..we have {something} to share..

perfectly. imperfect.
We had so much fun dreaming up this idea...
running through the field...
laughing and playing...
and putting it all together.

We waited until sunset and Eliza fell asleep
 so Nolia is her stand in for part of it. {grin}

...and yes what you saw yesterday was indeed a baby belly,
but that's not what I .thought. you would see
and it wasn't going to be an announcement. Ooops.
I thought you would all see the heart or maybe the cowgirl hat. {grin}
call me nieve or just really desensitised to this baby belly already!

Thank you all for sharing in our excitement!
and now...
off to the OB to hear this little one{s} heartbeat!


  1. What a blessing & a beautiful way to announce your new babe! Congrats!!!

  2. Congrats! First time commenter here. I'm curious because in a post a while back, you answered a reader question about whether you'd have more children. You said no, so how did this lovely little one come to be?? We want a large family as well, but I can't have mine as super close as you have; we practice child-led weaning and while nursing, I can't get pregnant until around 18-20 months. Do you now plan on continuing to have children? How did things change?? I'm just so curious!!!

  3. Ah! I KNEW IT! But didn't say anything in case i was seeing things wrong. Congrats!!

  4. Ah! I KNEW IT! But didn't say anything in case i was seeing things wrong. Congrats!!

  5. Well isn't this just great news! Many hopes for an uneventful pregnancy!

  6. Tears... LOVE the video! So sweet. Now I see the heart and hat, but spotted a sweet babe first. :-) Congratulations to your family! Hope you're feeling well!

  7. Ah that video made me cry! So cute and I love that song! Who is it by? Congratulations on your new babe =)

  8. Great News!!!!!! Congrats! :)

  9. I LOVE the video. Congratulations!


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