I blinked again...

and another amazing little boy turned FOUR. Man, it goes fast. After writing Vance's birthday post I feel like I've said it all... we are SO BLESSED to have Gavin in our family. He puts a smile on my face each and every day. He is so fun, so loving, so energetic. I love seeing his genuine happy face each and every morning. Of all the kids (so far) I think I will remember Gavin's 'sayings' the most. He always has something amazing to say... something that will make you laugh, make you think, make you amazed and make you smile. He is always there to be my little helper and is really starting to enjoy being a big brother to Ozzie. They are becoming quite the little pair. If you know Gavin you know his love for tractors and boy does that love just keep on going. I can't wait to see if he really follows his love as he grows. It's inside of him so deep and it's such a part of him. Oh how I love my boys and I love being a part of their life... watching them grow and bond and learn to live for Jesus.

So happy 4th birthday wild thing... you make my heart sing and I LOVE you!

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  1. Wow! Two B-days at once!

    Happy Bday!

  2. Happy birthday (just a few days ago, right? A month or so later than Vance?) to you, too, Gavin!!

    It's so neat to see your genuine love and admiration for your boys, Brittany. What a wonderful mom you are.

  3. Wow, my other son who turns 4 this year has a birthday right at the same time that his brother will be turning 6. Too funny!

    Happy Birthday buddy!

  4. Happy Birthday Gavin!
    It is great to read your post, your boys are all so different and wonderful. You have definately been Blessed!

  5. Happy Birthday Gavin. They share a birthday? Very cool!

  6. Happy 4th Birthday!
    I love what you've written about your boy!

  7. Another birthday? Oh my, I can't keep up! Hope Gavin had a good one! (Love his name, especially since I have a Gavin too! ;)


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