You Asked it... the health edition 1.0

There are so many questions I'm going to try to answer these in 'sessions'.

I thought that it would be helpful to answer a few underlying questions first... to help you understand where I am coming from and WHY I believe in some of things that we do.

Q: What is your motivation behind sharing all this health info, is it to become superior, to find some meaning to your meaningless life?
A: I truly am sorry that some of you have so completely misunderstood me that you would believe that I am trying to become superior to anyone. And to say I have a meaningless life... well, then you do not know me at all!

I hope I can set the record straight -- so to speak. My main motivation by sharing the health tips, news, info, recipes and such is to help. I wouldn't know many of the things I do about health/nutrition had someone not shared with me... I am simply trying to pass that 'gift' on. There is an abundance of information available out there... some reliable and some not. We need to come together, share our information, discuss and form our own intelligent decisions. What is right for me may not be right for you and like-wise what is not right for me may be right for you and so on. I hope that I can continue to share what I have already learned and the new information that I am continually learning with all of you without it becoming a personal attack each and every time. I am not attacking or judging any of you for the health choices you make. Anyone of you could eat the exact opposite of us, vaccinate their children, not have the slightest care about they put in their body, be the complete opposite of green and I would still respect you, your family and your choices. This is not about being right or being better. It is simply about sharing and helping each other.


Q: Do you follow every health trend you hear, what makes you qualified to know what is right and what isn't?
A: I do not just follow health trends or put my faith in any one place/person or doctor... that is besides God. Every bit of nutrition research, thought and action is directly related to my life. For example -- us cutting Soy out of our diet was the result of YEARS of trying to find a cause to my migraines. If I read something that says green grapes are better for you than red grapes I would not put my full faith in that and start buying green over red. Instead I would read more, check some other health sites, ask our holistic chiropractor, discuss with a friend, discuss with my husband and continue to learn about it until I have a comfortable understanding one way or another. Putting your full faith in one person or place when it comes to nutrition is not a wise choice. Again it goes back to what is right for me may not be right for the next person. Besides Soy {thinking it was good and now bad} I have yet to fall into a 'trend'.


Q: Why do you care so much about food?
A: I'm going to add a comment my husband posted for this answer
"We are definitely making an investment in our health.

The Lord provides ways to sustain when you stand up for your body as a holy place for God to live. That's something worth every ouch of passion and energy anyone could muster.

Everything really is a gift from him and he is VERY passionate about how we use these gifts to the benefit of his kingdom.

Thank you all for loving our family, we offer our lives as a reflection of him and value every life that it touches."

-Dad 'o 6 ;)


Q: So..if you were diagnosed with cancer or your child you would allow them to die instead of doing chemo and/or radiation?
A: Absolutely NOT, if that is what was the best choice to heal myself or my child. I don't look for the cure I look for the cause and go after it and eliminate it as a possibility.... but nothing is completely in our control.
With all that aside if myself, my husband or my child were to have cancer... and I have put a lot of thought into that. A cancer scare is what really kicked off my deep passion for health and nutrition. I would talk with many many many many doctors and find the treatment that we felt would be the best choice.


Q: with all the conflicting info floating around out there about what's good or bad for you, how do you determine what's right?
A: I think I answered this for the most part in another answer above. I try be open minded, continually learning, asking questions, talking with others, using common sense and trusting my choices. There is no way I'm going to be right all the time, but I can try and God knows my heart and my desire to care for my body and my families.


Q:Why does it seem like your way or the highway lately on your blog?
A: I think that my motives have been misunderstood. I am not trying to force my way on anyone. I am simply trying to share what I have learned so that maybe just one bit of information might help someone.


Q: You posted it, does that mean you believe it all?
A: Absolutely not, I do not agree with Mike Adams 100%... I simply read and take bits and pieces for my life. In posting that I assumed that everyone could find something on that list that they agreed with. I never expected anyone to agree with the list 100% I am sorry that some of you felt that way. I do not align myself with him, he is simply one of the many places that I read for health information.


Q: Did you know if you ate healthy you wouldn't have to take all those supplements?
A: Yes, if we ate PERFECTLY... meaning just the right balance of pure, as God created it, foods, we would not need supplements. However most of our food, including fruits, veggies, beans, grains, ect. are not 100% how God created them. Many of them have been sprayed with pesticides, genetically modified, or mineral deficient because of our overused soil.

I have seen the direct result of how my eating effects the supplements that I need to take. While I was preggo with the twins I was very conscious of what I was eating and making sure I was getting enough of what I needed. I watched as my bodies need for supplements actually went DOWN because I was eating so well. And then after the accident when I was not eating nearly as well I watched as my bodies need for supplements went up.

Bottom line it is very hard to make sure you get everything your body needs from the food we have available today... we do not take supplements so that we can not eat healthy.... we just add them to the mix so we can be as healthy as possible.


Q: You and your family seem so healthy, do you have any tricks to keep from getting sick?
A: Eat the best you can, but do not go so far that you are stressing about what you are eating... find balance. Moderation is KEY. A few little 'tricks' we use are...
colloidal silver -- this can take place of nearly ALL antibiotics
Echinachia -- the actual root is the best but if you buy the liquid from the store the best way to tell if it's good quality is that it should make your tongue tingle. Sucking on the root feels like you have a 9-volt battery in your mouth.
Calcium Lactate -- this is an inexpensive immune boosting supplement. We like the Standard Process brand.


Q: You and your family are sick a lot, maybe you should see real doctors?
A: Well, we DO have real doctors and we are not sick a lot. We have been sick more than normal this year however, for me it is due to stress, lack of sleep, not taking my supplements as often as I should, and my body still recovering from the accident. We are normally sick once during the winter and once during the summer.


Q: Why do you hate Doctors so much, were you burned by one?
A: If you've followed my blog for the last year or so you'd know that I have been to the doctor more in the last year than I have my entire life. And I actually have a great deal of respect for all of my doctors -- OB, Peri, Pedi, dentist and Chiro. And I have a very neutral opinion of all the nurses, assistants and non-regular medical professionals that we've worked with through the years. While I may not always agree with them {that would be foolish to always agree} I have never felt that any of them were ignorant or dumb... with the exception of one orthopedic specialist that truly did not know what he was talking about. As I responded in an earlier answer about agreeing with Mike Adams, I do not agree in not seeing any doctors. If YOU feel confident enough in your own education and ability to not see a doctor that is entirely up to you. For us however we DO consult with doctors, not for everything, but when needed. I saw my OB and a specialist my entire twin pregnancy. My children DO see a dentist regularly and visit the pedi when necessary... which is not often. Our main doctor is our Chiropractor whom I visit monthly.


