I was going through my drafts and found this... it's from April 07. WOW! I just had to share this list... I think I never published because I didn't finish it. OH well!

and his super cute, super adorable sayings...

"and that's finally!!!!!!"
"you're making me nervous"
"I'm freaking out here"
"you're freakin' me out"
"you're not the grown-up" (to grayson and vance)
"you're not the parent, I'm the parent"
"oh-yeah, uh-huh" (he does a little dance with this one)
"i'm 6 years older!"
"do you know who you're talking to? GW!"
"G-duba-you G-duba-me, G-duba-mom, G-duba-dad"
"Cracker head"
"Goodness Grief"
"I'm taking a rest" (normally when you ask him to do something)
and the every night speech... "I just need to tell you one secret, are you working tomorrow dad?"


  1. How cute! Gavin is adorable. :)

  2. awww. that is SO cute!!

  3. That is awesome. Gavin is so cute.

    My husband has a spiral notebook for each child that he keeps beside the bed. He tries to write down most of the cute things they say every few days before bed.


  4. They're all so cute, I can just picture him saying those things!! I wish I would remember and write down some of the funny things my boys say. Oh and I love his name, I have a Gavin too=)

    Are you doing a random picture challenge today? I've missed it!

  5. That is just adorable. You'll be so glad you wrote it down. In 15 years, when his sweet little voice is replaced by a deeper one and he stands as tall or taller than you, you can whip out this list and remember... =0)

    Now I'm off to make my own list... because I have the WORST memory in the world... seriously.

  6. You'll be so glad that you have all of those things documented!

    They're all too cute.

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