late night talking

It feels like it's been a while since I've sat down to blog.
I miss it, I do...
but it's also easy to forget when you're busy living life.

An article was published on She Knows called Most inspiring mom blogs
...and I was on it. gasp.
It seems weird to read someone else writing about you
... definitely made my heart dance and put a smile on my face.
I feel so honored, grateful & humbled to be considered inspiring.

My little triplets make my heart so happy.
They are so full of joy and love and imagination.
I peeked into the dining room this evening to find them
dancing and singing to Friend by Ziggy Marley.
They were singing out
"because you are my friend" 
over and over and over.
{you can hear the song on you-tube here}

Today was full of sweet things know those days that are just filled with little gifts of love
that you could so easily look over.
but your eyes and heart are open
and you catch each beautiful little sweet thing.
Today was one of those days.

I bought 4 bags of apples, 2 bags of pears & 2 bags of oranges yesterday.
I think we ate 2 whole bags today.
Not to mention a pomegranate, bananas, 3 red pepper & bag of snow peas.
And those were just snacks!
Can teenagers really eat more??!!! OY!

I drove the road to town 4 times yesterday.
Yes, that would be 2 round trips.
1 1/2 hours on the gravel
and a little over 1 1/2 hours on the pavement.
I made it all the way to town and realized that I had taken my card out of my wallet. sigh.
So home we went to get my card
and then back to town.
At least I was able to see the sunset coming and going. {grin}

While I was laying with Ozzie tonight at bedtime,
I asked him something that made him happy today.
and.... he.... said........
"telling you you're the most beautiful mama ever"
{with a big hug and kiss}

This is Marley.
He was named after Bob Marley.
His tail looks like a baseball bat.
He is really fluffy, even though the picture doesn't look like it
and he has a new friend.
Wiley the wild cat, who is now officially ours.
The boys still can not believe we tamed a wild cat.
I can't either!

Friday is our super clean day.
All the big kids have jurisdictions, that change monthly.
We were sort of lax the last few weeks
and the house needed a good cleaning today.
Everyone helped and no one complained
...but they were for the most part

One of the most enjoyed chores is burning the trash.
Grayson is usually the one in charge of that
and he loves it.
Really, what boy wouldn't?
They get to drive the gator, dump and throw stuff, light it on fire
and watch it {from a distance}.

We still don't have snow!
I love snow, the kids love snow, it's December,
and we live in the frozen prairies of North Dakota!
Where is the snow?
sigh. I guess I'll just have to have some patience. {grin}

I have so many things I'd like to share with you guys.
I'd love to talk about food, nutrition, photography, homeschool
and many other things.
I just don't take the time very often.
But if there is something you'd really like me to share I'd love to know
and I'll try to fit it in sometime soon.


  1. I'd really love to know about photography as i know you had photography studio I'd like to know how can I make a home studio for baby or kids, and about lens you use for this eye-catching photographs ;) .. thanks.

  2. I'm glad your back! I missed reading your blog. That is great about the article. 

  3. I really love seeing the meals you feed your kiddos for snacks, dinner, etc. ... It inspires me to do the same for mine.

  4. That is a lot of fruit to eat! How neat! I am a 21 year old wife and soon to be mama starting out on the nutrition and healthy living and LOVE your posts about nutrition and food and vacinations, cloth diapering, gardening- that kind of thing :) you are an inspiration to me!

  5. I hear you about the snow.  We are patiently waiting for it in southeast South Dakota.  My husband, son, and I LOVE snow.

  6. happy for you that you were mentioned!  you're definitly inspiring :) keep it up - and don't worry about blogging enough, or all the right're inspiring because you put your family first!

  7. glad to know everyone's OK and you're just keeping on out there in North Dakota! :)

  8. A well deserved kudos for you. I very much enjoy your blog and check in each day for new posts. I like your style, enjoy the photos and am appreciative that you never preach that your way is the "only way". Some other blog writers could learn that lesson from you. I myself hope snow stays away until January;-)

  9. What a darling kitty!!  I have no idea how I found your blog, but had to comment - I grew up in NoDak and still have family there.  Hopefully you'll see snow soon, it's not Christmas in ND without snow!

  10. Great are good. I don't even like cats, but that is an awesome shot! Jessica

  11. would love to know how you can homeschool 6 kids.....I am HS our two boys (almost 5 and almost 7) and find it hard because our little 13 mo little lady gets into EVERYTHING.MY boys also do not have the love for learning......they'd  rather be playing outside all day long.......
    hope you get some snow soon......being from Russia i love snow but we only get it for 2-3 day here in NC:(

  12. I will be joining you in North Dakota in January. My husband took a job in the oil field so off to North Dakota we go. I'm sure by Jan. we will be buried in snow. We live in Indiana right now so I am used to the snow but I have heard scary things about ND winters. Did I mention we will be living in an RV? No? Well yes we will. Goodness. Well I guess we do what we gotta do but I will be missing my little house in Indiana.

  13. You ARE inspiring!!  I just have to be careful not to compare!  I would love to know how you go about your day with home schooling as well.  I am always looking for new ideas, INSPIRATION, in how to run our days with five little ones and also just how you as the mom with the children most of the time might disciple the children, especially the boys.  Awesome idea of having one big work day.  I have four boys so I'm trying to figure out how to instill a good work ethic in them.  Anything you share is wonderful!  Just keep being yourself.  I like you.  That's corny isn't it?  Oh well.  Have a great day!  


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