Q:Laughable. Two uneducated people pop out 6 kids and then accuse others around them of being ignorant and being a drain on the environment.
A: Let me set something straight... I am not accusing ANYONE of being ignorant or being a drain on our environment. Despite what some of you may think I do not judge anyone for their health choices. And if you knew our family you would not call us uneducated... especially my husband!


Q: I feel sorry for you kids to have you as a mom, I bet you freak out at them every time they want something not on your "approved" list.
A: Ha! This person CLEARLY does not know me or my family. M-O-D-E-R-A-T-I-O-N. My kids eat candy, baked goods, chips, ice cream, I could go on and on... but they don't do it very often. It's a treat! And trust me if you were to offer my kids something that we don't eat... they might say yes and they might say no, but one thing is for sure, they will most likely tell you about that food and why it is not good for you or maybe it is good for you. I don't just tell my kids what they can and can not eat. We learn, we talk about foods, what they are, what they do for our body and if we should eat it or not. My father had the boys overnight last weekend and gave them bagels with cream cheese, Doritos, spice cake with whipped cream & kit kats. All I said was "have a blast boys, love you"
When it comes to eating healthy we do what we can easily and try to make the best choices but freaking out over food is NOT worth it!


I hope I have answered some of your questions and given you a better insight into why we make the health choices that we do.

Please feel free to ask more questions or just comment... just please be nice. {grin}


  1. I am stunned that people have left such rude comments...I am so sorry about that and want you to know that I enjoy and appreciate what you share. When we blog we open up a little part of our lives for people to see and it is a shame that some people would be so judgemental and disrespectful...really if they don't like your blog, they should find someone that they do like.
    So thanks for letting me share that...I just feel so frustrated that people can't be nicer!

  2. Thank you for this =) I hope it helps clear up some of the confusion that people found in the last post.

  3. I also am shocked that people are being rude in how you raise your family. My thought's your blog, you can post whatever you want on it. If I don't agree or don't like it...I can stop reading it. Too bad others don't see it that way. :)

  4. Say WHAT? Are you seriuos? Are these actual questions from people or are you trying (and succeeding) to make us laugh? Did people actually ask this? Because if they did they clearly have not been reading you. Dur.

    I have never gotten any of these feelings from you. I think you are a mom and dad trying their best to raise healthy children. I do not think you would ever jeopordize your childrens' health by not going to a doctor if it was necessary, but I also think that you trust your instincts and know that doctors can be wrong sometimes.

    AND HELLO! You have six kids and then let me know how often they are sick. With six kids someone is always sick. It seems like your family is hardly ever sick to me.


    People are odd. ;)

  5. I am shocked that some people have been this rude. It's appalling! I certainly can not claim to be the healthiest person in the have me beat hands down. Kuddos to you, but it's not for me. That doesn't make me lash out at you for your choices. Good for you for taking a stand and answering what I consider to be ignorant responses. Some people truly can only have happiness when they are being critical of others.

  6. I am shocked at the amount of rude comments that were made :( If people dont like the way you talk, raise you kids, or blog, DONT come back to your blog! people amaze me sometimes!!
    As I dont live the exact way you do, I respect that you are so open and honest about the way you parent!
    Keep on girl!!!

  7. Thanks :) But after my milk loving comment Im still waiting on the cheese I had ham and cheese omlettes yesterday so Im walking on pins and needles now! And the colloidal silver. Do you take that once you are sick? Im curious because I Hate using antibiotics so my family usually just suffers through whatever the ailment is and if that can help Im game :)

  8. I can't believe some of the questions asked to you! People are so rude.

    It's your life, your kids, your family... you can raise them up whatever way you want to, feed them whatever, take care of them your way.... you don't have to explain why to anyone.

    I'm so shocked people had the courage to say those things to you. I wanted to cry!

  9. crazy. i had a post the other day about what 'works for me'. and man i got one lady who was all crazy at me. i can't imagine being all popular and having more than one person get all crazy!! :0) but god is good and that's all that matters.

  10. Brittany,

    I have to say I started laughing out loud at some of the questions people asked you...or maybe the WAY they were asked! I actually started wondering if you were making them up for effect =) haha...some of them were SO so so so so rude! I can not even imagine why!
    I am SO proud of you in how you answered all of the questions...there was no tone of deffensiveness or rudeness in your responses! WAY TO LET Christ shine thru you! =)

    Thats the things about these blogs...we make ourselves vulnerable to people and then they ATTACK!! aahhh!!

    I am proud of you! =)

  11. I don't always agree with you (I don't even always agree with myself!), but I've never thought any of thought ANY of the thoughts that you addressed.

    You seem to get more than your fair share of weird people commenting! I enjoy your blog and love hearing about your kids (and the pics!). Thank you!

  12. I am a lurker, de-lurking! I love your blog. I love the information you share. I love the pictures of all your babies. I love your love for the Lord.

    People are silly and not nice. Ignore them!


  13. The rude questions, oh my. I think people get defensive when you challenge the way they think.

    As to illness, almost everyone has been sicker than usual this year. What are your thoughts on Triclosan?

  14. All I gotta say is that You Rock Brittany and I think it is so WONDERFUL that you do so much research and are so diligent about your health and your family's health. I wish all parents were this way.

    I have recently read two books that have somewhat changed the way we eat around here (although, you are right about the fruits and veggies, it's hard to get turly pure ones these days!)

    These books are Skinny B*tch (don't have authors names, sorry) and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kinsolver.

    I also want you to know that I have NEVER thought any of these things of you (although you probably already know that!) and that I love the information you give out.


  15. Never commented before, but I love your blog! It just makes me laugh to see some of the comments/questions leave for you- get a life angry people! You certainly fall in the "bigger person than me" category by entertaining & answering them! Keep doing what you do, 99.9% of us enjoy and appreciate it!

  16. Everyone has said what I think too! I can't imagine that people would waste their precious time reading a blog they don't like! Get a life people!! And for a mom with six children to have to take her precious and valuable time to address these morons is ridiculous! Stay off her blog!!!!

  17. I just recently started reading your blog and I like it! I see some similarities between your family and mine. My family is on a journey to be more healthy and I am studying herbs and other alternative medicines. I get a lot of negative feedback BUT what I have found is it is usually from people who just do not get it and sometimes they come around and sometimes not ... changing eating and health care habits is HARD -- I know because it has been a many year process for us so lots of time people take the easy way out by not even listening or learning.

    I have added you to my blog favorites list, hope that is ok? I have enjoyed reading your posts and hope to read some older stuff to catch up!!

  18. Your kids, your family, your blog, your life, your business!! If they don't like what you write they do not have to read nor respond. If you would like to ask a question ask tactfully!! You go Brittany!! In this world where we are struggling with health due to what we put in our bodies you are trying your best to raise your family the healthy way!!

