why I don't buy juice....

There happens to be a certain 3 yr. old in this house that can't quite contain himself when there is ANYTHING sweet within 100 feet. So needless to say the juice that wasn't consumed at the birthday party was a hot target for G.W. So I said... okay... since we NEVER buy juice you can just drink it all today and then it will be gone. Mind you it's really only 1 container... but that's quite a few cup fulls for Mr. G.W. here. Unless that is..... you spill it all!!!!!!! First he drops the container out of the fridge... it pours all over...under the stove (never been so thankful our stove isn't in the island yet). I clean that up... pour a glass for *gasp* myself and start to walk outside when I slip in a huge pool of water. If you've ever tried it... flip flops on wet tile floor is like ice skating. The glass of juice went EVERYWHERE. I HATE cleaning up juice. Oh and how that becomes G.W.'s fault once again is because he walked in with his soaking wet swim trunks and made a nice little pool for me. THEN... on Gavin's way outside he apparently 'dropped' his cup on the back steps... I LOVE ants! OY!!!!!!!!

So............ we won't be buying juice for another few years!
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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment! Yeah, I'm beginning to think the heartrate thing is hogwash, too, but when you're pregnant, sometimes you just get interested in things just for the heck of it:) Your boys are adorable...and I love their names!!!


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