any day now baby

:: 38 weeks & 4 days ::
40 lbs. heavier
42 inches around
measuring 32 cm
{only because the baby is SO low it can't be measured}
2 cm dialated
50-60% effaced

still feeling amazing know for being hugely pregnant {grin}
becoming increasingly anxious to meet this little one
but nothing like any of my other babes
I think it's because we have boys and girls now

I honestly didn't think I'd make it this far
...everyone else was born by now
Grayson :: 38 1/2 weeks
Vance :: 36 1/2 weeks {stomach flu sent me into labor}
Gavin :: 38 weeks
Ozzie :: 37 1/2 weeks {his due date wasn't very accurate though}
Eliza & Nolia :: 34 weeks & 6 days {car accident sent me into labor}

So it's really any day now baby
but i'm not complaining
i'll continue to savor each and every day this little babe is inside of me
...the amazement of pregnancy never tires

so when do you think this babe will make it's big entrance?

I'll update instagram first and my private facebook
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  1. look at that belly - you were just belly. and I would never know you've had.. 7 is it? you look fabulous! :) congrats on little Ian, precious heart


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