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I sure wish life would just S-L-O-W down! December always goes by so fast... with so much to do... so much to see... and just SO MUCH of everything! I'm still in shock it's been a year since little Ozzie became apart of our family. Anyway... about our week!

Ozzie started walking all over the place... he has been ABLE to walk for a few weeks now but he chose crawling because he is FAST on all fours. This is very new... the other 3 boys were walking by 9-10 1/2 months and they were never master crawlers because they worked on walking more. Not O.Z. he's master every bit of crawling and can get from here to there in .4 seconds. He's accepted the fact that walking is slower but it's very very cool. It's so adorable to see him walking around.

I'm... I'm.... still not done with Christmas shopping *gasp*. We took "the pledge" to only buy handmade or to make... and I added a bit of 're-use' in there. We still have 6 more items to make (I can't tell you what they are because some special someones may be reading). I need to pick up a few things to complete our creations.... and we're leaving town TONIGHT. Oh-My!

I want to clean the house up before we go... I can't standing coming home to a disorganized house... and I REALLY must wash the diapers before we go. :) Then I need to pack for everyone, clean the van out and organize all of our stuff in there. Have I ever told you I have issues with messy vehicles. I like it clean, organized and useful. So... that means I load everything so it's done my way. OY! I really should give up some control here. That's a WHOLE other post!

We're going to Indy for Christmas this year... we're all super excited. Normally we stay home and have just my parents and sometimes Paul's. This year there are 24 people. My mom's 3 siblings and their kids. It's going to rock!

My BROTHER is coming home today... and Paul gets to meet him at the airport because he works right by there. We are all SUPER excited to see him. Watch out Nick... the boys said they were going to tackle you as soon as they saw you. I told them be prepared... you've been in boot camp and you're REALLY strong now.

We made gram-cracker houses, gingerbread houses, candy land houses... whatever you want to call them... today. There were 10 kids and it was wild... but everyone had a blast and loved it. They've already been eaten. Apparently thats just what you do... make... eat....

Okay... i'd better get off and finish up around here.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!
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  1. merry christmas! sounds very busy busy, but also exciting. hope you have a peaceful holiday.

    i'm the same about messy cars!

  2. Good job with giving all handmade gifts!
    I always like to come home to a clean house too. It just bugs me the entire time we're gone to know what I left. Philip thinks I'm nuts when he's loading up the kids and I'm still in the house sweeping or something. : )
    Have a fun and safe trip!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. 10 kids making gingerbread houses! Wow!
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Oh, Ozzie is SUCH a doll-baby!

    Ooooh, great music, too! Thanks!!

    Merry Christmas!


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