take a multi-vitamin? I am looking for a good one to take.

    Oh, and I love the new header!

  2. And I thought what I've been gagging down was a lot!!

    *To good health & feeling GOOD!*

  3. We use allot of those same brands. I don't take near enough...but I try my best! I'm much better about taking them though when I'm pregnant. How do you feel about herbs? I took allot of red raspberry leaf concoctions while pregnant with all three of my boys. I never had any premature contractions and had overall awesome health while pregnant! My babies were all SUPER healthy too. Except for maybe my last, but he was 3 weeks early- by induction. Did I mention they were extremely large too?! They were- 11 1/2 pounds, 10 lbs 4 oz. and 8 lbs 6 oz (he was the early one...). I've always wondered if it was the herbs and my excellent health that made them into such large, healthy,happy babies. Just a thought... ;)

  4. LOVE the new logo! It is super chic! far as taking do need all the help you can get I'm sure so swallow away! Congrats again (from a de-lurked lurker).

  5. I definitely don't take what I should. I should take some lessons from you! :)

  6. I'm with Kathryn, I do have a multi-vitamin that I can't remember to take daily. Lessons it is!

    PS - I love your new header, too!!

  7. Wow! And I have trouble remembering to take ONE. You're right, though. They most definitely make you feel better. I can tell when I miss taking mine . . .

  8. I'd like to read more about the type/brand/amount of calcium you take. I am nursing too (1.5 years "only" so far) but plan on getting pregnant with #2 soon. I also don't drink milk (just unfortified rice milk... the fortified stuff has too many ingredients I'm not comfortable with, like carreggegan). I know I need to be taking more calcium. Right now I just take 3 pills a day, 2 of 500 mg and one is a calcium/magnesium/vitamin D.
    I really enjoy reading about nutritional stuff on your blog!! Especially about MSG being Yeast Extract, yeesh I never would have figured that out on my own.

    - Simone

  9. Also I'd be interested in how much folic acid you take? I just take the regular dose of 400 mcg, but my friend is pregnant and her naturopath recommended she take 5 mg. Just curious.


    - Simone

  10. Hi! I found you through Aleah's blog... I just have to say having twins is AWESOME! We had three bio boys and now have nearly finished adopting twin girls.

    Congratulations! I can't wait to see whether you'll have girls or boys. We nearly got twin boys, but the next day were offered girls. God is amazing~either would've been wonderful. I wanted to mention that I *heard* that a Dateline show or the like (other news related show) said that they recently found a set of boy/girl twins to be identical. I know, doesn't make sense, and is highly unlikely, but it's been proven. Something fun to think about!


  11. I need a good calcium supplement. NO POWDER tho. a pill form preferred. whats a good one I could take? I dont want to have to many to take.. cause honestly I forget to take my supplements as it is.. and I only take like 2.

    But I do need a good calcium one!

  12. The calcium I take is in the form of chlorophyll. I found that it works better than any other form of calcium I have ever taken. Plus, I get all the amazing mineral and vitamins that chlorophyll contains already. 6 a day for me!

    I, for one, don't think you are loony at all. Smart, yes.


  13. How do you know which ones are "good" and which ones aren't? I have had various chiropractors who recommend certain brands and tell me others are junk, but I never feel differently after switching. I agree with others...I would love your suggestion of a good multi-vitamin.

  14. You're not a loon. My daily cocktail of supplements looks nuts, too. I feel better now (at 35) than I did without supplements at 25. I honestly feel as though there's something to my nuttiness. lol :)

  15. I would like some more info on what type of supplements you take and what they are for. I do not take anything currently but I am tired a lot and know my body is needing something.

  16. Love to read your blog.
    Please I need a bit of help!
    I really want to improve my way of eating, hope you can help PLEASE!
    I'm in Europe in France so many of those things that are not good in the States will be fine here.
    I have 5 children and I feel constantly tired, have migraines (big headaches).
    I try to not eat sugar! my big ennemi for the moment.

    I eat cheese for the calcium (no milk)
    If I don't eat cheese how to supplement the lack of calcium (my sister did it and just after 5 months her teeth are in a very very bad shape! so it's scary!) You don't eat cheese because of the bad things that humans put in it like hormones or do you have another reason?)

    I eat whole grain wheat (make my own bread) and try to eat veggies and fruit at each meal (one or the other)
    Well I would like to take supplements.... someone showed me RELIV. Do you know that?
    It's super expensive for us!! just can't!
    Can't eat much of organic it's too expensive.
    I go to bed at 10 and wake up at 7 (with 2 baby feedings) and if I don't do that I'm tired and I even need a nap sometimes!
    Do you know wheatgrass???

    Well could you help please
    I plan to be pregnant again and would like to be in better health!

    other info maybe helpful! I homeschool and don't go much outside!
    Like runing errand visit people etc....
    My husband is a great helper.

    Well hope you can help me? any advice of supplements
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    how about meat?


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