late night talking

Gavin sprained his foot, badly.
and keeping him off of his foot has been insanely hard
...he is my go-go-go all the time boy and this has been torture for him.
Especially during harvest. sigh.

my garden is still producing like crazy
...and I am savoring each and every basket full.

the last 4 nights we've had at least one of the littles climb into bed with us
...they seem to snuggle up to dad more than me
I think they've missed him being so busy with harvest.

the girls are practicing their baby crawl and baby walk they can teach the baby
they've also been rocking & singing their babies to sleep in their cradle.
I think they are practicing.

they gave my belly a hundred kisses tonight...
and then prayed that the baby would love them. oh my.

The girls and I took Ozzie out to the field to ride with dad this afternoon
...the combine was broken down so we monkeyed around in the pick-up
and when he was finally ready to roll Ozzie had changed his mind.
I think the fact that he had eaten everything out of his lunch box had something to do with it. ha.

Grayson has been out with the men from morning till night...
driving the pick-up, manning the service truck, un-hooking trailers, filling fuel
...and that's just what I've seen him do.

It's only a glimpse of what this farm is going to be like when there are 4 {or more} boys out there working the farm with their dad
...and that amazes me.

We had popcorn topped with crushed kale chips and homemade raspberry ice cream for dinner.
...because that's how we roll when mama is tired and already cooked for an army today.
The phrase barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen has been coming to mind a lot lately. ha.

Feeding a family of 8 three meals a day is hard work
not to mention snacks and now all the packed lunches for the field.
I honestly love preparing healthy food though's the cleaning up I could do without so much of.

There were 2 skunks fighting in the farm yard near our house last night.
they were screeching and spraying, oh my!
The boys shot at them with pellet guns and a pistil and the skunks didn't care one bit
...they finally ran off but not without leaving behind their nauseating stench for us to enjoy all night and most of the day.
oh, and I had left clothes out on the clothes line. sigh.

The kids are already talking about snow,
and making plans for what they are going to build in the snow
...oh and snow ice cream.

I am 28 1/2 weeks pregnant
...seriously how did that happen, it's going by so fast
yet so slow, I am still in awe of this little miracle growing inside of me.

This little babe has had the hiccups quite a bit this week
...which means I can tell that he/she is already head down.
All of my babies tend to go head down early and stay that way,
we'll see what this little one does.

It's been so long since I have sat down and just wrote
...blogging has always been and ebb and flow thing for me.
finding time to sit down at the computer is rare,
at least I have instagram now.
I guess that's how my life goes, and i'm okay with it.

that's about it friends
for now.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. I have never heard a statement of such hatred. Some people would rather have more life than things. Theses children are loved and not neglected, only then should there be any judgement passed. As far as the donations....have you heard of the global recession we are currently in, oh and the 10 percent plus unemployment....what would be wrong about getting in over your head under those circumstances? I never comment, but this was so vile, it had to be addressed! I am disgusted by the human behavior in that comment!

  3. I too hardly ever comment, but seriously. If you don't like it, don't read. Period. These children are loved, fed nutritious meals, and are being raised on a family farm. As to what they wear, who cares if they are hand me downs?! Who cares if things are unconventional? The nastiness of the above post makes my blood boil. Yes, this family needed help at one time. But so do lots of families. And the fact of
    the matter is, no on was forced to DONATE. Those who did, did so because they felt it in their hearts to do so. I hope whoever wrote this never feels the pain of losing a job, or a house, or being uprooted from everything he or she knows. Whoever they are sounds angry, bitter, and unhappy with their own life.You probaby were a bully in school too, right? :) And it's easy to hide behind anonymous. I see your family, Britney, and you never fail to make me smile. I know that it's not money that matters, but love and raising a strong family unit. Where you feed 6
    mouths you can easily feed 7.
    I'm sure your family has been a wonderful blessing to Pauls grandparents. Farming is the heartbeat of our great nation. I love your beautiful family. :)
    So again, to Mr/Ms Nasty- keep it to yourself. Keep your $ to yourself, keep your disgusting filthy mouth to yourself. If you have children, I do feel sorry for them. This is what they are learning from....


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