    People should really stop and think about what they are putting into their bodies, most of it is not really what we need to sustain life. Yes, it taste good .. but moderation is always key!! The corn industry is taking over our lives and our food, and some of the ways they get into our food is icky for us and our bodies!! Just stating my opinion.

    Anyhoo!! Everyone is entitled to raise their family the way they choose, no name calling or belittling allowed go somewhere else with that!!

    The end!!

  19. Brittany,
    I think you do a wonderful job of writing about information. Doctors, Chiro's and 'health experts' even tend the change their minds after research. I feel you give your opinion, but hey, it's your blog. We all do the same on ours.

    I agree that our food supply is not as pure as created it to be. We have modified, sprayed, added and 'force fed' the very things that God created to be good for us.

    One author and herbalist I like is Shonda Parker. Check her out sometime if you haven't already. Her books don't only give health facts but also Biblical references.


  20. I'm fairly new to your blog and just read a few of your "thoughts" so far and I don't agree with everything you say. I can't believe you're getting all these rude comments. After all it is your blog and you don't make anyone read it, they're all here because THEY decided to read your blog.

    I like the way you write and how it makes me re-think many of my "set-ways". Hope you keep on posting your view of things.

  21. Wow, I am stunned at some of the previous comments. I think it's pretty obvious to me what your family is about. Why people take everything so personally is very confusing to me.

    I am grateful that there is somewhere out there that there are alternative options being talked about and shared. I am Irish born, and grew up in South Africa, where we ate home cooked meals every day, including breakfast. I grew up knowing nothing but healthy choices like that. And to be fair, fruit in South Africa (right off the tree in our garden sometimes) was much, much, cheaper than it is where we live now. (Washington DC). It's hard to find good, fresh fruit here, unless you go to the farmer's markets which I try to do. You could get a whole box of mangoes in SA for about 2.00 dollars, so it is definitely easier to make healthy choices when you are surrounded by so much good produce and the lifestyle is so much more healthy. When I grew up, there were no fast food restaurants or drive throughs or any convenience foods and the stores shut at 1.00pm on a Saturday! It was a different world. However, my parents and brother still live there (he has three children) and I always notice a difference in the quality of food, particularly fresh fish (and the price) when we visit. Again, it is much cheaper and more assessible to people, which I know is not always the case in this part of the world.

    What it really comes down to is education. I am so open to finding out about everything I put in my body, or any medical treatments that are suggested. I think modern medicine is wonderful, but have used an accupunturist and chiropractor since my children were born and while I was pregnant. It has in my humble opinion, prevented many illnesses and kept us more balanced, along with what we chose to eat and drink. The only reason I say all this, is because while I understand that some people may feel affronted at some of the suggestions in the article, you are not telling people that's the only way to live. You are just sharing what YOU do. And that to me is helpful and educational and wonderful.

    I would never, ever judge my friends either - my children have rarely had fast food and they don't like it. I've had many comments on how paranoid I am, but like your children, my children are simply "aware" of why we do what we do. We too have treats on occasion and they are just that, treats. They don't feel deprived in any way (as far as I know) and are just adjusted to my choices and eat healthily for the most part. I just haven't given them many options.

    The only thing that I do not do right is give them supplements, which I know they should. My main reason for that is that I am a single Mom for the past 2 years and cannot really afford them at this point. I do use herbal medicines from the accupunturist when I need to, but would love to delve more deeply into the supplements out there.

    I just wanted to share my respect for you Brittany. I too, have different ideals about food, TV, education and what's good for my family to about 90 percent of my neighbours and friends. Most of the time, I don't have a problem, but there are always those, who, for some reason see being unique and different to the mainstream as something scary. I honestly feel it stems from fear.

    But, in the meanwhile, thank you for giving us links to natural websites and information and for sharing your own experience. I am deeply grateful for that. It is hard to come by in a very "instant" world. I am nowhere near a perfect Mom either, but I am passionate about doing what is right for me and them. So far, it works! And I need some pics of your girls - I'm having withdrawals!
    :) :) :) :)

  22. Wow! I am shocked at the comments you got! I am so glad you posted this! I would like to know more about the way you guys eat, I would like to do the same. Keep it up!

  23. It's too bad people can't see inspiration when it's right in front of them. Beautiful babies, beautiful family, beautiful faith, and wonderful love for what He provides. End of story.

  24. it is a bit crazy that you get so many negative comments! blogs are a great venue for share lives and information that helps your family...might help others. keep providing the's always take it or leave it with any blog...any friend for that matter, you are doing a great job. it's too bad that people have to be so critical!

    YOU KNOW...people who are overly critical of you are just jealous!

  25. I cannot believe how hateful people are!! It is just so uncalled for. I personally, am so glad to have found your blog. I don't agree with everything but I appreciate the info. I have actually changed a lot of my health/environmental views this past year due to finally doing some research! I look forward to more informative health posts from you! Especially about cheese!

  26. Hi, I have just recently found your blog and have enjoyed it.

    As for this is ashame that someone can come to YOUR blog and be so darn rude! It is YOUR place to write what YOU want to share, YOUR personal thoughts and opinions...I just hate that people are so "ugly". I also have had people be like this with me, when I was on another site. It just turns my stomach. We are here to uplift, support, and pray for one another.

    I think you said it perfectly, and much more nice than I might have when you said:

    "What is right for me may not be right for you and like-wise what is not right for me may be right for you and so on. I hope that I can continue to share what I have already learned and the new information that I am continually learning with all of you without it becoming a personal attack each and every time. I am not attacking or judging any of you for the health choices you make. Anyone of you could eat the exact opposite of us, vaccinate their children, not have the slightest care about they put in their body, be the complete opposite of green and I would still respect you, your family and your choices. This is not about being right or being better. It is simply about sharing and helping each other."

    You keep believing what you believe, and who cares what others think of you! YOu stand your ground! YOu keep doing what is right for YOU and YOUR family!

    Praying that the uglyness stops!


  27. I am brand new to your blog, I've only read a few posts, but I just wanted to say how much I've already appreciated it. After reading your last health post, I was able to have a place to start my own research. I have 5 children(3 boys and twin girls) and in the last 2 years(after my son showed traits of Autism), I began researching and changing our diet and view of many things I had previously left unquestioned. I hope these rude people don't stop you from talking about these things. It is wonderful to learn new ways to keep my family healthy. Thank you for having the courage to withstand these rude comments and help educate those of us who are excited for the info!

  28. OH my I can not believe how the people can be so rude!!!
    The are triyng to attack you and your family.
    I am very sorry, but I also very happy the way you respond


  29. I agree with many of the comments that I'm shocked people would say such mean things! I guess shocked really isn't the word... saddened is a better word for it.
    While I don't have the same "holistic" lifestyle as your familiy.. I would never accuses you of being preachy. I don't do MANY of the things your family does, but still really enjoy your blog.
    IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT... DON'T READ IT! Give me a break - I deal with my kids all day then get to read ADULTS acting like kids!!
    Keep doing what you do and what is right for your family!

