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**warning this boring health stuff**

So the last month or so I've felt good but not GREAT... and YES I do know I'm pregnant with twins and taking care of 4 other children. BUT this felt different... I honestly felt as though I was either eating something I shouldn't OR not eating something I should. So at my monthly chiropractor appointment I mentioned to her how I had been feeling along with the note that I have been craving (which does NOT always mean your body needs it) carbs more than normal... pasta, potatoes, breads, ect. Was this normal? Did I need more carbs for my little baby workshop or what? After talking for a while we decided to test my food allergies. And guess what?!? Apparently my body is tightening up the reigns on food and I am now unable to eat...

white potatoes
cow dairy
goat dairy
and a few others that I don't eat such as multiple meats, clams, chlorine, exhaust (Ha!) and a few others

Okay now before you all go WHAT THE HECK... I'll explain a little bit more. These are temporary 'allergies' and allergy really isn't the best word to use. Basically since my body is doing sooooo much... er... growing 2 babies, nursing Ozzie, ect. my body does not have the time or room for foods it can not use. So it's sending me signals when I eat these foods so I will stop eating them. Isn't it amazing what our bodies are capable of. Most of us do have triggers going off all the time but we do not recognize them. It is defiantly a learning curve. I will have to say it has been a long road to understanding and hearing my body to get to this point. Oh, but so well worth it. And I do find it so very interesting the foods my body is cutting out.

Wheat... commercial processed wheat is practically nothingness. It is a far cry from the original wheat God designed. It is soaked in pesticides, chemically treated, incredibly processed and in turn becomes a semi non-food. My body is accepting (that sounds funny) live grain, which is sprouted grains. There is a company that makes sprouted grain bread, english muffins, pasta and a few other things I think. Once you sprout a grain it turns from a carb into a carb-protein which changes the way your body digests it.

Corn... need I say more... we are corn obsessed, ridiculously insane corn country and we have genetically modified corn so many times I don't think we can still call it corn. The ONLY corn we buy is non-gmo organic corn and that... is HARD to find. I was going to bring our favorite corn chips in that are non-gmo and organic and have her test those because what she tested me with was just plain commercial corn.

Soy... you've heard my rant on soy so i'll stop here. But if you haven't and want to read more you can check out here and here

white potatoes... besides the fact that they are gmo and GLOW underground so farmers know when to water them. They lack a lot of vitamins and minerals... especially compared to the oh so wonderful sweet potato (which I can eat)

cow dairy... "all the evidence about cow's milk shows it to be a nutritional disaster for the human body: it's missing essential oils necessary for brain function, it lacks critical minerals (like magnesium) needed for the human body, and worst of all, practically all human beings are allergic to cow's milk, which is why the substance causes so much asthma, chronic sinus infections, and constipation"

goat dairy & mushrooms... these both caught me by surprise. While I do not consume these on a regular basis, we would buy goat cheese and use sparingly and mushrooms on occasion. I have yet to do some research on both of these. I am pretty sure she didn't use organic samples to test me so I have a feeling that non-organic goats products are not so good. And mushrooms.... just don't know.

So... if you know me you know I'm a bit rebellious and I tend to do what I'm told not to. So... the night she told me all of this I came home and made wheat spaghetti with chickpeas, spinach, tomatoes, pine nuts, and olive oil on top. Oh YUM... but OH MY... about an hour after I ate I didn't feel the best. We were walking to the park and I started to feel tired and just blah. Shortly after we got home I started getting a headache (my bodies way of telling me to not eat something... we all have different ways). So... Wheat no good. Then the next day I was out with some girls for a birthday dinner and we were at a Mexican restaurant... oh chips and salsa... I LOVE chips and salsa. I ate them and the next day... I didn't feel good. So... Corn no good. I'm just going to leave the rest alone and trust that I do NOT want to feel bad and my body needs much more important foods right now. This was almost 2 weeks ago and I have to say these last 2 weeks I have felt great.

