:: not today ::

...most days I am patient
and rarely loose my cool.

Not today.

...most days I can find peace in the chaos
and savor the active little lives that surround me.

Not today.

...most days I invite helpers into the kitchen
and we cook and clean up together.

Not today.

...most days we venture outside for an adventure
in rain or shine because it renews us.

Not today.

...most days I take the challenges
and disruptions in stride.

Not today.

...most days I find the sparkle in the mess,
in the noise, in the non stop activity.

Not today.

...most days putting everything I have
into being the best mom I can be is easy.

Not day.

...most days I find blessings easily
and keep a smile on my face.

Not today.

...most days I can keep up
and love working along side my children.

Not today.

...most days I am thankful for the day
no matter what has bring.

even today.
but I am so glad it is over.
not every day can be great
and I am so thankful there is a tomorrow.

{this was written yesterday & thankfully today is much butter is so many ways... except that I have a headache, probably from yesterdays stress. sigh.}

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  1. We *all* have those days- it's our ability to bounce back that is the difference! Hang in there!


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