I told you...

I was going to get back in the kitchen. I'm sure you all understand NOW why I was on a cooking strike. But I'm feeling hungier and definaly ready for some good food. And, I made chicken again... and it was good. My friend Shelly made this up and Gavin had it while he was over there one evening and he LOVED it so I thought I would give it a shot. It really was delish! I cringed a bit while preparing the free range organic already cut into strips chicken but I did it. We aren't eating a lot of chicken, maybe once every few weeks but it's a nice change. I'm just so glad we stopped eating soy, I wish I could take it all back but I can't. I really thought it was a good thing for us at the time. It's amazing how much health information changes. This really wasn't supossed to be a post about soy... but I have to say this. STOP EATING IT, PUT DOWN THE SOY! It's horrible, espeically for boys and men and babies... oh the soy formula, horrid, horrid it is. I know some people don't belive me and they think... I've read tons of health benifits on soy. Well, so have I but I've read more on the negatives and I've felt the negatives and since cutting it out of our diet I have felt SO MUCH better.

okay i'll stop the soy ranting... just please put it down and don't ever pick it up again! *grin*


  1. Thank you for this--we eat very little dairy and I am so tired of taking my boys to the dr and getting hounded because I DON'T give them soy milk in its place (we load them up with veggies instead). I just never felt right about it. I haven't done the research, but maybe I will now...

  2. Ha--love it. :) Do you drink almond milk?

  3. We drink almond and rice milk... it's so good, the boys love it.

  4. Amen sister!
    Couldn't have said it better myself.
    Would you mind if I linked to this post sometime? I love how you share your heart without being preachy. We have the same ideas on lots of natural living things, but I stink at posting about it because I always worry about how it will be perceived.

    Note to self: get a backbone.

  5. I'm severely allergic to soy and I'm assuming my boys are too. So no soy here. The baby is allergic to soy and dairy so he gets rice milk. He loves it! My hubby once tried giving him (the baby) a taste of soda (I know really, really terrible...we hardly ever have it in the house- maybe twice a year). He hated it! He took one sip and threw his sippie cup on the floor. He wanted his rice milk! He was happy when I gladly threw out the soda and replaced it with the said rice milk. All was right in the world again. Honestly, I don't like rice milk...it's too watery. I don't like cow's milk either...just not my thing. My choice of beverage? Water,water, water...and sometimes tea. Anyway, don't know why I got into all that...lol...have a great day!

  6. When I read what you said about it a few months ago...since then whenever I hear Moms talk about how their baby's are on soy instead (like it's better) I just cringe.

    Chicken really grosses me out also. If I prepare & cook it I can't eat more than a bite of what I made. If someone else cooks it I'm okay.
    What is it about chicken that bothers you?

  7. Okay so not to be rude but if you couldn't breastfeed what kind of formula would you give your baby. Milk based? Just wondering. Do you think regular milk is better than soy milk? And can you post something again about immunizations. I took Brilyn to the Dr. today and I didn't want to get her shots in light of all the recent info, so I didn't. But even though I don't want her to get autism I don't want her to get diptheria, rubella, mumps, measles, polio, etc. What a dilemma. I was thinking you said when they are older it is better, but it seems to be the 18 mo. or 2 yr. shots that bring on the autism?? Did you see the recent news about it? Oh yeah, no tv. Anyway, I am going to research it since the Dr. asked if we are becoming hippies. She has some eczema like Cole did or really dry skin so I asked him how often to bathe her. So he said what no baths, no shots are you becoming hippies. Normally he is really funny, but I didn't really like that joke. Any other moms that read Brittany's sight what are you doing about immunizations?

  8. So true about the soy... I had started looking into it cause my toddler doesn't like beans or meat, but once I started reading about the negatives it was enough for me to decide never to touch the stuff!! And it's amazing how many products contain soya lecithin! Hard to find something that DOESN'T have it in it!


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