  30. You know I'm a fan! Having six small kids is not easy!! You are a great mom! Keep up the good work! I want to share a favorite quote made to mothers ..

    "Do the best you can through these years, but whatever else you do, cherish that role that is so uniquely yours and for which heaven itself sends angles to watch over you and your little ones."
    We can only "do the best we can" the Lord asks nothing else!!!
    You do a great job of staying postive when people are so judgemental and out of line!!

  31. Brittany, I had to get out of my google reader and come comment for you... you are a great mom! I am baffled at all you do in one day with these precious kids. I was really shocked to read these questions you have been asked. I don't follow the same guidelines in my home as you do but I think it is wonderful that you do so much research and follow through with what you believe to be the best for your family! I am glad you share what you know and why you believe in it! Hope your weekend is a good one!

  32. why do people even read blogs if they really don't like them and have so many negative thoughts toward them?

    Anyway my question would be are you guys ALL organic or partially and if so what are the items you ONLY purchase as organinc and which ones can slide.. it can get really expensive sometimes

  33. Brittney, while the previous post left me wondering.... I agreed with things 'that guy' (can't think of his name!!) said and of course we are all not so naieve to just believe one way I did however find it confronting. Your latest post has confirmed to me the message you are sharing, not dictating! I gotta admit I was a little 'what the???' As for some of the rude commments I understand people asking questions I just do not understand the rude tones behind them. While I do not agree with a lot of the alternate things you do with your family it is your family and mine is mine and we can all learn from eachother. As for the 'sick kids' comment OH MY GOD have you people never had small children!!! It would not matter how you chose to eat, medicate ETC you kids will get sick that is called immune building and to be honest that has nothing to do with immunisations, no one immunises against the common cold! I am a mum that immunises her children because it is what I believe and my children are for ever sick, we are healthy eating, excersise loving and clean crazy people but kids have germs! This is something that clearly upsets me sorry for the rant but I do not think any parent can say their children we never sick. While yes some will have more than others (mine!!!) but you all have your turn of runny noses, coughs and sleepless nights - remember those people when you are being rude to someone that probably has not slept much at all! My son that is now living with a degenerative lung condition was sick all of the time as a baby, toddler and little boy (5 this month), RSV, Bronchlitis, pnumojnia, asthma and so on.... We have always lived a life that has encompassed Natural and conventional medical treatments, they have gone hand in hand, its the best for us...

    thats it from me, sorry to go on and on, of and yes I want to see more pics and enough with the bloggy can sleep one day just don't keep me waiting hehehehehe, glad you are feeling better

  34. Brittany,

    Honestly girl, I don't understand why you even bother to address these people and their rude questions. You are not the ignorant one ~ they are. These are probably the same people screaming "tolerance" as well. ;)

    I got somebody the other day on my blog who "informed" me of how dangerous it was for me to not vaccinate my children. I posted a photo contest picture and she felt the need to address my vaccination stance. Hmpf. Some people. :P

    Funny enough, five years ago I probably would have thought what you believe on eating and health was a bunch of bunk. Through reading (Nourishing Traditions - Dr. Mercola, etc..) and research, etc. our lives have become very different. I, too, see a holistic chiro now, we take supplements, eat more organic when we can, avoid unneeded medications, etc.. Personally, I have been healthier in the last two years than in my entire life. I'm a walking breathing testimony that all of this does make a difference. :0)

    You keep doing what you're doing girl! They're a lot more lovers of your blog than haters!! Keep your head up and don't worry about "them"!!

  35. Yuck... sorry people had to ask such rude questions!! But loved the post nonetheless... I'm always open to new health information. :)

  36. People can just be rude...thank you for sharing your thoughts and setting the record straight...even though I have already known the true you. You rock my world :) Have a great weekend!

  37. Wow. I am guessing some of your readers are a bit jealous of you, Brit! And probably quite unhealthy themselves... acting as if healthy food were a bad thing to have your kids eat... as if twinkies and wonder bread were a way of being a good mom! I would love to have a chat with some of those readers. They are, as one reader wrote about you: Laughable!

  38. Your blog has gotten sooooo boring, and you so very defensive.

    Chill out girl!

    Take it easy...

  39. Bored? Disgruntled? Abandoned?Disillusioned?

    ....with life?

    Try Jesus. He doesn't care about anything in your closet, how much hair you have, how well you eat, who follows your blog, where you buy your clothes, or the view from your laptop.

    He just wants to go on a long walk down a short beach with you. There's some place special just over the horizon.

    He is the little blue pill most will never have the opportunity to take and even fewer will believe is real.

    Unplug from you and connect with Him.

  40. I am amazed as to how well you can answer some of those questions!! (or comments). I am praying that those people find Jesus...just like you have.

  41. I just want you to know that I appreciate what you post. I am the mom to 2 girls, one who has many medical issues. You have encouraged me to seek natural answers, to not always go with the flow, and to not always vaccinate. You are a breath of fresh air! Thanks for sharing!!!

  42. Oh my heavens! Were those real questions that people asked you? I guess I'm naive to the fact that some people actually do say exactly what's on their mind...without even really knowing you. I enjoy the information you post on your blog. I, too do a lot of research and do not make my opinions based on the first thing I read. Keep up the posting. I look forward to what's next. :)

  43. Hello Brittany!
    This is Courtney Brennan your old childhood friend LOL :) (from Bayridge) Anyhoo, I have been reading your blog since Oct., and I just have to say. You should not have to explain yourself to people. Everyone will have an opinion and who cares if some people want to judge you on your decisions. I have been reading your blog a lot and I have to say I believe you are doing a great job raising your kids and I look forward to all the health info you blog about. I have a daughter myself and my husband and I are trying to find a way to be healthier so I enjoy it when you post a blog with some good healthy information.

    All of your children are beautiful! and I can't wait to read more healthy info! Now hurry up with that cheese blog..LOL :)

    Your friend,

  44. I am really amazed at people who pass judgement in this manner. I'm of the opinion "live and let live." If they have such a problem with your ideas and thoughts, then don't read. I for one, love your blog, and I'm a nurse. Good for you showing your children a great foundation for a better life.

  45. I just started reading your blog and I love it! As for the Q's asked Im pretty chocked wow is all I can say! Im a non vaccinating mother who learned the hard way, but thankfully learned... I am learning so much from you.. Thanks and keep doing what your doing you have a beautiful family...I should find out what you cook and eat because you look wonderful for 6 kiddos..:) God Bless Tina From North Idaho

  46. Its really good of you to share your reasoning behind the last post/your life, it makes it a whole lot clearer. ;) Good on you for teaching your children to eat healthily etc. They're precious.
    I was wondering about the vaccination thing - your reasons and research to support not vaccinating. I'm currently a medical student (in the uk) and this is rapidly becoming more of a trend here in the uk, and i'm interested to know the main reasons behind, particularly since current research has disparaged the autism link. i want to be able to understand both sides of the argument in order to be a better doctor in the future. if you have the time, an email would be great, but dont worry about it if you dont have the time - 6 kids is a lot!

