What's for Breakfast

We had a Dutch Baby.

Since we've gone grain free...
almost completely.

And that means oatmeal, granola, egg sandwiches & pancakes
are not making their appearances at our breakfast table
quite as often.

It also means we're trying lots of new recipes
like this one!

...and it was delicious!


Place your cast iron skillet in the oven
turn the oven on 500
heat for 15 minutes

1 cup coconut milk
2 eggs
2 tsp. vanilla extract
2 tsp cinnamon
1 dropper full of liquid Stevia

then add in

1 cup almond meal
1/4 cup coconut flour
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp baking powder

mix well.

Take cast iron skillet from hot oven {carefully!}
put a large spoonful of coconut oil in skillet
let melt
pour batter into skillet
bake at 500 for 12 minutes

While it's baking you can make your topping...
I sauteed 4 apples in coconut oil and cinnamon until soft.

...this served our family of 8 one slice each...

I altered the ingredients in this recipe
you can find the original here


  1. Sounds easy and good. Why did you decide to go grain free? Did i miss a post about that? Just curious if it's healthier or what? Thanks

  2. I am also curious as to why you went grain-free.  Because it certainly is not healthy!  Whole grains are foundational to a healthy diet.

  3. brittanyclaire1/17/12, 12:52 PM

    We went grain free as a gut healing diet for Vance. And actually we are not 100% grain free but we severely cut back. I agree properly prepared grains in moderation are important for a healthy diet.

  4. brittanyclaire1/17/12, 12:55 PM

    I mentioned it, I think in the post about Vance... but I haven't said anything else. We decided to go almost 100% grain free for a little while as part of a gut healing diet for Vance. I believe that properly prepared grains in moderation are healthy. I might share more about it at some point, you know, if I find the time. :)

  5. Have you tried the breakfast burrito from the primal blueprint "diet?" It's not a diet more like a lifestyle, anyway, you use the egg whites as your "burrito" shell and put all sorts of veggies and chicken or whatever meat you prefer. I use tomatoes, cilantro, onion, red pepper, shredded chicken, the egg yolks (scrambled) and add avocado at the end. If you would like more specifics let me know. It's delish!

  6. brittanyclaire1/17/12, 3:47 PM

    Oh yes...i would love that recipe! Sound right up our alley. :)


  7. I believe in the saying... Everything in moderation. Extreme swings in food intake can strain the body.

  8. I use 4 eggs, separate the whites from the yolks. Whisk the egg whites and pour half into a lightly oiled skillet. I find that about med heat works best. Kind of roll the skillet to create an even layer. Cook for about a min and a half.You can cover it to help speed up the process. repeat with other half of egg whites. It can be a bit tricky to slide the "burrito shell" onto a plate but I find that making sure the pan is evenly coated in oil helps. After you have your egg white burrito shells on plates saute the onions and red peppers together then add in diced tomatoes, shredded meat, cilantro, I added mushrooms too, and once it is mixed together well I push it to one side of the pan and then add the yolks to the other side scramble them a bit and then mix altogether. Add the avocado at the very end and then spoon into your egg white burrito shells and fold them over and enjoy. You can pretty much add anything you want and I just eyeball the amount. Depends on how stuffed you like your burrito. I have found that I can get carried away and then I can't wrap my burrito! I do agree that grains are good in moderation and we eat them too. But, I do think we (population in general) eat too much processed grains/bread products and there are some great recipes that help to get so much more fruits and veggies in our diet without having to eat breads, rice, so on at every meal.  

  9. That makes sense!  I hope he is feeling better!

  10. looks delicious!

  11. Amen to this! I had an emergency appendectomy 17 months ago (it did not rupture) and haven't had the same digestion since. It's been quite the learning experience, but I'm starting to know what my body can and cannot handle... ruffage for example. So sad as I love my summer lettuce/spinach/arugula garden. I just had a diagnostic laparoscopy done before New Year's Eve to make sure nothing else was going on and all seems to be well. I had to remember this time to take it easy, pop some probiotics and watch the high fiber. All the best to you! Change is never easy J

  12. Summer McMahan1/18/12, 9:31 AM

    My son has been grain/sugar free for almost 4 months, due to his EE (no cure in the medical world), trying to heal his gut. LOTS of work, but worth it! Almond and coconut flour are staples in my house for him. Thanks for this recipe- I have all of the ingredients already! I have to make homemade coconut and almond milk, and already have some in the fridge. 
    I made your 'not-cheese' sauce recipe for him also, so thanks for that! 

  13. Summer McMahan1/19/12, 8:22 AM

    Oh, and I've made a few different grain-free granola's for him--- I could e-mail you the recipes if you want!


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