Another 'stolen' idea...


I'm just full of my own creative ideas today aren't I!?!

I love thinking about things in a new and interesting way... 'almost' everything around us is beautiful... even the ordinary and looking at things with a new perspective is sometimes very eye opening.

7 - the number of mouths I am responsible for feeding everyday

120 - the number of toes and fingers that grace our home each day

36 1/2 - the number of months I've been pregnant

68 - the number of months I've been breastfeeding

140 - the number of months since Paul and I's first kiss

21 - the number of times I clean the pee off the toilet each week

9 - the number of loads of laundry I do each week

4 - the number of times I've left Ozzie with someone else in the last 10 1/2 months

2 - the number of times I've sat down today

100 - the number of dishes I've washed this week... not including cups and silverware

10 - the number of months in a year I wear flip-flops

193 - the number of pounds I've gained while pregnant... total

8 - the number of pounds I need to lose to get back to my pre pregnancy weight

91 - the number of months I've been married

I saw this on her blog...
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  1. AHhh! Nice work! I loved the flip flop one. Totally 100% true for me, too!!! Wow and only 8 lbs. to your prepregnancy weight! Beats 45:)


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