late night talking

I almost didn't turn my laptop on to write tonight, but my mind is racing with thoughts...
and blogging helps.

I'm 21 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I haven't taken a belly picture this week...
it will probably be next week before I get that done.
I don't think much has changed...
besides this little one getting bigger and kicking harder.
After the girls I wasn't quite sure I'd ever have a baby belly again...
even now I look down in awe.

Ozzie fell off of a chair into the coffee table. sigh.
It left a 1 in. long gash that opened 1/4 in. wide
...we put butterfly bandages on it right away and it sealed.
I told him his best friend from home has a scar on her forehead,
from falling off of a hotel bed.
He said "awesome, we'll match" and told everyone he saw about it.

The girls have been calling each other "why-i-oughta" today.
"Come here why-i-oughta" "why-i-oughta where are you?"
"I wish your name really was why-i-oughta"
Where they got this from, I have no idea....
they are full of it pretty much all of the time.

Grandma came over to bring me the green peppers
she picked from our garden...
and while she's giving me our peppers she is telling me this
..."I was snooping in your house the other day, I can't remember why,
and I noticed there was a black spot on the ceiling in the north west corner of the house.
If that is mold, you'll all get sick, you better clean that up with bleach right away....
oh and there are too many weeds in your garden."
Between the peppers and the snooping and the spot on the ceiling that has been there,
long before we moved in and the weeds that I can obviously see....
I didn't really have much to say other than "Okay, thanks Grandma"

I am finally on instagram and I really like it...
you can find me at brittanyclaireandco
I think I might even give up facebook for instagram,
it's so easy and simple and I LOVE pictures.
Say hey if you find me there, I'd love to follow back.

We're out of coconut oil and raw honey. gasp.
These are serious staples in our house, I feel lost without them.
I am waiting for a free shipping sale on coconut oil from tropical tradition
because $20 shipping just hurts...
and the bee man hasn't been here since last fall.
where are you bee man?!

It's really late now, this baby in my belly is kicking for attention and my husband is ready for bed i'm off.
Goodnight friends.

i'll be back tomorrow, with pictures

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