on a 100 degree day

we met Lucy the horse

and stroked her broad face

we fed her corn husks

and watched as the donkeys came near

so we could feed them corn husks and melon rinds

we had a lovely time

on that 100 degree day

deep in the heart of Tennessee


  1. Where did you get the dresses?

  2. They are so BEAUTIFUL and I've been searching for a while!

  3. Where did you get them? They are the most pretty shade of blue I have ever seen little girls!

  4. brittanyclaire5/4/12, 8:32 AM

    Sorry I'm so slow at responding here.... Oh those dresses are beautiful, the girls and I love them. I only wish I had one too! We got them at carters last year, you might be able to find one on ebay.

  5. StarryNight5/10/12, 4:23 PM

    You can't really seem to find that shade if blue in little girls dresses anymore!
    Love the curly hair, the hot day, and the  atmosphere. They could be in dance! XD


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