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where did this week go? It's been such a fast pace week... What did we do? Let's see...

My baby started shaking his head no and it's SO CUTE! He's 11 months day and I want to cry... I can not believe it. I don't want him to turn one yet... I'm not ready! So down dagumit!

We've (mostly paul) been working on the downstairs bathroom this week, it has been so small feat, we moved the toilet, moved the sink to another wall, moved the plumbing and electric which meant taking out a good portion of the lower wall, hung bead board and that's where we're at now. Paul still needs to install the sink and toilet and hang the light and mirror and caulk the trim/bead board and then we should be done... oh and I have to touch up paint still. I painted the bathroom *gasp* black! Sounds weird I know... but you'll just have to wait and see... it looks awesome so far!

I miss my GW dearly... he's too busy with trucks, tractors, 4-wheelers, horses, donkeys, nana, papa, Auntie Karen, Cousin Cole, and just being on the farm to even talk to me on the phone! He's LOVING IT! They're coming tonight or tomorrow morning and I can't wait to give him a BIG SQUEEZE!

Our small group is meeting at our house tonight... I love having people over, it should be great fun!

I got a lot done this week with out Mr. super-active-on-the-go-all-the-time-love-a-lot-gavin. I ordered some pictures and they should be hear today... I hung a lot of frames I had sitting in their places but not on the wall so I'm super excited I actually got them up. And we finished Grayson's loft bed. I'll have to take some pictures... it's super cool.

Grayson moved into level F reading and he's doing awesome! We're so proud of him! He got his fathers brains.

Vance was star of the week this week and he was so HAPPY... he got to bring in his webkinz and other animal friends, his bat computer, pictures of the family and today his favorite transformer. Oh and he made a card for a little girl in his class that he really likes (and Vance loves to draw, color, write, paint... and he's awesome at him) Anyway... she didn't want it. :( She told him to throw it away. So he made a better one for another girl in his class. Just a reminder we need to teach our children to accept gifts graciously even if we don't want it.

That's about it...
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  1. I understand the craziness!!!

    I was going to ask if your church had small groups. We were in one, but now the "younger married" groups are not meeting on nights we can meet, and they don't have childcare (or don't allow kids...one of the two).

  2. It's fun reading your weekly wrap! There are so many things I can relate with!
    Small group, reading kids, star of the week, an active boy (Hayden over here), favorite girls : ) Isn't it cute! Hayden has a friend Aleah (crazy, huh?) that he talks about all the time and tells me that she wears pretty dresses!
    BTW - I'm pretty impressed that you both are pulling out sinks & toilets and know how to rewire & replace!!

  3. It sounds like quite a week! Fun, but busy!! I think the black could very interesting - good for you for doing something different!

    I remember the feeling of sadness when Judah turned one. Now I am stuck watching the baby in him slowly slip away... it's terrible.

    Graciousness is such an important skill!
    I am working hard with Eve, teaching her how to have this trait.
    Judah loves to bring her her cup and very often she doesn't want it. We have moved from basically shoving it back in his face (grrr) to taking it and complaining, to now taking it and saying... thank you Judah, then whispering to me - but I don't WANT it! We'll get there eventually. :)

  4. What a fun, busy week!!! Best wishes continuing to get the bathroom done!

  5. Your family is beautiful, Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

    I'm new to your blog, Please feel welcomed to visit mine.



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