{10:30 PM}

It's 10:30pm and the kids are all asleep.
The kitchen is clean,
the house is picked up
and I am not even attempting to finish the laundry.
I have oats soaking for breakfast tomorrow
and beans soaking for a veggie chili dinner.
Now I can journal.

We had pesto pizza for dinner tonight,
the girls were chanting "we love pesto".
I finally had to tell them to hush and eat their pesto!

The boys played house golf {as they call it} this evening.
They made a ball with legos and used sticks they found in the woods.
I took a picture, but it's still on my camera.

We've been working in the garden...
harvesting the last of the carrots and beets,
and the dreaded cleaning of the rubbish.
it's bittersweet.

It's official, I have FILLED my computer with pictures.
I can not put anymore on my computer.
Oh, wonderful husband, I need your help! {grin}

We went to town yesterday...
and came home with 3 25lb. pumpkins
chocolate for smores
4 bags of library books
and 2 boxes of give-away that I forgot to drop off.

The story of our beloved home,
that we left when we moved to the farm,
has been on my heart a lot lately.
I think I'm ready to share the story.

We made peanut butter chocolate rice crispies tonight.
I ate 3, they were really good.

Our kittens have befriended one of the wild kittens
...it's an orange tabby manx.
It came semi-close to us,
but not close enough to touch.
which was fine by me...
we don't need another cat that is dependent on us!

I was up late last night, so late that I got hungry.
I made the most delicious nut salad for a almost-midnight snack.
Then I was too full to fall asleep. Ooops.
My mom shared a favorite quote of hers with me...
"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken"
My mom must have taught me that from a young age,
because that is me all the way.

The boys have been taking turns out in the field,
rock picking.
It's not a favorite job....
except, maybe when Grandma packs you a bag of treats.

We saw a glorious full rainbow on the way to town.
I couldn't stop saying "oh my, it's so beautiful"
then I heard my littles in the back seat repeating me.
glass house.... glass house!

I've been going through all our winter wear,
you know, since the snow is coming, like this weekend!
The girls need snowboots, but I'd like them to have a pair of everyday boots too
...ideas anyone? I'm not an uggs fan.

My hardworking husband is ready for bed now,
which means I am too!

goodnight friends.


  1. I love that quote and I would love to hear about the story of your beloved home that you left for the farm, if you are ready to share that is :)

  2. Gingerbales11/3/11, 8:33 AM

    Oh the picture of that window! It beckons me to just come and sit right there...warm myself in the sun...and share a cup of hot cider with you while we chat like old friends...lol. ( I feel like I know you, even though its only through your blog, which I love & I to, would love to hear the story of your beloved home)

  3. brittanyclaire11/3/11, 10:10 AM

    Sigh, yes that sunny window saw many conversations sitting in the warm sun. Its one of the rooms I miss the most.

  4. Carters has some pretty cute "everyday" boots!

  5. The rainbow picture is so beautiful!  It epitomizes the beauty of the Dakotas, the wide open spaces, the huge sky, the dramatic thunderstorms (not that the clouds in that picture are that dramatic, but I love thunderstorms on the plains).  Love it!

  6. i love reading these kind of posts...the posts that REALLY let us readers now what's on your mind. keep writing, friend! 

  7. I love Bogs boots.  They are warm, waterproof and come in lots of fun patterns for girls. I wear mine as snow and rain boots and they look great after 2 years.

  8. I feel like snow boots are such a waste of money from year to year so, this year I've bought my twins western chief rain boots & the western chief fleece inserts. They wear rain boots so much I figure with the short amount of time they really play in the snow this will work for us & we can add socks if needed. They're also inexpensive & get tons of use especially in the spring! Everything else we've gone heavy duty snow gear! Also easy of & on boots!

  9. blueschoolmomma11/5/11, 10:09 PM

    "house golf"! I love it!! I'll have to suggest that to my boys...although I'm curious to know how the ball made of Legos worked?!

  10. love the pics, your old house looks beautiful(probably a lot of work and sweat was put into it:)). And that salad looks oh so delicious.Speaking about delicious, have you ever made kale chips?(toss fresh kale with olive oil/sea salt, 350 on the oven for 10-15 min till crisp) a friend just introduced me to it, all 3 of my kids loved it(even my 12 months old).
    About boots.....I LOVE  ( little creatures or stinger models ...NO  bronte)for everydays boots, my boys live in them from ....well they would wear them all year long if i let them :) They are pricey,but my boys wore it for 2 + years so i feel it was worth it and i still sold them on ebay afterwards. For rain/snow boots we like crocs/bogs / or these

  11. brittanyclaire11/7/11, 9:20 AM

    Yummy! I have thought about making those but haven't got around to it yet.
    Thanks for the boot suggestions too!


  12. Boggs all the way. You can find them cheaper on Ebay since they are a tad expensive in the stores. My son wears his everyday, even when it's not cold/snowy/rainy! I like them because you can go up a size to make them last, and they work for rain or snow! Hope this helps!

  13. amazon is running a great deal on winter boots right now....they have a really cute Kamik  boots on sale for $35:)


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