i could SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’ve had a great evening out and about and I took lots of cool pictures. I just went to take another picture after we got home and my camera said “error CF” well I don’t a CF card but I have a microdrive and that is apparently what it meant because all of my pictures…… are gone…….. the drive is dead, it just grinds in the camera. OH MY HOLY BATMANS! I’m so SO so SO upset. I had 200+ pictures of there from the last few days. It’s not like me to not empty my camera daily but I didn’t and now I’m REALLY kicking myself.

I just hope it magically let’s me upload the pictures off of it and then it can really die… be dead… whatever… I’ll buy a new drive I just want these pictures!!!!!!

Okay….. pEaCe out!


  1. OH MAN!

    I hope you got the pictures... doesn't technology make you want to poke yourself repeatedly in the eye sometimes.


    Good luck!

  2. oh dear! what a stinky situation! hope you find a way to get them off the camera!

  3. No. Way.

    That bites. I'm so sorry.

  4. Oh I know how you feel. About 3 months after my son was born, the hard drive on our computer crashed. Normally I would back up all our files, but being home with my first baby... it just was not much of a priority. Until I realized that ALL of the photos from his birth, and the first 3 months of his life were/are gone.

    We still have had no luck getting them back. Thankfully my parents had some of the better photos saved.

  5. I would seriously cry! I really hope you get those pictures back!!

  6. I have given you an excellent award, c'mon over to pick it up :-)

  7. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRgh! I'm so sorry! I'm sure it doesn't help that your throat feel like sandpaper, either!

  8. Oh Noooooo!!! That is the worst! I've had that happen. I am so sorry!


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