road rambling

We are leaving Ohio today and will be headed back to Indy for a few more photo shoots. I am really looking forward to photographing in one particular will be totally unique.

My husband is tinting the windows of our rv will be nice to be able to leave the shades up so we can see out, but others can't see in. It should keep it cooler while we aren't running the air too.

I am considering turning comments off on all but a few of my blog posts. Not for the reasons most would assume, which is the "haters". Although the negativity can get to me at times, it has also kept me humble and even more thankful for the kind comments.

I've found myself putting to much thought, at times, on "how many comments" i've received. I shouldn't feel let down when there are only a few comments. I don't know why its only about 1 person per thousand views that leaves a comment, but you are here, reading and sharing my families life journey... comment or not.

Its hard, really hard, to believe the girls are going to be THREE this month. I don't have babies anymore!! I once had 3 under 2, 3 in diapers, 3 in cribs, 3 taking naps, 5 in carseats, 3 littles to babywear, 2 babies to nurse, 6 children in the single digits.... Time goes by so fast.

We went garage sale searching yesterday. Mainly looking for "girly bikes"...which means any trike that is a girly color. I did not convince the twins of this girly color fixation. Amazing how different girls and boys can be!

Another photo shoot glimpse will be posting soon... It will either be a bigger family or smaller family. (grin)

I have learned so much from our first gypsy photography road trip. It hasn't all gone as planned but the experience has been priceless. I love doing photo shoots, meeting new friends, hearing their stories, seeing new places and sharing my passion for photography. I truly can not wait too see where this goes from here.

Off too eat veggie lasagna, garlic bread, pickled beet salad and brownies. Celebrating another day of life, love, family and our many blessings.

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