  47. I wasn't going to post anything UNTIL I read the other's thoughts to THIS post... everyone keeps saying how they 'can't believe people say such rude things' ...well, I don't think they were THAT rude they were simply stating their OPINION to Brittany's post -- which was HER OPINION... many many things that she COPIED (did not write --yes, I DID read her first paragraph)...I thought were WRONG, STUPID, CRAZY, and CRUDE, RUDE, CONDESCENDING... my wonderful, BRILLIANT, incredible husband is a Medical Doctor -- speciality -- Internal Medicine... who went to UAB Medical School in Birmingham, Alabama; did his residency at Tulane University in New Orleans (while working at Charity Hospital); then went on to trained at the WORLD Famous Mayo Clinic in Minnesota...(only one out of 10,000 appliants get in)... he is in Private Pracitice and I am the Billing/Insurance Clerk... NOW saying all that let me say.......... No, America doesn't have the best health plans but we DO have them.... BUT do you know HOW much a money doctor actually receives... and how much they have to write off? It's shocking ...yet they (doctor's) STILL stand listening to patients go on and on about EVERYTHING from their big toe hurting to their eye twitching... and people condemn doctors..... they are some of the most educated people in the World YET other professions pay more and have less school time and less CRICITISM! No one condemns the person who defrauds the Government by being on EVERY program available yet has a cell phone, new car, smokes, has their nails done weekly etc... they condemn the doctor for not writing them 'disabled' making them able to get even more government help...
    My husband is constantly reading medical journals ...WHY? because they have updated MEDICAL information about the newest 'discovery's'....
    My husband pays a huge amount in Malpractice insurance --- NOT because he has ever been sued but because other's have sued doctors for stupid things (yes, I do realize somethings they are justified)...
    My husband has gone to the Clinic at night, Weekends, etc... because people have called and asked him b/c they WANT to see him and not go sit in the ER .......
    ...right now we have a patient who has taken nothing but vitamin supplements all his adult life -- against Slater's wishes and was diagnosed with diabetes (extreme case -- and still won't listen to reason)....
    .... I have NO problem with Brittany... don't know here except through the blog... and truly think she has to be a SUPERWOMAN to handle so many children as calmly as she does... but I don't agree with all her thinking.... BUT guess what... this America ...where everyone has the right to have and VOICE their own opinion!!!


  48. Ditto to every other comment left here. It made me so mad to read what people have said to you. You're a better woman than I am to be so nice! :)

    I think your kids are super fortunate to have parents to who care enough than to blindly believe everything that is told to them and shove junk food down their throats.

  49. anyone just has to look at your pic and see you are doing something very very right in your life, I don't lead an even close healthy lifestyle to you but I sure do enjoy reading your thoughts and thank you for sharing. I never took your posts as preaching.

    Barb in Canada :)

  50. I find the questions people ask you rather interesting......Just can't quite figure out what goes through people's heads. Can't understand how they would come up with all the assumptions they have about you. To each his/her own, I guess........Hopefully, your answers will open some of those eyes just a little bit wider.
    Brittany, it seems to me that you do a very good job at not taking these people so personally, which is exactly the thing to do. Often what people say/do has more to do with them and where they are than it ever has to do with you!.........

    But now, the real question............Random Picture Challenge tomorrow??? ;-)

  51. Wow! Some people have a lot of nerve! I DO believe that everyone has the right to freedom of speech, WITHOUT being called out on it. This is your blog, yours to state whatever you want to. If someone doesn't like it, they don't have to read it! That's the beauty of it. I love reading your info, and I don't think you have been pushy or tried to better than the rest of us. I have read some of those blogs that seem so superior to the rest of us, you do not come across that way at all. Keep up the great blogging!

  52. We are crunchy granola people. We used to be pharmaceutical people (comparatively speaking) until we began to read information from both sides. We used to be grocery store people until we started researching where our food comes from, how the animals are raised, what pesticides really do.

    We have made certain choices based upon verifiable information. It sounds like that is what you do, too.

    It's too bad that people aren't stimulated to learn more when they are faced with information they have never encountered before. And if words like ignorant and uneducated are going to be bandied about, shouldn't they be tossed in the direction of the people whose undies are in bunches, who don't care to learn more?

    Also? So nice of the anonymous commentor to point you toward Jesus. Because you've totally never mentioned HIM before on your blog. For Pete's Sake.

  53. I'll add my amazement at how many snarky comments you get. Pure jealousy, I think. I love your blog, and your family. I am on my own journey to better health, and appreciate very much the things you've posted, Brittany. God bless you. :)

  54. I think youre great! :) :) :) Keep on keepin' on!!!

  55. Brittany, i have been following your blog for a few weeks, though i usually just read and move on. today i read all the comments and am leaving this myself. i hope you get to read all these comments:) i am on both sides of the spectrum. by that i mean i am a registered nurse and it is my job to work in medicine. i give pills, recommend healthy living choices and colaborate with doctors every day. then when i come home, i try to live a natural, organic, suplement taking, exercising, whole foods alternative lifestyle. that being said my son has some health issues that absolutely require medical care monthly. if there is a natural healthy way to do it, i do. if not i don't. i don't always agree with the actual issue you are explaining, but i always think about it and try to explore if it is a good choice for my family. i NEVER feel as though you are pushing your way on me. i have been called a hippie, a hypocrite and a nutjob because of the lifestyle we have. but i am always ready to defend where i stand whereas most others while attacking me have no basis or reasoning for their stance. even in the above comments i find it funny that the rudest most uneducated comments are left annonymously. funny how they have something to say but don't have the nerve to show their identity and allow a response. Please, first don't allow people to post comments annonymously anymore(you can disable it) and also, please continue to post. i enjoy reading. if we all thought the same way, what in the heck would we ever talk about? what would make us think? God has reserved judgement for Himself alone. thankyou for being you.

  56. Brit--

    I don't have time to read all of your comments, but I am shocked at some of the ones you have apparently been getting.

    One thing never ceases to amaze me--why do people continue reading a blog of a person they obviously do not agreee with?

    Furthermore, why do these people feel the need to leave nasty comments?

    It is fine to question someone on why they believe what they believe...but have any of these people ever heard of discretion or tact?


    Well handled. Keep the info coming--I, for one, don't know about a lot of the things you post about--and it is a great way for me to begin researching and finding out the info for myself.

