Road rambling

We boondocked in a Texas state park last night... They were full and we were going to leave. Before we did a nice older couple, that did the evening rounds, stopped by and wrote us a pass to park in overflow overnight. Sweet!

The boys spent the evening watching the stars from the roof of the RV. I spent the evening putting the girls to bed while hearing the boys watching the stars from the roof if the RV.

The girls, myself included, are in love with the texas wildflowers. I want to start a flower book for them.... Ideas on ways to preserve the flowers anyone?

There are at least 6 loads of laundry, piled on the floor, waiting to be done. Today is the day... laundromat here we come.

The boys are perplexed by a billboard they saw that read "i love traffic"... this north dakota family driving around the county in an rv doesn't love traffic.

I bought a bag of organic pears for $1.98 and raw almond butter for $3.49. We pay at least double or triple that. Texas I love you!

Did you know I was born in texas? Right in the capital city. I only lived here until I was the girls age... But it will always be a special place to me.

we have quickly realized that texas winters are much like north dakota summers. Which is why I am not coming to texas in the summer... but the winters are beautiful. :)

I have a busy few days of photo shoots coming up. I am so looking forward to it and really hope the weather holds out... clouds yes, rain no.

My husband said he would enjoy this trip even more if we were pulling a race trailer... hmmm maybe next year.

We have arrived at the laundromat so I must go now. Have a wonderful..what day is it? :)


  1. You can easily press flowers between pages of a book (sorry ebooks, don't work!). Then stack heavy items on top of the book. Check the internet for supplies to make a book. Not sure what is done to keep them a long time after pressing them. I know that I had a small flower in a Bible for decades. Glad the weather and the flowers are making the Texas state enjoyable. Oh, a gas company could only LOVE traffic!

  2. Respect, Privacy& Lies! Oh MY!3/15/12, 1:58 PM

    However, it is AGAINST the law to pick Texas flowers.  There is a reason they say "Don't mess with Texas"

  3. Respect, Privacy& Lies! Oh MY!3/15/12, 2:04 PM

    Just checked, it's only illegal where the state has planted them and then they are considered a garden (state parks, along freeways) or other people's property.

    Clear as mud if you ask me.

    Might be wise to ask first rather than pay a hefty fine.

    PS don't speed or get caught not wearing seat belts also.
    (I'm from Arkansas)

  4. brittanyclaire3/15/12, 2:58 PM

    Thanks for all the reminders! We were actually just talking to a park ranger about picking flowers yesterday. He said you can pick wild flowers where they are wild, they are only protected where they have been planted.
    Oh and about the seatbelts... You can legally ride in a fifth wheel without seatbelts. In the truck we always use seatbelts.
    And it's hard to speed in an rv. :)

  5. After you have sufficiently pressed the flower in a book (meaning the flower is dry but not crispy so that it falls apart when you try to move it), you can get those photo books that have the peel back laminate and put them in there. Oh, and today is Thursday. ;)

  6. You need to find a bluebonnet patch. Those are always fantastic Texas pictures! Plus you can do a history lesson on who started the wildflower planting on the Texas highways. She did an amazing job!

  7. brittanyclaire3/15/12, 8:58 PM

    Yes! I have been waiting for one they are so beautiful.

  8. I was going to suggest this also!  When I got my Grandma's bible, she had flowers pressed between the pages. And they did last forever. I never took them out to store them elsewhere but a photo album sounds like a great idea!.

  9. Courtney 77823/18/12, 7:55 PM

    I always have luck with pressing them in between the pages of a phone book for a few weeks. And it's only against the law to pick blue bonnets unless they are in your own yard or you have permission to grab them from someone's yard. I think 'don't mess with Texas' refers to making sure not to litter.

  10. Sarah-Anne Lyons3/21/12, 5:03 PM

    have fun in Texas!


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