speaks to my soul

Music… it’s amazing… truly. It grips your whole being and flows from head to toe like warm blood. It touches every cell in my body. I LOVE music…. Every kind. I love just soaking in the music… it takes me away from all the stress and gets me back to my core. It energizes me from the inside out. I’ve danced with all the boys when they were babies and even now that they are older… but they don’t enjoy it as much as I would have hoped. But Ozzie! Oh boy… he’s a music lover. When I pick him up and there is music on he’ll start moving around in my arms until I dance… and when he’s on the floor he’ll stand up and start moving his little hips and bouncing up and down. It’s so amazing to see the differences in each child. Grayson wants to be a spy and he loves math and science and he AWESOME at math. Vance wants to design concept cars and he loves art and he’s an amazing 5 year old artist. Gavin wants to run construction equipment and he LOVES digging and playing with his tractors… this started when he was 1 and hasn’t gone away in the least. So… maybe my little Ozzie will be a musician. Whatever they pursue I pray that it is something they truly love and are passionate about.

Peace out,


  1. That's exactly what I want for my boys too.. something they are passionate about!


  2. I feel the same way about music. You would love the movie August Rush, if you haven't already seen it. It indulges a music lovers most obsessive thoughts. Love it.

  3. Judah is very much this way - it's like he hers the music in his soul. I love to see his response... he's much like me. Music just speaks to me in deep, deep ways.

    Go Ozzie! You should post a video of him... :)



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