so full

oh, my beautiful, wonderful, blessed, awesome life are so full right now
maybe slightly too full.

so full of
...harvesting an overflowing garden
...teaching 6 children
...reconnecting with friends
...ripping up carpet and painting walls
...visiting Grandpa in the hospital life
...preparing for harvest for 8 people everyday
...editing photoshoots
...fighting unfair mortgage companies
...not feeling well
...planning our big winter RV trip up a flooded basement
...exploring big things
...emails that need a response
...mindful parenting life

the ebbs and flows of life
sometimes I want to have a pity party
and sometime I do have a pity party {grin}
but truly, deeply...
I am so thankful for my crazy, hard, blessed, loving life.
one day at a time
moment by moment
stumbling my way down the path of life
by His grace.

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