We just got home from a week at family camp.
A good time was had by all...
the Girls and Ozzie romped around with endless energy
while the big boys were busy with friends and classes
...hence the lack of pictures of the big boys.
And mom and dad relaxed...
you know the best you can with 6 kids. {grin}


the beautiful surroundings
wind rustling in the trees

laying in bed and hearing everyone say "goodnight..." x's 8
the simplicity of a tiny home

sitting under the awning watching the little ones play
using baskets for a game of kick ball


playing store and hearing Nolia say "i'll share my money with anyone who needs it"
the bigs taking the littles to the playground while I made dinner

hearing the boys tell about all their new friends
going to sleep at sunset and rising with the sun


not doing laundry for 5 days {grin}
going to look at dirt bikes and boats

letting the kids be free
laying on a blanket watching the clouds

time with friends
beautiful sunshine

dad building an awesome tent the littles with blankets & chairs
day time naps


pulling 4 kids up the hill on my bike... huff-puff
watching the big boys race off on their bikes to get to class

the smell of the grill cooking
Ozzie cooking cookies in the gravel

hearing giggles from morning till night
lazy pig-tales

Nolia and her funny faces
watching the girls be brave on the playground 


the big boys going to a waterpark with friends
ice cream treats

cool evening breezes
watching the girls play train on the slide


endless smiles
learning new games

launching homemade rockets
watching Ozzie introduce us to his new friend Kennedy


dancing and singing to the music
the kids being worn out by the end of the day

messy hair and dirty finger nails
being without camera in hand most of the time

...and now we are home
but still in the camper for a week or two or three.
We'll be boondocking in the country,
while we do some home renovations.

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