Weekly Wrap

another week... another weekly wrap. Aren't you excited!?!

Well... what did we do this week? Um... we got a dog! Sadie is great, she's still sweet and cute and setteling in well. She's not eating very much and likes to whine and cry at Paul (only). I have to admit is kind of funny to watch someone follow him around whining and fussing for something. You know... since I have 4 of those myself. Ha! She hasn't bolted out the door which was one of our biggest concerns because of what happened with Buddy. Oh and McD's isn't good enough for us... but apparently it is good enough for the dog. Paul took Sadie through the McD's drive through yesterday and bought her a hamburger. She loved it.... but I don't think it helped with the whining and following him around part.

I've been fighting a sore throat for the last 3 days.... it only hurts when I swallow and if you know me you know I LIKE TO EAT so not being able to swallow totally SUCKS! I've almost finished a whole box of Traditional Medicinals Echinachia throat coat. First time I've used this, my friend suggested it, and it works great while you're drinking but I don't know that it last long enough. Paul dug up some echinachia root for me and that helped a lot.

I have been receiving lots of emails asking for more health info. So I promise to start posting more about our lifestyle and tips that hopefully you all can use. The road to health and knowledge has been long and tedious but incredibly beneficial and empowering... I am still learning each and everyday and I know how hard it is to discern between the truth and the lies. My goal by posting about this stuff is to encourage you all to realize your health is in your control and it doesn't have to be expensive and hard and disappointing. So stay tuned.

I've also receive many emails asking about my photography, my camera, my lenses and general photography tips... so I'll try to post more about that soon.

My music poll ended and the verdict is that you all like my music... i'm so happy! I just didn't want anyone to stop reading because they were annoyed with music coming on everytime they opened my blog. Not everyone is obsessed with music like me. :)

i didn't win the photo contest.... i guess i don't know enough people.... but it has motivated me to try out some REAL photography contest. So we'll see what happens. Not that I think I'm all that great but I love photography and I love learning more.

oh and I think my blogger problems are fixed... thank goodness... I was going to get annoyed. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

peace out, BC


  1. Lucky Sadie!

    Glad your music stays. : )

    Hope you feel better! Sore throats stink.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hey! Seeing the blue in the glass reminds me...weren't we supposed to see photos a while back of how the bathroom turned out? Did I miss it? For some reason, I have this remembrance that there was blue glass involved...? Or, maybe that was just me.

  3. Aw, a new puppy! What fun!

    I love the shot above and I didn't get to vote in your poll, but YES to music is always my thinking. :)

  4. Yeah a dog! I bet the boys are thrilled. Every boy needs a dog. So cute!
    Just so ya know, I voted for your photo every day. You SOOOO deserved to win. But you are right, it was more how many people you know. They should have had all the photos showing instead of making you go to every single person's blog.
    Anyway, your photos was the best!

  5. so sorry about your sore throat... hope you are feeling healthy and happy soon!

    ps: if you have time, swing by my blog- i'd love if you'd weigh in on a topic for me :)

  6. Yay, Sadie! How lucky she gets to eat McD's! haha.

    I am SO sick of sickness!! I hope it ends for you, soon! :)

    I didn't make it to Calico- btw. I am not sure Tues is going to work for us. I was able to join a women's bible study, that night. So... doing that, and play group on Wed (which is at our church, btw... and I've been meaning to invite you!), I am not sure I can fit one more thing in that day. Thanks for the invite! Maybe next year??

    Anyway- have a wonderful weekend! :)

  7. Glad you added to your family! We have a dog named Katie - she was my first daughter.

    Sorry about the sore throat and the contest. You're the winner in my opinion.

    I love the health info - still wondering about soy. Ella and I don't eat meat - what do you suggest for protein?? We eat beans everyday and whole wheat pasta almost everyday, too. Lots of fruits and veggies. I thought I was careful, but you take careful to a whole new level! I'll be checking in for nutrition updates!



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