and what did we did when we got home...

we laid on the hammock in the beautiful sun and talked on mom's new phone... well... Gavin did at least

yes... I do have a new phone... thanks to Shelly who saved my butt again by giving me her old phone since she got a new one.

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  1. That's awesome that she gave you her old phone. You needed one bad. And now that you have that one you will probably find your other one Ha!

  2. Hey- my pleasure! Except now Ava doesn't have phone that matches mommy's! She'll take it when you're finished with it... :-)

  3. You and I have the same phone. :) I just got it last week...mainly because it is pink (I'm a sucker for pink!). BTW...holy posting! You were gone on vacation and I kept checking but stopped when I didn't see any new posts. I decided to check back tonight and there are a billion posts! I have some catching up to do. :)


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