here I come...


Just sharing a few pictures of my little cutie... he loves going to the back door, he stands up and hits the door over and over yelling baby words and sounds... it's absolutly adorable. I ran to get my camera and sat down on the floor but as soon as I was at his level he came a crawling. So cute!

Okay... now you all tell me how cute he is! :)
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  1. You're right, he IS cute! And he looks like such a little man in that sweater. Love it!

  2. Okay, I just left a comment on your last post, but I had to leave one here too! Just to say- he is SO cute! I love this age!

  3. I LOVE the last one. HEARTBREAKER!

  4. So stinkin' cute! There is something special about little boys...


  5. Awww, yes, he's sooooo cute! (My computer has finally stopped freezing up when I go to your blog! Yeah!)

  6. Bald is Beautiful, isn't it??!?! So cute!!


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