right now

I love

...every.single little kick inside my belly

...hearing Ozzie call me ma

...listening to the littles play their imagination games

...watching the boys play capture the flag as the sun sets

right now, I love

...fillings baskets of beautiful harvest from our garden

...watching the changing color of the fields

...the warm summer days and the cool fall nights

...being surprised with handfuls of garden goodness that the littles have picked

right now, I love

...seeing all the kids delight in playing with the kittens all.day.long.

...watching the littles enjoy learning letters and words

...the way the sun streams in my bedroom window in the morning

...having big boys that work by my side and talk as friends

right now, I love

...watching my freezer fill up with garden goodness

...hearing the kids giggles and hollers outside as they play

...that my kids are home with me every.single.day

...hearing our oldest talk with his dad about science.tech stuff and not understanding a word

right now, I love

...when Gavin hugs me and then my belly every night

...watching the girls giggle in delight when the baby kicks them

...taking pictures with my phone and not always having my big camera in hand

...the photos from the last 2 weeks that I just unloaded from my camera

right now, I love

...watching my toes disappear beneath my growing belly

...the looks people give us when we are all out together

...adjusting to being along on the farm

...hearing long awaited answered prayers for a dear friend

right now, I love

...making lunch, dinner and snacks around what we picked from the garden

...when I sit to read to the littles the big boys still want to come and join

...hearing the girls talk about being big sisters and how much they are going to love this baby

...the quietness that surrounds me as I write and the kids enjoy quiet time

{these are all instagram photos... I'm brittanyclaireandco if you're there}

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