    I'll talk to you soon.

  57. Holy Crap! I can't believe those questions. Some people just have nothing better to do. I personally did not like the "pop out six kids." Thanks for sharing your knowledge, we all have to learn and sometimes its from our friends that we learn things we really need too....even if it's coming from our bloggy friends.
    If I had a question it might be....if you could not breast feed would you join a milk bank or do formula?

  58. Brit,

    Its YOUR blog.. it is YOUR way or the highway on YOUR blog... what is with people?

    If they don't like what you write, there are 87.000 new blogs created every day and growing. Find another one to read.

    People want leadership and conviction... you present what you think is the truth, with conviction, and if people disagree, that's fine. At least they can trust that you are not wishy-washy or just trying to please everyone.

    YOU are the one making the effort. People should be thanking you, not writing snotty comments. Life's too short, just ignore it.


  59. Also coming out of lurkdom to say I'm a fan. I hope next time you'll post questions from those who adore and support you!

  60. How nice of you to take the time to clarify, answer, and expand on you thoughts, opinions, choices and ideas.

    This is one thing that I have struggled with and would really like your input. I have two children and I hesitate to have any more because of the environmental implications. Regardless of the choices that we make, our organic eating, our compost pile, our recycling, whatever it may be, we know that population takes a huge toll on the environment.

    Therefore, my question is this. Because you make it clear that you are a huge fan of the environment, what made you choose to have more children knowing the impact it would have? Don't be mad at me!! I just really want your thoughts, I am not trying to tell you that you make horrible choices or your children are not beautiful and wonderful. I am just asking....


  61. WOW, girl. Those were some questions! You did a wonderful job answering them: with poise and honesty. You are amazing! You are doing what you believe is best for your family, and really... isn't that what we're all doing? AND- I know I've said this before; it's YOUR blog and you really should be able to say whatever you want to.

    PS- Adam is thrilled with his new stuff! Thanks! :)

  62. I totally agree with Robin about the free speech thing.
    Although most of us (including myself) thought the questions you received were out of line and rude, those people just were just giving their opinions in response to you giving yours.
    I agree with "if you don't like my blog, don't read it" but I also think that if you don't like people's comments, disable comments for your blog or for certain posts.
    They are judging your opinion. You are judging their response to your opinion. It's a two way street.
    People's comments to these posts along the lines of "I feel so bad for you, these people are monsters"
    Well, no offense but I really really DON'T feel bad for you. Part of having a blog that allows people to comment is that you will inevitably receive comments! Isn't that what you want? For people to read what you write and respond? Not everyone will like what you write and you won't like everything that people leave in their comments.
    Get over it. You're entitled to your opinion and so are they! They aren't monsters, they're just opinionated - like yourself!
    If this is such a big deal, disable comments.

  63. we love your blog Brittany and I hope you continue to share all your info and recipes. Soem of your recipes are my favorites that I share often with friends. thnaks for allowing us all into a bit of your life.

  64. holy cows...!
    i guess that i don't need to say much cause apparently enough has been said:)
    ..except that God has blessed you with 6 beautiful children and thank you for not taking that lightly.. and doing what He has called YOU to..
    we could all glean a little off of other's perspective & that is what your blog has done for me.. well that and look at all the super cute tights :)

  65. I can't believe people would write such things. I have been a follower of this blog for a few months and I have never felt that you were judging me or telling me how to live my life.
    A lot of your decisions are very different from mine but I can see from the way you write that you have researched and discussed your decisions with the person who matters most- your husband and you have made the decisions that are right for you. I don't think you have ever tried to force your opinion on us (we all visit your blog by choice! no one makes us) and always try to share in as open and as balanced a way as you can and you do it very well.

    I think that having 6 kids is brave and most certainly not a drain on the environment. You can provide for them, raise them to be responsible educated adults. 6 children aren't right for everyone but it obviously is for you!

    Thank you for putting your life and opinions out there for everyone to read - I for one enjoy it.

    Besides, those nasty commenters don't get to log off their computers and get hugs from their SIX gorgeous kids and loving husband!

  66. Hi there, I'm new to comment on your blog. I just wanted to encourage you in what your doing for your family it is an injustice as a mother to feed your your children the junk that is in the supermarket these days. God gives us the information that we need and we can choose what we can do with it. I have also choosen to not be ignorant to the world and choose healthly eating for my 5 children and Hubby. Yes we are not drill sargents and there are time for treats. We have a resposibility to The Lord to care for these ones. So I say a AMEN Sister!!! As for the comments you can only turn the other cheek. Do what you know is the will of the Lord for your family.Keep sharing! I will be tuning in for more healthy solutions!!! Bec Harper

  67. The funny thing is this is your blog and you shouldn't have to explain yourself or justify your reason for anything to anyone! If people don't like what you have to say then they should stop reading. Love your blog, your family is beautiful and you're an awesome mother! Rock on girl! xoxo

  68. Don't apologize for your views. It's YOUR blog. If people don't like it, they can go somewhere else.

  69. this blog seems like your alter ego. People that really know you, know that you do like to embelish your life and come across on this blog in a way that you "want" to be. Thats fine, its your blog. If people dont like it, dont read it. If it makes them feel better, than read it.

  70. WOW Britt, can't believe there is so much negativity out there!! Good on you for tackling this headon.

    Keep the faith girl.

    *tight hugs*

  71. I think people react too quickly and don't give themselves time to think first. If they don't like the conntent on your blog than they should move on instead of expecting to change it. Plus I think it is great that you post these things. I often google for health tips and it's blogs like yours that provide snippeds of the answer.

  72. If you take offense and dont like the negaive comments, then close your comments. You are going to get people that dont agree with you. You are not always right, and maybe you can learn from others. You do seem pretty closed minded. Remember, like it was said by someone else it is a two way street.

  73. I think it is ok to disagree, but being respectful is something everyone should be able to comply to. I love blogs (and have enjoyed yours!) but I think people think that it gives them the right to speak their mind with no regard to others. Blogs are a great tool if we use them in the right way without attacking.

  74. I know you have comments galore on this post but I had to add my PERSONAL two cents... but I'll try to keep it short.

    I've never taken your blog as preachy or "better than you". If I did, I wouldn't keep reading. I enjoy reading about eating more healthy and challenge MYSELF (meaning, I'm the one putting the challenge on myself. You just put the info out there) to adopt a new food idea every now and then.

    Honey, bottom line: It's YOUR blog... you do with it whatever you like.

    Times like these I appreciate not being as well-read as your blog... Yikes! I just posted about Pepsi vs. Coke! Can you imagine what nastiness I might get??!! lol.

    Keep your chin up. I think your great.

