May 28th

What was your favorite maternity 'could not do without' items?

That's an easy one.... if you saw me while I was preggo you would probably be able to guess.
1. Old Navy ribbed cotton tanks... I wore them ALL THE TIME along with...
2. Victoria's secret velour yoga pants. I actually wore these the whole time and they weren't even maternity... yeah!
3. Gauchos... LOVE them!
4. Belly band... I was able to wear lots of my pre-preggo pants.
I was all about the 'non-maternity' clothing this time around. Funny thing is... it doesn't seem so great now that i'm still wearing #1, 2 & 3. :)

Crappy picture but you can see the belly band...

and the Gauchos...
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  1. Beautiful pictures! You truly were radiant in them!

  2. I never tried the band, sounds great though! I did the rubber band around the button : )
    I love the pregnany pictures, especially the one of you holding your other boy! Very sweet!


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