Once upon a time

... there was a mama who used to write.
She wrote about her life as a mama to 3 little buckaroos,
which quickly grew to 4 little men
...and then 4 little men and girly twins.
They moved their family from the city to the family farm.
And mama kept writing,
writing about life on the farm
and homeschooling her growing tribe.
She shared her everyday life with thousands of readers.
Writing had become a creative outlet,
a way of connecting with others,
testing her strength and faith and surprisingly
helping her understand who she was and what really mattered.
And then baby boy number 7 was born.
Life was a little crazy and she wanted to share,
wanted to write.
But those moments slipped away without mention
...and the thought of starting again slowly slipped away.
Years past, and another baby boy joined the tribe...
The 4 little men and Girly Twins blog didn't fit anymore.
But the desire to write,
to keep adding to this little spot online that is like a family scrapbook,
that has never gone away.

So I am taking up residence again in this lonely little spot.
I may be the only one here for a while,
but that's okay.
I don't know where this new journey will take me
...but i'm guessing it won't be anything like I imagine.
Big or little.
Simple or deep.

Here we go!

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