  75. Those questions were VERY rude and offensive! I appreciate your health info! As someone who is hypothyroid and wanting to achieve a pregnancy sometime soon...I take your advice! The thing on soy...I had no idea...recently I found out MANY Of my friends (female mind you) are ALSO hypothyroid and I was asking myself why so many women are hypo....after reading your nblog about soy and how most foods NOW contain would make some sense if that is why hypothyroidism is so rampant and out of control...
    Thanks for ALL your health info! :)

  76. Its kind of funny that peoples opinions can be so differant that one would say "you seem so healthy" and another person would say "you and your family are sick alot"! A supplement we take, and have found very helpful, is cod liver oil(people assume it tastes bad but if you take orange flavored in orange juice its fine!)
    I think you have a BEAUTIFUL family; especially the girls! =) Have a wonderful weekend!

  77. I am sorry you got such rude questions. I am glad you shared with us your own personal thoughts, very well put. I think a lot of the negativity was provoked by Mr. Adams. I certainly see where he is coming from on some of his points. I think it was just his broad-sweeping attack on my vocation as a physician, my training, and my continuing education that gave me such a painful gut reaction. Our medical system, education, and providers are far from perfect but are not completely broken, corrupt, or ignorant either. There is good and bad in every genre. I am always learning and trying to educate myself and I look to medical journals and to others' experiences, like Brittany's here on this blog. I don't like to see Brittany attacked, and I know that she would never address anyone the way he did. He may have just been trying to be sarcastic, but sarcasm often hurts. When I went through my training (20 years ago) much of this information was not available. I consider myself a conduit for patients to take care of themselves. I give them the information about my exam results, my experience, and their options. I feel this is the gift and purpose God has for me. So that's my two cents worth for now! I've got four boys to care for, I am on call, a newly diagnosed diabetic little boy (patient) whose parents I am talking to every few hours on the phone as they are very frightened. I'll keep stopping in to learn and enjoy!

  78. Wow, i'm just amazed at some people. You answered with such class and poise.
    Shame on them! You have a wonderful blog and very helpful info :)

  79. Wow. There are some pretty mean people out there. For the record, I think you're a great mom. There are a few things we differ on, however, you are very non-judgmental, thoughtful, and considerate. Most importantly, you take the time to learn about what's important and to make the best decision for your children and your family. That makes you a super-mom in my book!

  80. Oh my gosh, I hope people didn't ACTUALLY say these things to you!

    For some reason, I think people are bolder about being rude when commenting on someone's blog than they'd EVER be in real if they get confused...they think they are dealing with a "persona" or a "blog entity" rather than a real person!

    I think it's just fine to share whatever you want on your blog. I mean, it's the internet -- EVERYONE has something to say. People can just take it or leave it as they see fit, but they have no right to be rude!

  81. Hey Brittany. Just stopping by to say "hello".

  82. Brittany,

    I agree with another comment that said you should not apologize for your views. IMO responding to the rudenness gives those people power. If it makes you feel better to respond then do so, but don't apologize for your blog. It is YOURS. It seems like the negitivity is draining you. Don't let it. Pray and turn it over to God.

  83. I am surprised at the level of hostility you endure with the comments. I appreciate reading about your health and food choices. I tend to have a more healthy and organic way of living and most people if we talk about it think I am weird or wonder why. It is hard to get people to think outside of the box on these things and not just take the stuff that is fed to them through the media and government. I agree 100 percent that food choices are an investment in our health. Often I buy organic food which costs more, but the price is more than paid back in health benefits. Keep writing!

  84. There are polite ways to say things even if it is a disagreement - I agree that if the content doesn't fit what you want then move on. Blogs are supposed to be fun and it is not fun to put up with hurtful and mean people. Keep your chin up and don't sweat the small stuff!

  85. You said that you add supplements to the mix so you can be as healthy as possible. Supplements are probably causing you to be sicker this year. We do not take any supplements and are very healthy. My children have not been to the doctor other than school physicals for over three years now.

  86. It's a natural human tendency to be self centered enough to think that when someone is living one way, they are judging other's.

    It really just comes down to the fact that you are stating how you live, people that don't live that way are self centered and egotistical, defensive, and they think you are personally reaching out of the internet into their lives and judging them. When you don't even know them, and are just sharing who you are.

    I'm a vegetarian, and this happens *all* the time to me. I simply say "I don't think meat is healthy for you"- and ONLY when asked- and then people freak out on me and accuse me of judging them for eating meat. In a way, reading your blog is like asking for your opinion- and it's crazy that they would get so mad about it : / I think disagreements make the world go round, and we can do it respectfully, but man some of those comments come from a very small, mean place.

  87. hey, Brittany!
    Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. It's definitely one of my favorite "random finds" on the internet!
    I really appreciate all of the information you post about health/nutrition.
    I am learning as much as I can about living a healthy lifestyle...and it's nice to read your thoughts.
    I can't believe some of the comments people leave for you sometimes. Reading your blog, OBVIOUSLY, is completely aren't forcing anything down anyones' throats; you are simply sharing the information you have gathered. I appreciate your honesty about the soy issue and really liked your post pertaining to it. I really admire how you talked about how you used to eat it and view it as healthy but now, after learning more about it, have chosen to eliminate it from your diet.
    One thing I struggle with is worry. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease last fall and have since, obviously, cut out all wheat/gluten products. I've also done a considerable amount of research about Celiac and have learned about fertility issues and problems with pregnancy that could potentially ensue. My husband and I are considering starting a family within the next year and I have made it my mission to become as healthy as I possibly can to hopefully counteract some of the damage I have done to my system over 26 years of consuming gluten, not knowing it was destroying my villi, causing me to absorb nutrients poorly. YIKES!
    So, anyway...THANKS for keeping your blog public and I hope those who have bad things to say about you cut it out. I love reading your blog...


  88. I cannot believe some people are so rude. It takes a wonderful person to take it in stride, and answer their rude questions so honestly, openly, and without ripping their heads off...

  89. The sad truth is that most people would rather live in their Pollyanna world where everything and everyone is good, from every food in the grocery store to every pharmaceutical company to every politician on TV. I have given up on trying to "spread the word" about the deception and misinformation because most people just don't care (or they get defensive and nasty).

    I read a book recently called "Anticancer" by a doctor who found out he had brain cancer. Before this, he was a by-the-book doctor; then he started doing research when his own doctors told him there was nothing he could do to improve his condition -- no lifestyle changes, no eating habit changes, nothing. After doing a lot of research and applying it to himself, he found that his doctors were wrong.

    Anyway, he speaks in the book about presenting some data about the impact of eating habits on health conditions since WWII. He insisted the urgency of changing these habits. A fellow physician told him: "You may be right, David, but people don't want to change. It's useless to tell them all that. All they want to do is take a medication and forget about it."