Who knew what we ate affected how we feel? Ha! Can't your car run on water and pop? *grin*
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  1. I just stopped eating wheat, corn, soy, white potatoes and cow dairy 6 weeks ago. I have to say cutting out wheat and cow dairy especially have made a huge difference. We use spelt and rice products mostly now, as well as organic goat feta or mozzarella. I love spelt. There is a great recipe for whole grain spelt chocolate chip cookies at Nunweillers Flour Co. website. I make them with rice milk and they turn out amazing. About cows milk, I have read a bit about the "wonders" of raw cow dairy and how products from raw unpasteurized organic milk (cow & goat) don't cause allergies like the non-organic pasteurized stuff does. Thoughts on that? Unfortunately raw milk is illegal to buy and sell here in Canada. Seems like a silly law to me.


  2. Can a regular doctor test for these food allergies? Or do you need to go to a chiropractor?

  3. I don't know a 'regular' doctor would test you for all of these... and honestly I don't think I would trust their results. The way our holistic chiropractor tests is through muscle testing. So people think it's hocus pocus but I am living proof it's not. :) I can send you more info on it if you need.

  4. My body can't tolerate, wheat,soy and cow dairy (we go to a holistic chiropractor too). Sigh...I still eat it and I have problems. I need to stop- when I do I feel so much better! I'm trying...really I am...! Good luck- maybe you can stick to it- unlike me... =(

  5. Love the bump in the photos!:)

    My dad just had that blood test done, to see which foods he can't tolerate and I couldn't believe the list he had!! It was amazing... and really weird things, too. Like green peppers. Who is intolerant to green peppers?!?! But since he's been eliminating those things he's felt much better, has lost weight, and many other positive things! The human body is just amazing!

  6. And people look at me like I am crazy for eating the way I do. But I don't care - I know what I put in my body directly affects how I feel. I am super sensitive to what I eat.

    Sounds like creativity will be your new best friend!


  7. I love your thoughts on food! We could grocery shop at WF together ;)
    I had dairy and wheat cut out of my diet for about a year and it was the best I ever felt. I've been pretty bad in the past year or so but we do keep corn products, partially hydrogented oil and artifical stuff out of the house.
    I don't know how you do it when you're pregnant. I would eat anything I could keep down :0

  8. Have you ever had muscle testing done for your boys? It's fascinating stuff and very good to know when you're breastfeeding, but I bet you already knew that.

    As soon as my life settles down I'm going to be better about keeping the bad stuff out of the house. Thanks for inspiring me!

  9. See I think if I started listening to my body it would just kill me for pay back. I think I've got it pretty under control, years of beating it into submission seem to do the trick.

    But I have a question haha...what can mom and dad cook for you guys these days when you come over? I feel like what used to be a normal meal might inadvertently poison you

  10. You have so much amazing information and I want to follow everything you say, but I'm totally overwhelmed!!!!

    I'm still working on the plastic post a few months ago!

    I have so many questions :-(

  11. We just cut corn, baker's yeast, dairy, eggs, strawberries, tomatoes and mangoes. It's an interesting challenge - corn is in EVERYTHING. Corn is is RICE VINEGAR. And I'm getting some "that muscle testing this is all nonsense" flack from people who've never seen my daughter cry from her diaper rashes. They can bite me. I'll cut what I need to from our diets to get her healthy.

    (my post on this: http://twinkies.bastetweb.com/2008/04/21/the-homeopathy-dance/)

  12. Hey-
    We don't know each other, but
    I was randomly blog searching (instead of studying for finals) and came across your blog. It first intrigued me because of beautiful family and it just amazed me that you are going to have 6 children under 7! Anyways- I was reading this post and read the part about cow's milk causing sinus infections and such. I currently have a sinus infection and usually milk, more specifically ice cream gives me ear infections. No one believes this is the real cause. SO, do you have any information I could read about this. I know it is true for me!

    Hope you don't think I'm a weirdo. :)

    oh and you could either leave a comment on my blog, or my email is roseannalynn@bluefrog.com



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