it's going wild


so I'm still trying to figure this template thing out. OY! Those of you who saw it last night I am so sorry. Ha! I'm stopping for now because I simply can't give my blog anymore time without taking it away from my kids. So even though it's not anything like I was hoping for it will have to work for now.

My blog is freaking out… I’m TRYING to play with a new template design and I’m making it on my own and it’s been years since I’ve worked with code. OY! So please excuse the mess while I play in my free time today. Ha!


  1. you know, when I'm all alone in the kitchen cooking my lunch, and the boy is down for nap, I just go over to your blog to listen to the music! I kind of "dance around" while I cook!

    Thanks for providing my lunch-time tunes!

  2. :)

    lookin' forward to whatever you end up with!

  3. I like the brown background...very soothing. I'm thinking of changing my blue after winter, it's just a bit too...icy!

    Take care and have a good evening!

  4. I like it--although the light blue font is hard to read.

    I'm so impressed you can do it yourself. I would be so afraid I'd mess something up (never having worked with code) permanently.

  5. Cool! I love the new look- it looks great! Good job! This must be the week for new templates...even though I think you 'customized' yours more than I did. I'm just not that computer 'literate'. It was a challenge to even get mine to where it is now. =P Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  6. It looks great!!! I love the "title" part, and agree with the comments on brown being soothing!


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