    Obviously he didn't take this advice since he published a book about it! Keep on putting the health information out there... even if it only changes one person, it's worth it!

  90. Thanks for keeping it real! I appreciate it :-) It is amazing and sad that people are so rude! Little do they know that they are allowing you to reflect HIM each time you "turn the other cheek" and respond graciously. It is impressive :-) Keep up the good work. I totally agree with all your health stuff and love hearing about it. It is inspiring to me as I continue to "fight" the system for my families health :-)

  91. You are right on! Way to go! I only wish that I had the knowledge that you had for a more healthy for choices! Don't worry about those who are rude, they have nothing better to do and they just like to pick!
    God Bless!

  92. I just recently found your blog, and I love it! I can't believe so many people are being so rude, and disrespectful on your choices for you and your family. I for one have noticed the difference in my life since I began to eat better, cut out sugars, and take my supplements. I have more energy than ever, and all of us are sick a lot less. I think that too many people judge without even knowing the benefits! Great job and keep it up!

  93. I have also just recently discovered your bog and I love it!
    I have four children ages 5 and under and we try to eat sugar-free, organic (especially meat) and use only healthy oils. We use a homeopathic doctor and go to the chiropractor regularly.
    I look forward to your health topics and I thank you for sharing your ideas and tips to raising a healthy family.
    Your family is beautiful.

  94. Why do you let anonymous posters comment anyway? Turn that feature off if you want to cut down on the "rude" posts. If people want to make a comment that is not pro-Brittany, they might re-think it if they can't hide behind "anonymous."

    Also, the comments seem to flare up a lot more after your health and food-related posts. I think comments that aren't flattering go with the territory if you want to post such controversial material. And when you answer to their comments, it just adds fuel to the fire.

  95. aww people just like to hop online & say rude things...they don't necessarily care about the subject matter!! And i agree...your blog, your can post whatever you want! i for one really appreciate all you's great to get practical advice from a mom, too! That's what i love so husband & I share a lot of your views, although i don't have all the great alternative products to choose from here, so we don't always eat how we'd prefer...but we try & make good choices. And i know, my kids are NOT deprived, and they're so healthy compared to most, and happy, and sleep well, and so well-adjusted...the proof is in the pudding right?!!

  96. I have been reading your blog for a little while, but have never commented. You are right on girl! I believe the same way and we live the same with our 3 children. I birthed my babies at home, they are not vaccinated or circumsized, and we see a Naturopathic Doctor! It's so sad when I see someone or a child that I know can be helped with just some nutritional changes and the pediatrician just keeps telling the parent they can't find anything wrong! Don't get me wrong, I think there is a time and place for traditional medicine, but why not try natural first? Keep the post coming!

  97. these were not questions asked...she is merely "defending" comments made on a post. i truly love(d) her blog a year or so ago when she didn't seem so righteous and bitter! I think what many people were saying is that you are coming across as very brash and bitter towards medical interventions. Maybe some post partum depression/ posttraumatic stress syndrome from the birth and accident.

    Again, you have misled your readers by implying that people out right asked you these questions. I think you are being way to defensive. Chill, and go back and reread. There are two sides to every coin. Be open, if you want others to be!

    peace, love, and blessings!


  98. For what it's worth I haven't noticed a change in your "attitude". Righteous and bitter? I seriously don't know how anyone could get that from you.

  99. It is ridiculous that you should have defend anything that you say on your they realize that they do not have to read it if they do not want to?? Some people are ridiculous.

    I think you are an inspiration!

  100. It blows me away that people would read your blog if they have such hatred toward you. I love all your health updates, it sparks me to do my own research. I think you are raising your children very well.

  101. I just found your blog, so I haven't read the "questions" that you addressed in this post, but I am thinking I have found a kindred spirit!! :) I LOVE your answers and your obviously passionate feelings about food, nutrition, and proactive health!! I am a medical doctors worst nightmare when I have to take my kids or myself in to the "real" doctor! My best friend is my chiropractor/alternative doctor! Seriously, I have her cell phone on speed dial - I LOVE her and the way she helps me take care of my kids with amazing supplements. I have been learning about health/herbs/nutrition for about 8 years now - I love the way we feel and the difference it has made in our lives!! I will be reading your blog often -- ignore the rude comments...I find that most people just don't want to take the time, money, or energy to truly give their bodies the best -- they are the ones missing out. Keep sharing your recipes and tips, I, for one will be reading them!

  102. Puhleeze! This amy girl that commented, get a life. If you dont like it, dont read it. Geez, the rudeness is amazing.

  103. I am shocked by the questions/comments people have left you!! Don't they know it's REALLY easy to navigate away from a blog you don't like?? That little red X in the top right hand corner works wonders! I'm so sorry that people would even say those things to's total nonsense!

  104. Seriously? People actually said that stuff to you? Why do they even bother reading your blog if they're going to have such issues with it? Wow. I'm sorry. I follow your blog every once in awhile and have found you helpful, creative, insightful, intelligent, well rounded, and well, just a beautiful person! God has richly blessed you, Brittany! (of course you already know that:)

  105. I agree with the "No More Anonymous Comments" thing too! It seems like an awful lot of people are hiding behind that to say unnecessarily hurtful things.

    From another publicly no milk mom!

  106. You can definitely shut off anonymous comments, but you will find you're shutting off a lot of genuine commenters who just don't want to go through the hassle of signing up with google, then signing in all the time. I know I've often clicked on a blog to comment, then left because I couldn't be bothered signing in.

    Not everyone who disagreed was rude...also some people meant no offence, their question just came out blunt in writing. The girl who wrote "My way or the highway" actually left a really nice comment if you read the rest of what she wrote. (And she did leave a name, it was Kate I believe)

    As I said in another post, if you're going to post controversial topics that are anti doctors and especially anti vaccine, you're going to get strong responses. If you don't want them, then perhaps shut of the commenting when posting something inflammatory. Or maybe start a separate blog for that stuff and keep this a nice place to see your gorgeous kids?

  107. I am an occasional lurker on your blog because I am facinated with your beautiful family and I Love the health advice you share. Having never read any comments, I assume they have not been nice as of late and I am so sorry. I would like to thank you for your soy post-I thought I was serving frozen goodness when I steamed edamames! I am eager to read your cloth diaper post and a little anxious to read the cheese one. Hee Hee. Keep up your chin up, your heart on God, and your focus on your family.

  108. You go public, you open yourself up to everyone good and , not so good. However, this is a blog, not website that claims to be professional or experts in any field. I find it laughable that with their negativity they are giving you more "power" than just clicking past would have done. ;)

    Personally, I read blogs for the inspiration, ideas, and support. I take what speaks to me, maybe learn from things that don't necessarily fit me personally- but are still pretty educational and leave the rest. As you should with all things in life. :)


Thank you for blessing me with your words!