Random thoughts from... what day is it?

So... I had no idea today was Memorial Day until a few minutes ago.
I'm not surprised I didn't know.
Our farming, homeschooling, non-TV, happy homebody lifestyle
leads the way to not keeping up with things like that.

If we wouldn't have been in the garden all week,
which we are 95% done planting,
I might have looked on calendar and noticed
...but I didn't.

I hope that doesn't come across disrespectful,
I have the utmost respect for all who have served our country
...soliders, wives, children, families.
We are so blessed to have willing hearts to serve and protect our country
...and they are worthy of our respect everyday.
Memorial Day seems more like a party, grill-out, pools open day, to me.

The boys are in and out of the house today
...helping dad in the shop
and eating all the food in the house. {grin}
The girls and I are finishing up laundry
and getting the RV ready for a trip next week.
We're going to family camp for a week.

I made our family favorite salad dressing for lunch today
...healthy creamy italian dressing.
I ate 2 bowls full of salad....
You can check out the recipe on this Whats For Lunch post , from last year.

I, for the first time in my life, have a laptop.
My husband had one for work, back when he worked IT full time.
It was his though, not mine. 
This new, to me. laptop is all mime
...but I do happily share. {grin}

I decided since I was learning a new computer
and my old editing software wouldn't work on this computer,
it was time for a change.
I finally bought lightroom. gasp!
I am really enjoying it so far
...but I have so much to learn still,
and I am a slow learner with all things technical.

I have tons of photos from our trip ready to share
...I have one truly silly hang-up.
What do I call it?
Road trip Rewind, RV Rewind, Rewind to {Alabama, ect.}.
You're probably all laughing at me right now. Ha!
I seem to get stuck on the idea of things being out of order
...you know since my blog is like our family storybook.
Anyway, I'm sure I'll figure it out soon.

I hear a few boys on the mowers
and some pounding in the shop.
Ozzie is outside, very joyfully, washing the van 
and the girls are finishing their mid-day bath.
It's time for me to jump off and get back to work.

Happy Day my friends!

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  1. I still read your blog. And I love it!! I'm a SAHM of one little girl. I honestly don't check my favorite blogs but maybe once a week or two. Same with FB. So much to see and do and play that sitting in front of a computer screen. I love your family updates and I like when you post about God, raising children, healthy food, natural products, photography, camera settings and tips, and...your sweet family. Really, blessings to you and your family! Glad your home safe! :)


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