{25-26 week baby belly}

:: 25-26 week baby belly ::
measuring 27-28cm
still 38 in around
27 lbs. heavier

The littles and I heard the babes heartbeat at the dr last week
...their eyes were wide but their grin was wider.
They LOVE talking about the baby, thinking about the baby
and hearing the baby.
I don't go back for another check-up until 31 weeks.

My belly hasn't grown too much the last few weeks,
at least not noticeable growth
...i'm sure I will have a growth spurt soon. {grin}

Babe is already 14 1/2 inches long
and 1.7 lbs.
:: grow baby grow ::

still feeling great
occasional lower belly ache
and still having contractions
but I can't complain!

a few moments I don't want to forget...

I picked up Nolia out of the truck the other day and she said
"mama your belly is getting huge, the baby is going to just...just... pop out soon"
we both giggled

One of the girls was in my lap, being consoled from something,
her head was on my belly and within moments the baby started kicking.
She couldn't contain her delight and the tears were gone.
she said "the baby didn't like my crying!"

Nolia is still very adamant it's a boy, because...
"I saw the picture and it looks like a boy"
Eliza however is quite upset that Nolia says she knows
and I have heard them in more than a few arguments about this.
Eliza repeats "we just don't know, only God knows"

The girls are all about having their own babies one day.
You know, after they are grown up and get married.
They asked me at breakfast yesterday...
"is 6 old enough to get married?"
then later that night we went to visit grandpa & grandma in town
...and before I was even in the door they said to grandma
"you're too old to have a baby, we're too young to have a baby,
but mama is just right to have a baby"
sigh. my little girlie mamas.

I was in a store with only our oldest son the other day,
the cashier asked me if this was my first baby...
when I said it was my 7th she balked and said "seriously?"
and then asked how old my children were.
I told her I had an 11, 10, 8, 5 year old boys and 4 year old twin girls
she balked again and said "what was that again"
so I repeated myself a little slower...
she just stood there with wide eyes
and then said, "I can't stand the one I have, you're..... wow"

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  1. That's sad she said that about her one :( I can't wait to find out if Nolia is right...I kinda hope it's a boy!!


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