four hundred and what?

Oh I just LOVE Google reader… I put in the address of the blogs I like to keep up to date on and it tells me when there is a new post. Wonderful right? It’s perfect when you check it daily or every few days even. Very manageable and doesn’t take too much time. Well… after vacation I… uhhh… didn’t check it for a while and when I did. Wow! 476 blog entries to read. Holy Cow… you girls can post! I really do think I read that many blogs… and there were a bulk from food, health, and bible study type blogs. But there were lots from you too. So…. I sat down and read all 476 entries………….. HA HA HA! Yeah… I actually hit “mark all as read” and moved on. I’m so very sorry if you had something wonderfully important to say. I hope I didn’t miss too much.


It IS so nice to be back in blog land… what would I do without it.


  1. I just started using Google Reader. I like the concept but it does have a way of making me feel like I'm behind on homework.

    Welcome back.

  2. I had to do the same when we got back...
    *Click* and I was nice and caught up! I like that. ; )

  3. After I read this post, I couldn't believe that I had never heard of Google Reader! You got me hooked. I gave you a shout out on my blog.


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